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Knights and Bikes Release Date Confirmed

svgAug 12, 2019NewsRiver

In a recent Tweet from developers we learned that Knights and Bikes will release on August 27th!

For those that missed it, Knights and Bikes is a quirky action/adventure title that takes place in the late 80’s, a time period that never seems to get less popular. It is a single player or co-op game that takes place on a British island and features the most whimsical ways to dispatch your enemies. This title was developed by Foam Sword, a small studio comprised of some of the same amazing talent that helped create Little Big Planet. They have described their game as being inspired by the hit classic Goonies, and is a totally hand-painted adventure title that we are super excited about.

Knights and Bikes

The Knights and Bikes release has finally been revealed to be August 27th, 2019, and will be available for PS4 as well as on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux. You can find all the information you need about Knights and Bikes by checking out their official website.

Knights and Bikes is being published by Double Fine, a company acquired by Microsoft which was part of a recent announcement of the possibility of Microsoft allowing them to continue to publish games for competing consoles. This means great things for Foam Sword, that is if they have the intention of staying with Double Fine for future titles.

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    Knights and Bikes Release Date Confirmed