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  • svgAug 17, 2023News

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    Welcome to the fabled Grimoire Groves! The witches just couldn’t wait to move to the beautiful magical forest. According to old myths, the forest is full of magical creatures and plants. But when the witches arrived, they realized something was off about their new home. The forest spirits are absent and there are only a few plant creatures around. They should be abundant! Not all hope is lost, though. With some dedication, a little investigation, and useful magic, the witches ought to be able to restore the groves!

    Play as one of those witches and embark on a journey in a fantasy world to restore the forest of Grimoire Groves. Spend time unlocking magical spells to complete your very own grimoire. Mix and match the spells to find the perfect combination of magic for you. Even work on mastering the balance between all four elements. 

    Then, use your magic to grow a variety of plant creatures. They look cute, but they’re certainly demanding! You’ll need to master control of your magic, learn critical timing, and even use careful positioning. It’s your job to learn and understand the needs of the creatures of Grimoire Groves in order to harvest the fruit they produce. That fruit will be used in crafting new spells and items. 

    It’s also up to you to find the hidden mystical spirits of Grimoire Groves. They need a new home, and your cottage is awfully cozy! Decorate your home to help boost their powers, and yours, so they can bring balance back to the forest. Perhaps even unravel the mystery of the fabled rainbow sock!

    Coming Soon

    Grimoire Groves is coming soon to Steam and Switch!

    Craving more witchy games? Wylde Flowers, Witchy Life Story, and Witchbrook are all great options!

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  • svgAug 3, 2023News

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    With Palia’s open Beta release on the horizon, and its lofty promises of a free-to-play cozy experience, I’ve gotten more and more excited at the idea of having cozy MMOs. We have a hoard of relaxing, cozy games to play these days, but sometimes you just want to have a whole community you can play together with. And now, Palia isn’t the only cozy MMO coming to the market! Loftia is another adorable MMO for the cozy gamer crowd.

    A Cute Solarpunk MMO Packed With So Much To Do

    Loftia is still in its early stages, but it shows great promise. Drawing inspiration from fan favorites like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, the game seeks to carve its own path into the genre with some familiar elements. 

    Set in a new, solarpunk world you’ll be able to play solo or even build your very own community of people. Loftia encourages socializing by utilizing group quests and server events. You’ll be able to celebrate events like Halloween together by playing special mini-games that will give you the chance to win prizes like wallpapers, skins, outfits, and more! Group quests will take you on adventures across breathtaking biomes with friends so you can uncover the secrets of Loftia

    Loftia allows for total customization, too. Design your character and dress them up in a number of different styles. Then, you can decorate your home to fit your aesthetic. Want to live out your cottagecore dreams? Or perhaps you want to set up the gothic home you’ve always hoped for. Maybe you even want to create a gamer’s paradise. Whatever you choose, you’re free to make your home however you wish! 

    While you build up the perfect set of decorations for your home, you can go out and explore the world or even settle in for some farming! Loftia has over 50 different crops you can plant and harvest. The game even focuses on sustainable efforts, so you’ll get to use a community garden or hydroponics to grow your crops. Plus, you can level up your farming by becoming a beekeeper or wine maker. And when you get tired of farming, gather resources to upcycle items! Turn an old tire into a pretty little garden planter for your home. 

    Plus, so much more. Loftia is absolutely packed full of things to do. Just chill with friends. Hang out with the local NPCs. Explore the world solo or with friends. Join an existing club or create your own. Even adopt a pet! You get to choose how your adventure goes.

    Release Date

    There’s currently no release date. Loftia is on Kickstarter now, where you can check out the stretch goals, but it has been funded! Expect to see this lovely game on PC and Switch when it does come out!

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  • svgAug 2, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Desktop Virtual Pets

    Remember back when desktop computers were chunky, took up a whole desk, and ran Windows ‘95? I do. In fact, my family kept that computer for decades longer than we should have. It still ran, but mostly sat and collected dust as we moved on to sleeker laptop options. There’s a lot of nostalgia surrounding that giant computer, though. From the screaming dial-up internet tones, to using the AOL browser, and all the fun that machine brought, I remember it fondly. 

