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  • svgOct 18, 2019News

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    Alchemy Garden is a relaxing simulation game where you brew potions, tend to your garden and run your very own alchemy lab and shop.

    I thoroughly enjoy relaxing and laid back gaming and if you are reading this, there is a chance you do too! 🙂 Alchemy Garden fits those preferences like a glove. In this indie game created by MadSushGamesi, you will find yourself in a whimsical world with a small garden to begin with. You will have to grow your crops in order to gather enough materials to brew potions and become the greatest alchemist ever!

    Your garden however is not the traditional garden you might be used to from games like Stardew Valley. It’s a magic garden where you grow magical ingredients to add to your cauldron.

    Home Sweet Home!

    You can also explore the huge land surrounding your home and go down deep in the woods to cut down some trees, should you be in need of some lumber. Alchemy Garden also invites you to decorate the outside of your house so unleash your creativity and create your very own magical little hideout.

    Besides the busy lifestyle of running and Potion Shop, making magic and more, you need a little place to call your home. You will start out with a small house to yourself. You are free to decorate the inside as well as the outside of your plot in any fashion you like. Place furniture, plants and more to really give it a ‘homie’ feel!

    Potion Making And Shopkeeping

    Potions can help you with daily chores. With your first harvest you can try out different recipes to make different potions and apply them to your crops to see what they will do. Certain recipes will create all sort of potions with unique effects. But be careful, magic can be dangerous!

    The game offers a rich variety of crafting and potion making. Gathering needed materials for all the things you’d like to make is as much fun as it is rewarding!

    You may end up having more potions then you need and instead of storing them inside your home, you can put them on the shelves in your own potion shop! Nearby villagers will be happy to drop by and check out your store. Gold that you earn from trading your items can be used to acquire new bag of seeds or you may want to spend it on furniture to make your home even nicer and cozier!

    Alchemy Garden finally available on Steam now and for only $8.99 it was one of the best game purchases I have made in a long time. If you are still on the fence for the game you can also download a free demo right now!

    If this got you excited about potion making, I recommend taking a look at Witchbrook, the Stardew Valley of magic, a game from Chucklefish, as well as the much beloved Alchemy Story!

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  • svgSep 29, 2019Feature

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    Our monthly recap is here! These are all of the cute, family-friendly games we’ve been covering which have release dates in October 2019. If you’re looking for a new game to play, look no further! Which of these games are you the most excited for?

    TokoToko – October 3

    TokoToko is an augmented reality game developed by indie studio Kalank and coming to iOS devices October 3rd, 2019. Help your adorable cat artist apprentice named Hako to save her friends, the Tokotokos, by drawing real-life pictures that will come alive in-game.

    Concrete Genie – October 8

    concrete genie wallpaper cover image

    Help Ash bring life back to his dark, poisoned town with each stroke of his paintbrush, and help him take care of some toxic bullies at the same time when Concrete Genie releases on PS4 on October 8th, 2019.

    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair – October 8

    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, is releasing on October 8th, 2019 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! Pre-order starting now and get 4 Tonics included in your digital or physical copies! Stop Capital B from enslaving an entire kingdom of bees with the help of Queen Phoebee and her Royal Beetallion.

    Doraemon: Story of Seasons – October 11

    Doraemon Story Of Seasons

    Doraemon Story of Seasons is a crossover game that combines the best out the beloved farming sim Story of Seasons and the more adventure-driven Doraemon. Bandai Namco announced that Doraemon Story of Seasons will finally release in the west on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC on October 11th, 2019!

    Potion Paws – Mid-October 2019

    Potions Paws is created by the developers of Garden Paws; Bitten Toast Games. It’s a shorter standalone game with a spooky theme that includes potion-crafting and dungeon-crawling. Potion Paws will be releasing on Steam sometime around Mid-October after its Kickstarter campaign.

    Little Town Hero – October 17

    We finally got the official title for Town; Little Town Hero! This strategic RPG is created by none other than GAME FREAK, the geniuses behind the classic Pokemon games. Little Town Hero will be releasing digitally on the Nintendo Switch on October 17th, 2019

    A Hat in Time – October 18

    This A Hat in Time is a very cute 3D adventure platformer featuring a little girl in a big top hat, known simply as “Hat Kid”. Nintendo confirmed that there will now be a Nintendo Switch physical release on October 18, 2019, with a new co-op mode!

