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  • svgNov 27, 2019News

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    As I mentioned earlier today, the 1.4 update of Stardew Valley is out now (November 26th, 2019) on Steam with the consoles update not too far behind. Creator ConcernedApe has posted a full Changelog here that includes many improvements, bug fixes, better controller support, some multiplayer changes and so much more! Let’s take a closer look at the biggest changes!

    New End Game Mystery

    While there are tons of new changes that can be enjoyed at any point in the game, there is a new end game mystery for players who have been playing on the same farm for now… well years!

    I don’t know exactly what the end game mystery entails but rumors have it that it involves an abandoned building! How exciting!

    New Fish Ponds

    These have been teased for some time now! the new fish ponds can be build on your own farm and populated with fish! This is a wonderful addition to any fishing fan as you can now cast your rod right in your front yard and reel in some fish!

    181 New Shirts, Hairstyles and More!

    To further express your creativity and own personality ConcernedApe somehow managed to add a whopping 181 new Shirts, 35 hats, 14 pants and 24 new hairstyles. This will let you style your character with an almost unlimited set of possibilities.

    Of course there are also new decoration items for your farm and your home. Eric added a more than 50 new decorative items including floors and other little things to make your farm even more beautiful!

    New to Stardew Valley?

    If you haven’t already played Stardew Valley and this new update piques your interest, you may want to hop over to Steam now and get in on that 10% discount that ends December 3rd, 2019! Moreover, Stardew Valley is part of Steam’s Remote Play Together due to its multiplayer function. Download the Steam Link App for your mobile device and play together online!

    More Farming Games!

    If you are a fan of relaxing farming simulation games then you should take a look at this list of the most fun and wholesome farming games currently available!

    Stardew Valley Fish Pond
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  • svgNov 21, 2019News

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    It’s been one month since Valve launched their beta for Steam Remote Play Together, and now they have announced that it is officially released to all Steam users! Moreover, they’ve added the feature to iOS and Android devices! Meaning, cross-platform now extends to Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile!

    Steam’s Remote Play Together is a new feature that allows one player to own and host a local multi-player Steam game and share it with up to four friends over the internet for free! To find out more about how it works, you can go here.

    In celebration of this, Steam is hosting a Remote Play Together Sale & Streaming Event featuring streamers from around the world sharing games using Remote Play Together. In addition, hundreds of games that leverage the new feature are on sale through November 25th, 2019! Below are some wholesome multiplayer Steam games I think you’d be interested in!

    The Perfect Cooking Pack

    Two of the most delicious games ever made, in one savory bundle! This explosion of flavors pair greatly together, whether you’re in the mood for an incredibly challenging escalation of skill to the alternate Zen campaign mode of the sequel and leisurely pace of the original, these games have you covered! Buying the pack here with Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 and Cook, Serve, Delicious! will only cost you $4.98 CDN (80% off)!


    Unrailed! is a chaotic online and couch co-op multiplayer railroad construction game where you work together with your friends as a team to build a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds. Master encounters with its inhabitants, upgrade your train and keep it from derailing! You can purchase the game here for $17.24 CDN (25% off).


    Pikuniku is an absurdly wonderful puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful world where not everything is as happy as it seems. Help peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure! You can purchase the game here for $12.54 CDN (50% off).


    Here’s your chance to get these awesome family friendly games with a little extra discount on top of your discount. Whether it the frantic coop kitchen action of Overcooked, or exploring the vast open levels of Yooka-Laylee there’s fun here for everyone. Get the 3 games here for a total of $65.27 CDN (25% off).

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

    It’s about TIME! Join your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains from different eras and realities as they go head-to-head with the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror in the all-new, original adventure, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! Buy the game here for $11.99 CDN (60% off). Most LEGO games on Steam are on sale if you want to check your particular favorite!

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  • svgNov 15, 2019Feature

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here for the Nintendo Switch as of November 15th, 2019! For those of you that will only be choosing one of those games and aren’t quite sure yet which one to go for, I’ve made a list of exclusives to help! There will be different things in either Sword or Shield which are as follows: Gym Leaders, Exclusive Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Gigantamax Pokemon with a higher rate of appearance in Max Raid Battles.

