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Boundless Gets a Large Update: The Harvest Era

Boundless is a subscription-free MMO maintained by optional in-app purchases. Hunt, trade, craft, build an empire with friends and become Boundless. This action/adventure RPG developed by indie studio Wonderstruck and published by Square Enix released on Steam and PS4 (PSN) back in 2018. Now there’s been a large and significant update since July 16th, 2019 so you can get back into the game online and enjoy the Harvest Era! Our bread and butter just so happens to be farming here at myPotatoGames so we highlighted that new addition below!


The developers stress that Boundless has very unique farming a variety of different angles. Even the crops themselves should be pretty interesting. For example, some of the things you’ll be able to cultivate include;

  • Organic crops, including the classic Earthyams and Starberries, but also a set of new items. Some of these will grow from the ground, but others will grow from hanging vines, so think vertically when planning your farm!
  • Inorganic fuel crops. Combustion Fraction and Kindling Mass can be cultivated in underground setups, grown away from the sunlight of the surface. These subterranean farms will need to be planned very differently from overground farms.
  • Goo – when searching Gem or Lucent Exoworlds, players will be able to gather Kernels from Goo. These are then planted in, and will grow down from, a cave roof. Goo Pigments are harvested from these, If they have been planted in Gleam they’ll even take on its colour. These are then used in Colour Sprays – a whole other system which we’ll discuss in a moment…

Use the new farming tools such as The Hand Tiller to prepare the soil for crops, and the two new Fertilizers which will help increase the yield of said crops. There are many modifiers in place which will affect the success and productivity of a farm, such as soil type, nearby vegetation, and proximity to water. The right combination of each of these will allow crops to grow faster and more abundantly, so green-fingered Citizens will have plenty of room for experimentation. There are also new Skills to build in farming, allowing characters to become specialists in this area of the game. Irrigation is one of those important factors, whether that be with water for above ground crops, or lava for some of the more exotic offerings.

To find out more about the Harvest Era update specifically, you can go to their updates on Steam right here. Furthermore, you can continue reading below if you are unfamiliar with this game and the general gameplay.


About Boundless

In a Boundless universe of connected worlds, every player’s choices will have an impact. Explorer? Builder? Hunter? Trader? Crafter? Make your own path. Open portals to travel seamlessly between diverse planets as you expand your adventure across the universe. Watch the sun rise on a volcanic world before joining friends to prospect for precious resources on a desert planet.

Starting with your first humble campfire, will you live a nomadic life in the wild, or found a new settlement with your allies from which to grow your empire? Rally citizens to expand your city, competing to become the capital of your world and claiming the title of Viceroy. Will you build a citadel, drive the economy, or craft masterpieces of technology? Join the hunt for exotic creatures, develop your homestead, or seek new horizons? Shape your citizen, forge your destiny, and sculpt your world in this epic voxel sandbox MMO built on endless possibility.

Other Features

  • Colonize planets by yourself or join a settlement with others and grow your beacon into the capital of the world with the Prestige system.
  • Craft hundreds of items including, building blocks, tools, weapons, food and many more.
  • Spend your hard earned skill points in the Skill Tree and tailor your character to how you want to play the game.
  • Complete Objectives, Feats and events to earn rewards and Experience Points to level up your character.
  • Build and maintain a Portal between worlds for you and others to use
  • Trade items with others or set up a shop to sell and buy items while you’re off adventuring.
  • Each world automatically regenerates areas that are not protected by a Beacon and returns it to its original layout, creating new and much needed resources for you to collect.
  • Seamlessly travel to new worlds and discover different creatures, resources, block colours and user generated creations in an ever-changing universe.

You can follow the developers on their official website here or go straight to the PlayStation Store here to purchase Boundless. If you love city-building with the voxel art-style, you’ll want to check out both articles Staxel – Great Foundation For Building Games and Minecraft Goes To Infinity And Beyond which are both playable online with some amazing new features.




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One Comment

  1. So the game itself is pretty good…. Unfortunately the Developers pick winners and losers in a fashion that I have never experienced in a game. There are a vocal minority in the community who pretty much bullies people into either quitting or kissing their rear ends…. the Developers favor this group and will target you for their benefit.

    I spent thousands of dollars on this game filling the coffers of Wonder struck company and tens of thousands of hours playing and building in the game only to have it all stolen out from under me via unscrupulous means.

    I built Roman Republic themed builds for months using the s p q r acronym which means The Senate and People of Rome…No Problem…but when a neighbor wanted me gone because their group was very impotent and unable to compete for capital of the planet against a solo player suddenly kicked and banned for Racism! Quite a shock since my family is more diverse than any of these cry babies… and the Roman Republic was according to Mary Blair’s book the S P Q R the most DIVERSE society in human history (go look it up). THE TRUTH is the Developers know darn well I am NOT RACIST but this was an excuse to “get rid of me” since these Pet Players of the Developers were impotent and could not compete (11 players against 1…. Pretty pathetic to be sure ) and were constantly crying like little entitled Babies…

    SO I would suggest to ANY person reading this to NOT spend ONE DOLLAR/PESO/POUND etc on this game or with this Company Wonder struck of United Kingdom. The Developers are UNPROFESSIONAL and have have no business running a game community with their Poor Ethics…..

    The game and company owner is the one who drives this Unprofessional behavior usually personally which strikes me as very odd so do not give this owner the benefit of the doubt. This owner even berated me privately for DARING to have an Avatar with the Star of David that supported the Jewish state of Israel!!!! ANTI-SEMITE much?

    I would list names etc…but it is totally not required… the days of this game are NUMBERED… the player base long term trend is falling (short term upticks withstanding)…. there used to be delays to go to a planet at around 80 players max (and there are around 50 planets) so there was a lot of people….now the average was 1 to 3 players for most planets and at times perhaps as many as 15 (barring an event or some other draw).

    Just to be very clear, I am FAR from the only player who has been targeted… most just walked away and who could blame them after being treated so disrespectfully by the “pets of the Developers”, others were run out by the Developers….and then some like me stood firm in the face of it…..

    They are now also FINALLY delivering on their promise of “rental/private” planets which was promised to the early backers 2+ years ago! Scuttlebutt has it this is being released to fulfill that contractual obligation. Further scuttlebutt has it that their multiyear contract with Sony is coming to its end… Any truth to this? No way of knowing….but I would SERIOUSLY consider ANY money given to this company as pouring it down the drain….

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