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Grimoire Groves is a Vibrant Witchy Tale

svgAug 17, 2023NewsChelsea

Welcome to the fabled Grimoire Groves! The witches just couldn’t wait to move to the beautiful magical forest. According to old myths, the forest is full of magical creatures and plants. But when the witches arrived, they realized something was off about their new home. The forest spirits are absent and there are only a few plant creatures around. They should be abundant! Not all hope is lost, though. With some dedication, a little investigation, and useful magic, the witches ought to be able to restore the groves!

Play as one of those witches and embark on a journey in a fantasy world to restore the forest of Grimoire Groves. Spend time unlocking magical spells to complete your very own grimoire. Mix and match the spells to find the perfect combination of magic for you. Even work on mastering the balance between all four elements. 

Then, use your magic to grow a variety of plant creatures. They look cute, but they’re certainly demanding! You’ll need to master control of your magic, learn critical timing, and even use careful positioning. It’s your job to learn and understand the needs of the creatures of Grimoire Groves in order to harvest the fruit they produce. That fruit will be used in crafting new spells and items. 

It’s also up to you to find the hidden mystical spirits of Grimoire Groves. They need a new home, and your cottage is awfully cozy! Decorate your home to help boost their powers, and yours, so they can bring balance back to the forest. Perhaps even unravel the mystery of the fabled rainbow sock!


Coming Soon

Grimoire Groves is coming soon to Steam and Switch!

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    Grimoire Groves is a Vibrant Witchy Tale