    Gym Leaders

    You probably already knew that you’d have some Pokemon to choose from if you’re only purchasing one of the two games. However, did you know that you also have two exclusive Gym Leaders to choose from in each game? Consider which type of Pokemon you would rather battle against!

    • Pokemon Sword: Bea the Fighter Gym Leader and Gordie the Rock Gym Leader
    • Pokemon Shield: Alister the Ghost Gym Leader and Melony the Ice Gym Leader

    Exclusive Pokemon

    Probably one of the toughest decisions is to decide between the two Galarian exclusives of first generation Pokemon; Galarian Ponyta (Shield) and Sirfetch’d (Sword). However, there are also many other Pokemon to consider that can only be found in one or the other!

    • Pokémon Sword:
      • Deino (Dark/Dragon)
      • Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon)
      • Jangmo-o (Dragon)
      • Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
      • Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
      • Farfetch’d (Normal/Flying)
      • Sirfetch’d (Fighting)
      • Zweilous (Dark/Dragon)
      • Gothita (Psychic)
      • Gothorita (Psychic)
      • Gothitelle (Psychic)
      • Turtonator (Fire/Dragon)
      • Seedot (Grass)
      • Nuzleaf (Grass/Dark)
      • Shiftry (Grass/Dark)
      • Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
      • Solrock (Rock/Psychic)
      • Basculin (Water)
      • Darumaka (Ice)
      • Darmanitan (Ice)
      • Scraggy (Dark/Fighting)
      • Scrafty (Dark/Fighting)
      • Rufflet (Normal/Flying)
      • Braviary (Normal/Flying)
      • Swirlix (Fairy)
      • Slurpuff (Fairy)
      • Passimian (Fighting)
      • Coalossal (Rock/Fire)
      • Flapple (Grass/Dragon)
      • Stonjourner (Rock)
      • Indeedee, Male (Psychic/Normal)
    • Pokemon Shield:
      • Goomy (Dragon)
      • Sliggo (Dragon)
      • Goodra (Dragon)
      • Larvitar (Rock/Ground)
      • Pupitar (Rock/Ground)
      • Tyranitar (Rock/Ground)
      • Galarian Ponyta (Psychic)
      • Solosis (Psychic)
      • Duosion (Psychic)
      • Reuniclus (Psychic)
      • Drampa (Normal/Dragon)
      • Vullaby (Dark/Flying)
      • Mandibuzz (Dark/Flying)
      • Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
      • Lapras (Water/Ice)
      • Cursola (Ghost)
      • Lotad (Water/Grass)
      • Lombre (Water/Grass)
      • Ludicolo (Water/Grass)
      • Sableye (Dark/Ghost)
      • Lunatone (Rock/Psychic)
      • Croagunk (Poison/Fight)
      • Toxicroak (Poisin/Fight)
      • Basculin, Blue-stripe form (Water)
      • Spritzee (Fairy)
      • Aromatisse (Fairy)
      • Oranguru (Normal/Psychic)
      • Appletun (Grass/Dragon)
      • Eiscue (Ice)
      • Indeedee, Female (Psychic/Normal)

    Legendary Pokemon

    There are always two different Legendary Pokemon to choose from in every Pokemon title and this one is no different. Zacian is a fairy-type and Zamazenta is a fighting-type!

    • Pokemon Sword: Zacian
    • Pokemon Shield: Zamazenta

    Max Raid Battles

    According to Pokemon’s official website, from Friday, November 15th, 2019, until early January 2020, players will be more likely to encounter Gigantamax Butterfree in Max Raid Battles. Below are the confirmed Pokemon that are more likely to appear for both games during that same time period.

    • Pokemon Sword: Gigantamax Drednaw
    • Pokemon Shield: Gigantamax Corviknight

    If you aren’t even sure about purchasing Pokemon Sword and Shield at all today, take another look at everything we know and have covered on these titles here!

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  • svgNov 7, 2019Feature

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    Of course, you are probably all aware of this title that released just this past Halloween on the Nintendo Switch! I have been playing the game myself and do agree with other critics that it is the best game of the series to date in terms of graphics, gameplay including the new moves (Slam is my new fav), and Gooigi. Another significant addition that made all the difference, the game autosaves every time you walk through a door.

