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Calico Successful with Kickstarter Campaign + New Updates

svgMay 2, 2019NewsJoelle

As of May 1st, 2019, Calico: Magical Girls Running Cat Cafés, successfully raised $70,634 with 2,721 backers! That is over 200% past their goal! If you missed our news about this game, you can get caught up and learn more here. With more funding came more customization options such as furniture, potions, outfits, and animals. Most importantly, the project hit 2 of its stretch goals to implement amazing new features! See below for what’s going to be added to Calico.

More items to decorate your household

Character Creation

The first stretch goal was a character creator at $45,000! Now you can make your own playable character with several customization options. This includes skin tone, body type, gender, hair color and style, as well as outfits! 

Animal Customization

Secondly, you now can dress up adorable animals in their own little clothing items, such as collars, hats, and bows! In addition to that, you also have the option of creating your own cats and dogs! You’ll be able to customize certain traits like fur color and size.


If you are as excited as we are at myPotatoGames for the release of this game (year 2020), you can continue to help support CatBean Games by getting these adorable shirts and tank tops here. Stay tuned with us as we keep you updated on Calico! Now we leave you with this adorable animation from their Twitter page.



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  • Totorori

    May 6, 2019 / at 5:51 amsvg

    Great news! I really can’t wait for this game!

    • Joelle Lavoie

      May 7, 2019 / at 7:20 amsvg

      Same here! I’m really glad they got the funding they needed and added great extra stuff!

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    Calico Successful with Kickstarter Campaign + New Updates