    My favorite part, though, was the desktop pets and companions you could download. There were tons to choose from, too. There was Catz and Dogz for those who wanted a real pet, but couldn’t. You fed, watered, and played with your canine or feline fiends. There was even an adorable little sheep. Or, if you were the working type, perhaps you even used Bonzi Buddy who could talk to you, send emails for you, search the web, tell fun facts, and more! 

    Werydlets Brings The Nostalgia

    Now, there’s Werydlets! While not quite the same as that cute little sheep who would run around your desktop, or Neko who would chase your mouse wherever you moved it, Werydlets does exist on your desktop. Choose from Wagyu, a cute little dinosaur, Mochi, who looks like a jackalope, and Gyoza, a sweet little cat. One of them is all yours to care for. You’ll feed and take care of your new little pet by collecting food, toys, and grooming tools. Even pet, tickle, and throw your pet around their habitat! 

    When you idle, your pet will dig around its island to gather resources like Shinies and Prisms, which can be used to buy more items to enrich their life. Werydlets also lets you dress up your pet, as well as decorate a home! Use stickers, accessories, and ornaments to make your pet even cuter. Then, collect furniture and decor to customize your house. 

    Coming Soon

    You can find Werydlets on Steam. The roadmap lists July as the early release, and August as the first live event. Steam lists it as “coming soon”, so hopefully we do get it in August!

    Speaking of virtual pets, have you seen that Neopets is making a grand comeback? You can check out the news here.

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  • svgJul 20, 2023Reviews

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    Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island is the sequel to Pretty Princess Party, and just as cutesy, magical, and pretty as the other. Only this time, you play as a princess who’s trying to revitalize a once flourishing island. You have full control over designing the island, as well. 

    Raise livestock to receive animal products to use in recipes. Grow crops and flowers. Manufacture other necessary items to craft beautiful dresses, hair styles, makeup, and decorations. Complete requests from visitors to earn money and points that level you up. You’ll unlock new buildings, decorations, and wearables as you level. 

    Decorate and Garden and Decorate Some More!

    Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island looks a lot like Animal Crossing, honestly. You’re on an island that you get to design and decorate. You’re in charge of fixing it up without help, and there’s fruit picking and fishing to be done.  Even the look of the map is Animal Crossing-esque. However, Garden Island successfully set itself apart, I think. 

    There’s mining, farming, even animals to look after, and you have functional craft houses and restaurants that produce different kinds of food. There’s a functional element to the game that gives me a reason to play beyond just decorating. Garden Island’s livestock aren’t needy, they’re simply a building you place, you feed them, then they produce items. Farming is easy, too. You buy seeds, plant them, and wait! There’s a cute little chime that plays when a crop grows to maturity, too. So don’t go into this thinking you’ll have a Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon experience. You won’t. It’s just what ACNH should have done with crops. 

    There is a timer to making items, however. The base time is five minutes, though they can be up to ten minutes. These timers apply to crops, the animals, crafting buildings, and restaurants. When I first encountered this mechanic, I thought it would get annoying fast. That wasn’t the case, though. I found that there’s enough to do around Garden Island that I’d get swept up in something else and not even realize five or ten minutes had passed.

    The best aspect, and probably the main aspect of Garden Island, though, is the decorating. Decorate yourself, change your hair, slap on some makeup and hair bows, then go pretty up the island. It’s almost overwhelming how many incredible options for decorating there are. From pretty and cutesy to gothic, to normal garden and cottagecore styles, you shouldn’t have trouble picking out the perfect pieces to use. The excitement of this is a little offset by the need to craft dyes and other materials to use to buy the decor. However, you can place multiple of one building to have a whole crafting set-up going so it’s really not a huge issue. 

    Final Thoughts

    Despite the minor gripes, I really, really enjoy Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island. It’s fun and simple and forgiving. I can pick it up for a little while to fill some time, or I can marathon it all day. I can create beautiful water themed areas or spooky gothic and Halloween displays. Or, if I’m feeling in the mood, deck the whole place out in bright pinks befitting a pretty princess. The purposeful crafting and fulfilling order really gives me a sense of accomplishment, too. It makes me want to play because I have to earn levels to unlock more stuff, and craft items to get that stuff.