    Playing with someone cooperatively as Gooigi reduces the time it takes to suck everything up and significantly helps in boss battles and when surrounded by ghosts. The best part, Gooigi can die via enemies and water, but he can always come back shortly after without using lives. With all of these exciting new features in Luigi’s Mansion 3, I wanted to take the time to focus on Polterpup, the star of the show, as he should not be overlooked.

    Polterpup is Part of the Family

    During the end of the second game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, Luigi actually adopts this lovable and hyper ghost-doggy, My heart melted when I started up the new title which has Luigi and co. riding the train to the Last Resort hotel along with the family pupper. Polterpup’s in-game bio is as follows: “A ghost dog who loves Luigi and is always by his side. He’ll come to Luigi’s aid when he’s in truly dire situations!” Every time Polterpup helps Luigi, I love to hear him respond with: “Aw, Polterpup” as lovingly as possible.

    Instead of having to use your Dark-Light and chase this little troublemaker everywhere, his role is that of a guide. At the beginning, he will show you which buttons to press and when, as a sort of tutorial. Throughout the game your guide-dog will show you either the right direction to follow to complete your objective, or show you a secret spot with either money or gems to collect.

    Polterpup Saves the Day

    There still isn’t much to purchase with all of that cash you save up that is very useful, besides the Golden Bones again. Especially when you can only purchase so many until they’re sold out before needing to progress the story. When your health reaches 0 and you have a Golden Bone in your inventory, Polterpup will lick Luigi back to life and take the bone with him as payment. Although I know he would do it for free.

    I had a lot of fun playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 and it was nice that this time around the levels were a little shorter, as well as the overall game. Which actually makes it perfect for the portability of the Switch. You can also use your joy-con motion sensors to make using your Poltergust G-00 surprisingly easier to use when changing directions. My only wish now is to get a spin-off all about Polterpup, and Polterkitty, on an adventure Homeward Bound-style!

    I loved every minute playing this game from the wacky ghost shennigans to the sneaky Easter eggs, and of course every scene with Polterpup. I highly recommend you purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now or you can grab it on Amazon for a small discount right here!

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  • svgNov 1, 2019Indie Highlight

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    It looks like I’ve strangely made it my mission to find multiplayer games where the premise is “chore-like” if it were a real-life scenario. Not only do I find these types of games hilarious, but I’m also certain that they’ll make for great fun with friends. Especially if they are anything like Overcooked. May I present to you, Tools Up, a cooperative game about renovating homes. Paint walls, lay some tiles, move a bit of the furniture around in some pretty weird places. Developed by The Knights of Unity and published by All in! Games, Tools Up is coming soon in late 2019 for Steam, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

    About Tools Up

    Gather up to 4 players for this fun couch co-op experience for people of all skills! Renovate the apartments in the mysterious skyscraper while the tenants are away. Be sure to follow their wishes left behind on the blueprints. Tear off wallpapers, bring down walls, bust down doors, and cover the floor with vibrant carpets and panels – just be sure to do it in time and clean up after yourself!

    Key Features

    • Work hard – paint walls, lay tiles and throw everything you need to other rooms.
    • Play better together – join up to three players to move couches against the clock.
    • Expect the unexpected – environmental elements spice up things. Have you ever renovated a building surrounded by lava?
    • Lead the team – whoever holds the blueprint is in charge of the camera angle.
    • Join in the fun – simple controls and a low entry level make Tools Up! a perfect party game for everyone.

    For more information about this game, you can check out the official website here.

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  • svgOct 30, 2019News

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    Ever since I first discovered publisher Planet Digital’s article on their new acquisition of Cooking Mama, with a upcoming Switch game titled Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama and found that the Australian Classification filed for the rating of Cooking Mama: Cookstar by publisher Planet Entertainment and developer First Playable Productions, there has been some confusion with other news outlets scrambling for more information.

