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Snacko – Another Cat-tastic Game

svgMar 31, 2019NewsJoelle

Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse, based in Vancover, BC, Canada. The founders, husband and wife Jordan and Erisa, wanted to create a world “where cats rule the land” and so the project began in 2018. Snacko is expected to release sometime in the year 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

We here at myPotatoGames obviously can’t get enough of cat games so the game Snacko, where you play as cat, is the purr-fect game to talk about! Who doesn’t love those furry, squishy, soft, adorable balls of fluff! On the Island of Snacko, where a terrible event happened, corrupting the native creatures and causing the inhabitants to leave, it is up to you to find the source of the evil and bring the land back to life.


  • Classic farming sim gameplay: farm, fish, cook, and craft!
  • Customize your farmland: craft different types of fences, storage units, and more. Use these objects to spruce up your plot of land.
  • Customize your town: choose from a variety of exterior styles for houses, decorate with different items your villagers could interact with.
  • Recruit a variety of villagers: send out letters to seek help in rebuilding the island. Based on what you write, different types of animals will reply. Who will you choose to move in?
  • Explore and unlock new areas: recruiting different types of villagers will unlock new areas to explore. Each area has their own unique resources, monsters, and mysteries to solve.
  • Play your way: experience a cute and cozy island with a simple story. It’s up to you to fill in the details! What’s your ideal island?

One of the newest features that was recently announced is the use of many more tools, starting with sprinklers. For more on information on what the developers are currently working on, go to their website here. For our latest news on a similar farming game, Stardew Valley, go here.

Sprinklers will help to speed up your farming!



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  • Rika427

    March 31, 2019 / at 1:42 pmsvg


  • Totorori

    April 1, 2019 / at 8:45 amsvg

    That looks super promising and cute! Can’t wait ????

    • Joelle

      April 1, 2019 / at 9:29 amsvg

      Yes! Cats, innovative farming tools, what’s not to love? Also very excited!

      • Totorori

        April 1, 2019 / at 11:25 pmsvg

        But I wish the release date would be a liiiiiiiitle bit sooner ???? I mean, whats going to still my thirst for games like this, when they are all so far away? I mean, not even Minekos Night Market has been released, and I am waiting so hard for this game! What to doooooo ????

  • Kristen

    April 1, 2019 / at 10:42 amsvg

    This game has such an interesting art style.. I can’t wait to see the final version and play it 😀

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    Snacko – Another Cat-tastic Game