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Hokko Life – Animal Crossing Meets Lego

svgMar 25, 2019NewsMax

The Animal Crossing franchise has become more and more popular over the years, so it is just natural for indie devs to take some inspiration from the beloved village simulator. Hokko Life is no difference, as indie developer Robert openly describes Hokko Life as “Think Animal Crossing meets Lego and you’re a reasonable way there!”.

Hokko Life captures most of what makes Animal Crossing special. A game in where you decide what to do, where your creativity is the only limit. Robert stated that the player will be “…given the power to create furniture, cakes, flower decorations and more through an intuitive construction kit. By combining different pieces, paints and accessories you can create whatever objects your heart (or a villager) desires!”. This is exciting news for everyone who loves to design and create their own little town.

Hokko Life – Town is filled with adorable villagers

Players can share their creations online much like the Animal Crossing dream suit. The developer is striving for a way to make every town look unique and giving players the abilities to create their very own furniture without it being too overwhelming to use.

Hokko Life is on track to capture the hearts of Animal Crossing fans and beyond. The game features and endless amount of activities – chopping down trees, gardening, fishing, decorating and more. Hokko Life even features a forrest and a mine, both places are filled with new resources every single day. This is just the beginning of whats seems to be an extremely promising game.


The main village is also filled with lovable, and perhaps some not so lovable characters. These adorable little fluff balls can move into your town if you are good enough friends with them, they might even give you a task to do.

The game is developed by a single person, much like Stardew Valley and other popular indie games. For more information on Hokko Life check out the official blog for the game.

Hokko Life Fun Fact

Hokko Life? What does that mean? Indie developer Robert explained “Hokko is an adaptation of the Japanese onomatopoeia “Hoko Hoko”, which means to be warm and good, and “Life” fits the life-sim type of game it is!”

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  • Kristen

    March 25, 2019 / at 7:19 amsvg

    The graphics are adorable! I can’t wait to see more about this game. Can never have too many “Animal Crossing-like” games ;P

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