Éloïse Laroche has posted another devlog update on Steam with great new features! She’s the sole developer behind Alchemy Story, an adorable farming simulation game. If you missed our early demo summary and gameplay footage of Alchemy Story, you can catch up with us right here. To remind you, all the villagers have been turned into animals and it is up to you to turn them human again with a little bit of alchemy. Below you’ll find a summary of the 4th character added to the game which also means you get a new area and a new item.

Penelope Fineyarn

A new character has been added to the village, but she’ll remain an animal until you help her out! Penelope is a skilled miner that will help you to explore the mines. Once you help her remember who she is, she’ll sell you hammers, minecarts, and different ores everyday.

The Mine

Much like the forest area that you unlock thanks to Jasmine, the mines are an entirely new area you can explore and get new items from. The developer plans to add secret areas and more quests in the mine later on in development of the game.

Gather stone, coal, silver, gold, sapphire and ruby from these boulders! Those items will be useful either as building materials, to fuel furnaces and ovens, to brew potions, or to trade in exchange of coins.

Furnace & Minecarts

To progress in the mine, you’ll need to fuel your furnace. Different ingredients such as wood, coal, and maple leaves can be used as fuel.

You can buy up to six different minecarts, one for each type of ore. Each one will allow you to carry more of that item in your inventory. As always, the developer is skilled at making anything look adorable, even minecarts. Also, what a creative and visually-pleasing way to show what you are carrying in your inventory!

The Hammer

This new tool can be upgraded up to four times in Penelope’s shop to spend less energy breaking rocks! Again, you’ll have access to these hammers once you encounter Penelope and complete some tasks.


Along with this newest update there were also a few bug fixes. Stay tuned for more on this game with myPotatoGames as we continue to keep an eye on the development of Alchemy Story. Want to catch up on other updates? Check out our article on Equilinox here, a relaxing nature simulation game.

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