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  • svgJul 24, 2019News

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    Dinkum, an RPG and simulation game is currently being developed by James Bendon and published by The Irregular Corporation. The release is marked as “coming soon” on Steam where you can wishlist right here. Essentially, Dinkum is a life simulator with town building elements. In Dinkum you will arrive with a group of explorers to a previously unexplored island. You will be tasked with building a home for yourself as well as helping the other explorers build their homes and businesses as well. The developer also mentions that you can attract more people to come live in your town.

    Dinkum has a very unique premise as the environment is entirely Australian with Australian wildlife. This mean you’ll be dealing with a lot of crocodiles and kangaroos in the wild, and raising farm animals such as giant wombats and turkeys! There will also be several different biomes to explore such as a desert biome, a tropical biome with palm trees, banana trees and ferns, bush-land biome with swamps, etc. The term “dinkum” is even slang in Australia and New Zealand for meaning “genuine, honest, or true”.

    About Dinkum

    G’Day there! Get ready to start a new fair Dinkum life and build a home on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, survive scorching deserts, relax at cool billabongs and discover scrubland filled with adorable Aussie inspired wildlife. Collect valuable resources by hunting, mining, fishing and foraging to expand and customize your town and attract new townsfolk and businesses. Share your new home with friends and protect each other as you explore beautiful landscapes filled with dangerous predators.

    Key Features

    • Build your town, your way.
    • Craft items to help organize and decorate your town.
    • Play co-op with friends.
    • Go fishing, bug catching, and treasure hunting.
    • Start a farm with crops and animals.
    • Hunt animals for food and defend yourself from deadly predators.
    • Customize your house and character.

    If you want to know more about the game you can go to the official website here. For more unique farming simulation aspects, check out our article here: Boundless Gets a Large Update: The Harvest Era.

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    Éloïse Laroche has posted another devlog update on Steam with great new features! She’s the sole developer behind Alchemy Story, an adorable farming simulation game. If you missed our early demo summary and gameplay footage of Alchemy Story, you can catch up with us right here. To remind you, all the villagers have been turned into animals and it is up to you to turn them human again with a little bit of alchemy. Below you’ll find a summary of the 4th character added to the game which also means you get a new area and a new item.

    Penelope Fineyarn

    A new character has been added to the village, but she’ll remain an animal until you help her out! Penelope is a skilled miner that will help you to explore the mines. Once you help her remember who she is, she’ll sell you hammers, minecarts, and different ores everyday.

    The Mine

    Much like the forest area that you unlock thanks to Jasmine, the mines are an entirely new area you can explore and get new items from. The developer plans to add secret areas and more quests in the mine later on in development of the game.

    Gather stone, coal, silver, gold, sapphire and ruby from these boulders! Those items will be useful either as building materials, to fuel furnaces and ovens, to brew potions, or to trade in exchange of coins.

    Furnace & Minecarts

    To progress in the mine, you’ll need to fuel your furnace. Different ingredients such as wood, coal, and maple leaves can be used as fuel.

    You can buy up to six different minecarts, one for each type of ore. Each one will allow you to carry more of that item in your inventory. As always, the developer is skilled at making anything look adorable, even minecarts. Also, what a creative and visually-pleasing way to show what you are carrying in your inventory!

    The Hammer

    This new tool can be upgraded up to four times in Penelope’s shop to spend less energy breaking rocks! Again, you’ll have access to these hammers once you encounter Penelope and complete some tasks.

    Along with this newest update there were also a few bug fixes. Stay tuned for more on this game with myPotatoGames as we continue to keep an eye on the development of Alchemy Story. Want to catch up on other updates? Check out our article on Equilinox here, a relaxing nature simulation game.

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    Robert Tatnell , developer of Hokko Life, is hard at work and adding new features and designs every day in his studio, Wonderscope, based in Stockholm. If you haven’t already heard of this game, you can get caught up with us here. We here at myPotatoGames are so excited to play this game and wanted to share with you all of the progress that has been made thus far. Therefore, below we’ve given you the recap from the developer himself for 2018 and a look at his latest updates from March 2019.

    2018 Devblog Recap

    • The main town area got built, at the beginning of the year it was a one-room demo, but now there’s a whole town!
    • There are also mine and forest areas that are randomly generated each day, full of lovely resources!
    • Speaking of resources: resource gathering and crafting got in!
    • You have a backpack now to store stuff!
    • The game is now aimed at a PC/Mac release initially, so a bunch of control stuff got changed to fit this decision.
    • Fishing!
    • Player Customization!
    • Painting tool for making T-Shirts, Wallpaper and flooring!
    • Dig holes! Weeds!
    • Villagers can now move in if you’re good enough friends with them!
    • Villagers give you tasks to do!
    • A whole bunch of new villagers got added!
    • I started getting sound FX into the game!

    Recent Updates – Devlog 2019 Start!

    Below are the updates from March which include: improvements on the tools for customizing furniture, improvements on conversations with the villagers, and new information on shop interiors and inventory, and more.

    Customizing Furniture

    The developer has been testing different “drawers” that contain all the pieces you can add to your creation; much like in a real-world workshop. Improvements to furniture creation were made by adding a very handy menu system so as to be able to categorize certain paints and materials.

    There seems to be many options of material designs to work with and apply to your furniture which include: wood, metal, earthen, cushions, paint, and dyes. You will also be able to point and click anywhere, alternating between placing an object and editing it. As mentioned previously by the developer, you will also be able to scale the size of your own furniture when creating it. Moreover, you can see in the image that certain shapes are provided.

    Dialog Options

    Dialogue options are being reworked to give less of a “randomly generated” feel in favor of a more personalized approach. This ensures there’s more interesting variety in dialogue than there was before by giving you a selection of replies.