    I have been in contact with the CEO of Planet Entertainment, Steve Grossman, and have received confirmation that Cooking Mama is coming to both PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and that they will be publishing a press release in two weeks from now with new footage and a trailer. Hopefully this will clear everything up. Unfortunately, the European Amazon site has leaked some screenshots and information about the game as it is listed right here for pre-order. Although the information within the listings has since been removed, see below for the details and gameplay features from Google’s German-English translation I was able to get.

    About Cooking Mama: Cookstar

    Cooking Mama is back with their awesomest and funniest video game adventure ever. Cooking Mama: CookStar is a brand new Cooking Mama experience designed specifically for console. Cooking Mama: CookStar offers over 90 incredible new recipes for players to master. The menu ranges from classic Japanese recipes to the most delicious home cooking and the culinary soul comforts of today. 

    Cooking Mama offers something for every taste. Not a carnivore? No problem! For the first time, Cooking Mama offers both traditional and vegetarian recipes: Burritos, Bibimbap, Bubble Tea, Baked Alaska, Poke Bowls, and much more. Explore the diverse menu to find out what suits your taste. Don’t think you have what it takes to become a master chef? Don’t worry, Mama will take care of it! Just follow Mama’s instructions to create delicious and decadent treats that you can share with your friends. Chop, mince, cut, and dice! With Mama’s help, you can become the greatest cook in the world.

    Key Features

    • Brand new Cooking Mama game designed specifically for console.
    • Completely new Vegetarian mode.
    • A total of 90 recipes in traditional and vegetarian mode.
    • Classic and fun new recipes like unicorn food.
    • Mix of traditional and motion control.
    • Multiplayer and co-op party games.
    • Up to two players.
    • Challenge Mode for experienced chefs.
    • Share your great creations with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    Photo Gallery

    I’ll continue to keep in touch with our contact and post when I have more information and when the official announcement is made!

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  • svgOct 22, 2019News

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    Introducing a new Steam feature that lets you play your couch co-op games with friends over the internet, together.

    Since October 21st, 2019, you can join Steam’s Beta of their new feature Remote Play Together. This feature allows you to invite your Steam Friends to play local co-op, local multiplayer, and shared/split screen games online! This means two things: that you don’t need friends to be physically present in your home, and that every player will have access to their own computer screen and mouse/keyboard/controllers!

    This feature gets even better because only the host of Steam’s Remote Play Together needs a copy of the game! No more having to buy your friends the same Steam game just to be able to play together! Furthermore, don’t worry if you have a Mac, Linux or PC because this streaming service is cross-platform.

    The process for setting up this feature is very simple with the details laid out here. Moreover, Valve has specifically pointed out that players will have access to the host’s controller inputs, voice chat volume and game screen but not the host’s desktop. To join the Beta now you can go here.

    Valve is currently working on improving network stability, compatibility across a variety of hardware, and adding more games to their growing list of supported titles. You can check out the thousands of games here. If you want to know if a specific game is supported, look for this new tag above!

    To help get you started, I recommend the following wholesome, potato-approved games:

    I’m now a Steam Curator so you can find all of my recommended Steam games here! Let’s be Steam Friends! Also, if you have any recommendations, I’d like to hear them!

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  • svgSep 28, 2019News

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    Now that it’s the fall, I’ve been in a very festive mood for Halloween. That’s why I found OBAKEIDORO available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for only $19.99! This creepy-but-cute party game (up to 4 players) is developed by FREE STYLE and was the winner of BitSummit 7 Spirits Popular Selection Award. In this PVP game fun for the whole family, you have 3 minutes in which three Humans face off against one Monster. Gameplay can be as deep or casual as you want to make it!


    As a Human, don’t just simply run away! Use your Lantern Attack to fend off the Monster. If you time it just right, you might be able to turn the tides in your favor. As the Monster, utilizing your powerful skills is key to your victory. Use skills like Glide and Track to capture the Humans. Can you escape the Monster? Can you hunt down the Humans?

    The Story

    “The demon world comes to light in the dead of the night.”

    Two children, lost in a world full of monsters.

    Can they make their way home unharmed?

    For more gameplay information on the game, you can check out the official website here. For another game with a similar dark atmosphere, check out our article here: A Juggler’s Tale – A Sidescrolling Puppet Theater Game.

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