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Coffee Talk Releases For Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Coffee Talk is a cute and chill game where you make and serve coffee to mythological creatures.

Coffee Talk is a talking/conversation simulator game in which you bend your ear to the troubles of all manner of beings, human and not. Brew up a fine cup of joe, and serve it to someone or something that could also really use someone to talk to.

Coffee Talk

You take on the role of a barista in an alternate universe version of Seattle, Washington. The perfect setting for any game that revolves around a relaxing coffee shop experience, while aiding the woeful hearts of the inhabitants.

You will meet all sorts of fantastical creatures to talk to throughout the game, including mermaids, elves, orcs and many of the other usual casts of mythical beasts. To the best of your abilities, make delicious drink for your patrons, by hand, while helping them unburden themselves of the daily grind through stimulating conversation.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk currently has a demo version available on Steam, if you’d like to try before you buy. The game will become available in the Nintendo eShop tomorrow and will cost $12.99. Pre-purchases are also currently available through the eShop.




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