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Snacko – April Updates

Snacko is a farming simulation game developed by an indie studio called bluecurse where you play as a cat! If you haven’t heard of this amazing game yet you can get caught up with us here. You’ll be able to farm, fish, cook, decorate, and recruit different animals to your island sometime in 2021 on PC and the Nintendo Switch. See below for bluecurse’s latest devblog for the newest developments in Snacko.


Crafting can be a lot of fun as you have to find recipes by talking to new characters and discovering new locations. That means there’s a lot of exploring to do! You can also find the required materials you need to build things around your farm and other areas outside. You can see in the image below that some items you can craft will be for cosmetic purposes so you can have fun decorating.

Other items will be very useful in helping you with your farming such as sprinklers for your crops, and a lamp to help you see at nighttime. Moreover, there seems to be tools that you need to craft to perform certain activities (i.e. fishing rod for fishing).


Cooking just became a lot more pleasant as not only do you follow recipes from a book but you can also experiment and your recipe book will record what you’ve learned! Furthermore, there are recipes that will require very specific food items to complete, such as tomatoes for tomato soup, and there will be recipes that are a little more general.


For example, to make a fruit tart you can choose any kind of fruit you want and any attribute that adds a “sweet” flavor. All consumables will have categories like vegetables or meats, as well as whether it tastes sweet, sour, etc. This way you can get a little more creative with your dishes as long as they meet the conditions listed.

Camping Out

There will be four distinct islands asides from the main island which houses your farm and the town. Each new island you discover has its own puzzles, resources, monsters, and creatures. Since there is so much exploring to do, the developers have thought of a unique way that you can stay out for several days. Instead of having to return all the way back home, you only need to bring a few of this key item: cardboard boxes!

Cardboard boxes are the most comfortable beds to a cat as long as they stay dry. This means you will have to make sure you find an area that is covered or go inside caves. It’s easy to obtain them; get them for free from shops from time to time or check out the junkyard. Each box can be used for up to three times so it is important to stock up if you want to be out for a while.


There will be different weather or environmental effects on the other islands. Therefore, the developers are working on adding summer, fall, and winter to the game, which already included spring. As time passes you will get to see the environment change and have many lovely things to look at; spring has cherry blossoms and now fall will have colored leaves. In addition, notice in the image below how your character Momo has left behind some adorable little kitty footprints in the snow!


The creators have started selling more merchandise from their online store here, and are providing their supporters with discount codes. New this month is the adorable keychains you can see below. You can also continue to support this game on Patreon and receive some interesting perks!

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