Equilinox is a relaxing nature simulation game which allows you to create and nurture your own living ecosystems. To create an ecosystem you place plants and animals into the world, each of which has its own life-cycle, behaviour, and requirements so you need to make sure each species has a decent habitat with sufficient resources. The game was created by Karl Wimble, the solo indie game developer of ThinMatrix. It was released back in 2018 but has had many bug fixes, tweaks, and new features added since, which you can see down below.

Creative Mode Added

Creative Mode, a sandbox mode, was just added to Equilinox today, May 31st, 2019. You now have the freedom to put whatever you want and however much of it you want in your landscape without any restrictions or points needed. You can put things such as 10,000 swarming bees, Super Mario pixel art with mushrooms, millions of multicolored sheep, or a bunch of angry spitting camels. However, all species have to have been previously unlocked in your Normal World. Although. Although, you will have complete control of the day/night cycle (forward, backward, pause) and will be able to get some really nice screenshots in-game. You can take a look at what to expect with Creative Mode in the creator’s YouTube video below as well as a summary.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited placing of plants/animals.
  • Unlimited trait modification.
  • New color customization options.
  • The ability to “duplicate” an object, copying all its traits.
  • Hold M when placing to place multiple objects at once.
  • Hold N when placing animals to place a “swarm” of animals.
  • Day/Night cycle controls.

New Species Added

Flies and carnivorous plants have been added to the game. These plants are able to grab passing flies with their long “tongues” before consuming them.

Meerkats are the first burrowing animals able to dig a network of holes and tunnels in their territory and use them for transport and to hide from predators. They can often be found standing on their back two legs to keep an eye out for danger. Two new plant species were also added for you to unlock. Desert grass provides a new food source for desert biome animals, and the marigolds are pretty flowers which can live in higher altitude woodland areas.

Eagles are now available in Equilinox. These birds live in the mountains but can swoop down to nearby biomes to go hunting for smaller animals. When they catch their prey they carry it back to the nest to feed their young. Furthermore, jellyfish came with the same update as this one. These strange fish will sting any fish that comes too close and can be genetically modified to be harmless or very effective killers. Also, the jungle has one new bush species which blooms spectacularly only once a year.

The most recent addition of species added to Equilinox are dolphins! These aquatic mammals dive in and out of the water when they’re happy.

The developer had mentioned in his latest devlog video that he intends to add pandas to a later update but is already starting to think about moving on to another project entirely. You can catch up all the news you have missed or purchase this game now on Steam here. For other related news, check out our latest article on Planet Zoo and become the very best zookeeper!

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