    If you’re an Animal Crossing fan, then you probably enjoy chatting up the locals every day. Therefore, this new feature is sure to please! The overall dialogue system is still in the works but so far it’s exciting to have the option to choose different text and get different options every now and again. The developer ensures that there will be a little more variety in the player and character conversations. You can also see that it’s possible for you to change and create the outfit the characters are wearing and to take requests for items! One can only hope that they are also given audio of adorable nonsensical gibberish for dialogue.

    Shop Interiors and More

    The interior of the shops will now have all of their inventory laid out and on display. You can walk up to each item and interact with them before buying. The contents of the shops change every day, so you can look forward to checking what’s new as often as possible. Shopkeepers will have set hours and will otherwise have the store locked. You can find them roaming the town or enjoying certain activities when they’re not working. Robert Tatnell also added new animations for mining and fishing which you can read in more detail with the link to his official website here. There, you’ll find all his devlogs which include all the details of his journey from 2018 to present.

    For exclusive information about Robert Tatnell and Hokko Life, be sure to check out our interview with him! There’s a lot of new information you will not want to miss!

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  • svgMay 28, 2019News

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    Adventure on the high seas with a crew of fun, quirky characters!

    In Critter Cove you can explore the world, trade cargo, do missions for others, decorate cabins, customize your character, collect exhibit items for the Museum, go treasure hunting, salvage shipwrecks, swim, dig up treasure, meet new NPCs and befriend them, and upgrade your ship to home more crew members.

    This game is an open-world RPG set in a world of fantastical islands, crazy critters, and high sea adventures. After a massive storm you awaken on a tropical island inhabited by a cast of quirky characters who help get you back onto your feet. At the helm of a second-hand ship, crewed by your new friends, you set sail on a quest to become the greatest captain of all time.

    Critter Cove is currently being developed by indie studio Gentleman Rat Studio, a team of three people. The game will initially be on the PC, however, the developers will eventually take it to as many platforms as possible including all current generation consoles. Although there is no release date as of yet, you can take a look at the official website here.

    Key Features

    • Discover and explore islands in an open world tropical setting.
    • Trade goods between ports and help those ports grow.
    • Upgrade and customize your ship.
    • Recruit a unique crew of odd characters, each with their own personalities and special quests.
    • Manage your crews needs to keep them happy or you just might have a mutiny on your hands.
    • Master the skills that all great captains must know.
    • Collect items from all over the world and donate them to the Royal Museum of Science, Nature and Stuff!
    • Find treasure maps to embark on special treasure hunts.
    • Make your cabin unique by decorating it with a wide variety of furnishings. Help your crew decorate theirs based on their tastes.
    • Fishing, digging, swimming, resource gathering, crafting, and much, much more.

    Photo Gallery

    We here at myPotatoGames are so excited about this new and refreshing adventure game with the most adorable pirate crew you ever did “sea”! Similarly, if you love exploring beautiful tropical islands, check out our articles on Summer in Mara and Solo Islands Of The Heart.

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  • svgMay 7, 2019News

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    Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse where you play as a cat! If you haven’t heard of this amazing game yet you can get caught up with us here. You’ll be able to farm, fish, cook, decorate, and recruit different animals to your island sometime in 2021 on PC and the Nintendo Switch. See below for bluecurse’s latest devblog for the newest developments in Snacko.


    Crafting can be a lot of fun as you have to find recipes by talking to new characters and discovering new locations. That means there’s a lot of exploring to do! You can also find the required materials you need to build things around your farm and other areas outside. You can see in the image below that some items you can craft will be for cosmetic purposes so you can have fun decorating.

    Other items will be very useful in helping you with your farming such as sprinklers for your crops, and a lamp to help you see at nighttime. Moreover, there seems to be tools that you need to craft to perform certain activities (i.e. fishing rod for fishing).


    Cooking just became a lot more pleasant as not only do you follow recipes from a book but you can also experiment and your recipe book will record what you’ve learned! Furthermore, there are recipes that will require very specific food items to complete, such as tomatoes for tomato soup, and there will be recipes that are a little more general.

    For example, to make a fruit tart you can choose any kind of fruit you want and any attribute that adds a “sweet” flavor. All consumables will have categories like vegetables or meats, as well as whether it tastes sweet, sour, etc. This way you can get a little more creative with your dishes as long as they meet the conditions listed.

    Camping Out

    There will be four distinct islands asides from the main island which houses your farm and the town. Each new island you discover has its own puzzles, resources, monsters, and creatures. Since there is so much exploring to do, the developers have thought of a unique way that you can stay out for several days. Instead of having to return all the way back home, you only need to bring a few of this key item: cardboard boxes!

    Cardboard boxes are the most comfortable beds to a cat as long as they stay dry. This means you will have to make sure you find an area that is covered or go inside caves. It’s easy to obtain them; get them for free from shops from time to time or check out the junkyard. Each box can be used for up to three times so it is important to stock up if you want to be out for a while.


    There will be different weather or environmental effects on the other islands. Therefore, the developers are working on adding summer, fall, and winter to the game, which already included spring. As time passes you will get to see the environment change and have many lovely things to look at; spring has cherry blossoms and now fall will have colored leaves. In addition, notice in the image below how your character Momo has left behind some adorable little kitty footprints in the snow!


    The creators have started selling more merchandise from their online store here, and are providing their supporters with discount codes. New this month is the adorable keychains you can see below. You can also continue to support this game on Patreon and receive some interesting perks!

    Want to know what else is new for the month of April on other games we’ve covered? Check out Calico (another game with cats), Alchemy Story (an adorable farming simulation game), and Ooblets (grow your own companions and “battle” by dancing).

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