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  • svgJun 2, 2018News

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    So we recently posted about the exciting revelation of Mineko’s Night Market coming to Nintendo Switch. (For those unfamiliar with the upcoming game, click here to be enlightened). We also posted about the possibility of merchandise for the game. This possibility has been confirmed!

    Although merchandise is not yet available on Etsy as we initially thought, there is still hope that homemade items could be available for purchase in the future. For now though, Meowza games have joined with The Yetee (who also sell Ooblets merch) to bring fans some cat-themed goodies.

    Items available to purchase include
    • Mineko and Abe pins ($10 each)

    • A Mineko and the cats t-shirt ($20)

    Mineko and the Cats

    • A Mineko’s Night Market poster ($25)

    The collection can be browsed here.

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  • svgApr 11, 2018Animal Crossing

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    Memories, pastries and even the fortune cookie, this is in update where you won’t want to play hookie!

    [dropcap]N[/dropcap]intendo have recently announced that the next Pocket Camp update is going to be a big one. With the ability to obtain much-needed new furniture and clothing from fortune cookies, we here at MyPotatoGames can’t wait for the next big update!

    Fortune cookies:

    A fortune cookie shop will open in the Marketplace. When players eat the mysterious cookies, they will be awarded with furniture or clothing. The stars on a fortune cookie indicates the rarity of the prize contained inside them.

    Some fortune cookies can be obtained with Leaf tickets or bells, whilst others can only be obtained with Leaf tickets.

    There are a variety of fortune cookies available for purchase. Cookies will be changed occasionally, so make sure you check back.

    You can also be gifted fortune cookies as a reward from animals.

    Stamp cards:

    For every cookie you buy with leaf tickets, you will earn one stamp. Once you’ve earned ten stamps, you will get a stamp card. You can trade stamp cards in for various items, depending on how many stamp cards you have.
    You can also trade them for items you would normally only get from fortune cookies.


    New furniture with associated memories is also coming. Upon obtaining certain furniture, as well as fulfilling other necessary requirements (such as having certain animals come to visit), you will be able to view exclusive memories featuring those animals.

    Cookie introduction:

    Nintendo have said that more information on fortune cookies will be available over the next few days. For now though, they’ve given us the following information:

    Marshal’s pastry cookie – Marshal’s pastry cookie will contain cute pastry-shop themed items that coincide nicely with spring. We think that a pastry-shop themed campsite is just what is ‘kneaded’.

    Pastry shop kitchen – The pastry-shop kitchen will also be added, along with a corresponding memory. After fulfilling requirements, you can view a special memory that features both Marshal and Goldie.

    Filbert’s rocket cookie – Filbert’s rocket cookies will contain space themed items. You can have an adventurous looking campsite and feel like a real astronaut by changing into the exclusive space outfit.

    Rosie’s pop star cookie – Inside these fortune cookies you can get pop-star themed items, allowing you to reproduce a live-stage performance. Invite your favourite animals to your campsite and let them take to the stage.

    More to follow!

    In between updates, we recommend checking out the 15 cutest Nintendo 3DS Games here.

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