    Overall, I give this one: 

    You can find Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island on Nintendo Switch!

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  • svgJul 20, 2023News

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    Humble Bundle is a great resource for the thrifty gamer with their bundle offers. Pick a bundle, then choose what you wish to pay. It’s a great way to grab a bunch of games for cheap. Right now, Humble Bundle has a Cozy Games bundle perfect for trying out a bunch of games you may have had your eye on! And these are all worthy of playing. They’re cute, cozy, and wholesome. Some feature powerful stories, while some are just perfect for kicking back and relaxing with.

    This offer ends in 20 days, so take your time to decide, but don’t let it pass by!

    Cat Cafe Manager

    Cat Cafe Manager has you taking over your grandmother’s derelict cafe in the sleepy town of Caterwaul Way. Restore the cafe, renovate it, and decorate it as you wish, turning it into an inviting home for the plethora of cats that call Caterwaul Way home. Hire employees to help manage the cafe, and explore the village to befriend the inhabitants and learn new recipes.

    Witchy Life Story

    In Witchy Life Story you’re the youngest member of the magical von Teasel family, but you’re not exactly their pride and joy. In fact, you have one more chance to prove yourself or your witch training is over. So, you arrive in the village of Flora to try and save their harvest festival. You have two weeks to make it a success. So, gather herbs, brew potions, get to know the townspeople, and even cast some spells. Maybe cause a little chaos, even.

    Here Comes Niko

    Play as the adorable Niko, who’s just become a professional friend for Tadpole Inc. in Here Comes Niko! You’ll explore different scenic islands while making friends with people you come across. Complete requests for them by catching fish and bugs, solving puzzles, and even just listening to them. If you’re lucky, they’ll pay you and you can then invest in a train system to get to new islands!

    Garden Story

    Welcome to the Grove! You’re its new guardian, and it’s your duty to rebuild the village and uncover the story of its past. Garden Story is a chill wholesome game where you’ll complete quests to defend against encroaching Rot, gather resources, restore, and improve the town. There’s even a way to turn off combat to make it even cozier to play!

    Lemon Cake

    Lemon Cake is an adorable little game about restoring a run-down, haunted bakery. Grow fruit and care for animals, who provide ingredients for your bakery. Repair, furnish, and decorate every room to create an inviting little business. Mix and bake up some fantastic recipes, and maybe even convince the ghost to help you out!

    Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

    Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a once-beautiful Mediterranean island in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. She’s ready to explore the island with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in trouble, she realizes she needs to help it. As Alba, you’ll start a whole campaign to clean up the island! Convince the townspeople to help out and gather volunteers to restore the island and help the wildlife.

    A Short Hike

    A Short Hike is about exactly that, hiking! Spend time in the peaceful mountainside of Hawk Peak Park simply exploring. Hike the marked trails or explore the wild back country. Climb some rocky cliffs. Glide over lush landscapes. Take your time to absorb the beautiful surroundings and meet other hikers. Perhaps you can help each other out. Even discover some treasures!

    Assemble With Care

    Assemble with Care features a meaningful, evocative story line about Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer as she arrives in Bellariva.  She wants to help the inhabitants fix their personal items, but discovers it’s their personal lives that are starting to fracture. It’s harder to fix those, but she’s determined to help. You’ll solve puzzles by fixing items brought to her, meet the townsfolk, and tune into a lovely soundtrack inspired by the 80s.

    65% off Coupon for Haven Park

    Unfortunately, Haven Park isn’t included in this bundle, just a lovely 65% off coupon! It’s a great discount for such a cute game where you play as Flint, who has just taken over his grandmother’s beloved park. He wants to make it a park campers will love, so it’s up to you to help him out. Fulfill each camper’s wishes and build whatever their hearts desire. Happy campers will attract more business, which means more quirky characters for you to talk to and enjoy!

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  • svgMar 30, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Cook Tasty Treats, Potions, Grow Ingredients, and Explore

    In Magical Delicacy, you play as the young witch Flora. She travels to a distant town to fulfill her dream of becoming a full-fledged witch. Flora opens a cozy little shop in the harbor town of Grat, where adventurers settled to chart out adventures to an unexplored island full of mystery. Flora cooks up some tasty treats, as well as magical potions for her patrons, all while growing her own ingredients in her backyard or gathering them from nooks and crannies in town.

    The game offers a unique mechanic, too. While platformer games aren’t unique in and of themselves, Magical Delicacy incorporates platforming into the town exploration. So, instead of a flat walking or running back and forth through the maps, you’ll jump around, climb old bell towers, and delve into dark caves. You can even upgrade your platforming skills to move faster or better. Discover new routes and hard-to-reach places, or even open up new shortcuts back to the shop with upgrades. And don’t forget to uncover the secrets and mysteries the town has to offer.

    Meet a number of unique townsfolk and take their orders or make deliveries. Interact with the merchants of Magical Delicacy, where you can buy ingredients if you don’t want to gather them from around town. Learn magic from the two leaders of opposing covens, Cassia and Tauno. Upgrade your cooking tools, and unlock new rooms in your shop. Discover new cooking recipes. Decorate and organize things to fit your style, too.

    Coming 2024

    This charming little game will come out some time in 2024. You can Wishlist it on Steam now. It will also be available day one on Xbox Game Pass. It will be available for Xbox Series S and Series X.

    Looking for more witchy games? Take a look at Wylde Flowers, Sun Haven, or Witchbrook!

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  • svgMar 29, 2023News

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    Uncover Clues in the Search For Your Missing Best Friend

    in Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories, you play as Honeydew, the bunny headband-wearing protagonist and melon soda factory worker. Recently, her best friend has gone missing, so Honeydew is on a mission to find her. Is it really safe to travel in a town where melons are illegal, though? And why is a hamster that’s trying to sneak into Kitten King’s castle?

    Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories is a short, but full little game with a fun callback to the green-tinted retro games of the past. Meet a variety of fun characters with unique personalities and some with tragic backstories. Unravel additional mysteries as you meet them, too. Collect clues about the disappearance of your friend. Sneak through the seedy underground of Hog Town. Use your quick wit and keen eye to put together the pieces of the puzzle to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

    Along with the green-tinted monochrome pixel graphics, Melon Journey has more than 90 different electronic and jazz-inspired tracks for you to listen to while playing. It also includes an optional prequel game, called Melon Journey Pocket, that introduces the main characters.

    Available April 6, 2023

    Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories will be available April 6, 2023 on pretty much all platforms! Find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, and Xbox One and X|S.

    For some more pixel graphics games, check out this wonderful list!

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  • svgMar 23, 2023Indie Highlight

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    The Island is Your Playground

    Lil Gator Game is an absolutely adorable open-world, movement-focused adventure game. Traverse the island, where you’ll find a new friend almost everywhere you explore. Of course, making friends isn’t always easy. So, complete a quest or two for the NPCs you find to make friends with them. Then, invite them to play on the island’s playground.

    As you explore Lil Gator Game, you’ll get to experience seeing the world through a child-like sense of wonder and adventure. Climb huge rocks, glide through the mountains, run through the forest, and slide down big hills. You’ll also collect arts and crafts supplies as you wander. You can use these to craft yourself all sorts of things. Craft fun goodies to liven up the playground, and craft yourself new abilities like skimming rocks or a ragdoll teddy to allow you to ragdoll down a mountain.

    This game is perfect for relaxing after a long day, and great for including your little ones! Lil Gator Game has no combat system or health bars to stress you out. You’ll encounter a variety of baddies made out of cardboard cutouts that you’ll be able to hit, but they cause you no damage! This is a no-pressure game with a focus on adventure and play.

    Available Now!

    This sweet little adventure game is available now on Steam. For those of you who like portable gaming, it’s available on the Nintendo Switch, as well as Steam Deck verified!

    For more imaginative and cute games, check out The Plucky Squire and Lost in Play.

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