    Megaquarium – October 18


    Megaquarium is a tycoon-style simulation game where you build and manage your very own public aquarium. The game is already available on Steam here, and will now be releasing digitally on October 18th, 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

    Destiny Connect – October 22

    Clocknee - Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers

    Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers is a beautiful game about a town called Clocknee, and a little girl named Sherry who is trying to save it. The release date for Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers is October 22nd, 2019, and will be available on Switch and PS4.

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz – October 29

    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

    The last Super Monkey Ball title for console is being remade, and is titled Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. It will feature many improvements over the original, including new levels and some amped up graphics. You will once again have to help Aiai recover the scattered pieces of the Golden Banana Bunch. The game will be releasing for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and later for PC on October 29th, 2019.

    Harvest Moon: Mad Dash

    Harvest Moon Mad Dash

    Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, a spin-off of the Harvest Moon series by Natsume, is essentially a fast-paced multiplayer and color-matching puzzle game. It has recently been announced that the game will be releasing on October 29th, 2019 for the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. For more details about Harvest Moon: Mad Dash, go to our article here.

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 – October 31

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch for Halloween on October 31st, 2019! This spooky ghost-catching game will feature ScareScraper, the new online multiplayer mode, and Gooigi companion for local co-op!

    PINE – ‘October 2019’

    PINE title art

    Pine is an open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world in which humans never reached the top of the food chain. The developers of Pine, Twirlbound, have confirmed that the game will be releasing on Steam and the Nintendo eShop sometime in October 2019. Edit: October 10th, 2019 has been officially confirmed.

    Cooking Mama: Cookstar – ‘October 2019’

    Cooking Mama: Cookstar is coming to both PS4 and the Nintendo Switch in late October 2019 and will include a new Vegetarian Mode along with over 90 incredible new recipes for players to master. The menu ranges from classic Japanese recipes to the most delicious home cooking and the culinary soul comforts of today.

    Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands – ‘October 2019’

    Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands has a release date of October 2019. This open-world adventure and simulation game with pirates and treasure is developed by Lemonbomb Entertainment and published by rokapublish and Merge Games and will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4. Edit: October 17th, 2019 has been officially confirmed.

    Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure – ‘October 2019’

    Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is a 3D action adventure game that takes place in a prehistoric environment, obviously. The primary focus is avoiding all obstacles that one might encounter in said environment, such as blasting geysers and flowing lava. The game releases in October 2019, and will be available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

    DLC, Expansion Packs, and Other Releases

    Wandersong Limited Physical Editions – October 11

    Play as a silly bard and use music to interact with everything on a journey around the world in Wandersong! This critically-acclaimed platforming adventure gets a two-week open pre-order for PS4 and Switch starting Friday, October 11th, 2019 with Limited Run Games.

    Sims 4 ‘Realm of Magic’ expansion pack – October 15

    The divine arts are at your Sims’ fingertips. Use your penchant for sorcery to bring peace or mayhem to the neighborhood. The Realm of Magic game pack will be available on consoles starting October 15th, 2019! (PS4 and Xbox One).

    If you missed our last release date round-up for September 2019, you can check it out here: Most Wholesome Game Releases in September!

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  • svgSep 7, 2019Event

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    With the Kickstarter campaign of Potion Paws going live last Thursday, September 5th, 2019, the developers at Bitten Toast Games decided to throw an online community event within the multiplayer mode of Garden Paws. You may remember our review of the most adorable simulation RPG here and how we haven’t yet had the chance to try out the online feature of the game. Since it has been one of our favorites this year, we backed its spookier potion-making counterpart Potion Paws and took part in the giveaways and party! Besides, if you own both games on Steam, you’ll get crossover items in Creative Mode.

    Online Multiplayer and Creative Mode

    When you play online in Garden Paws, you have the choice to create a server room and allow up to 4 players into your world. They can help you farm, fight monsters in the dungeon, and pretty much anything else you can do in single-player campaign. This is also a particularly useful way to share rare items. Creative Mode is basically a sandbox mode where you already have access to every single item the game has to offer with some added bonuses which include: a jetpack and magic carpet to fly around, the lawnmower from the Summer games festival, confetti canon, and more! If you’re looking for players to join you can always check out the awesome community of Garden Paws on the official Discord channel here.

    Garden Paws Online Community Event

    The developers Dan and Kristina are frequently live-streaming on Twitch showcasing gameplay, accepting requests from followers while they continue to add new items and features to the game, and occasionally put on a “creative challenge” out to the community. Meaning, they tell you the theme and you can use the tools and items at your disposal to build and paint anything you can imagine! As mentioned above, to celebrate the Kickstarter launch of Potion Paws, Kristina opened a Dev Server allowing up to 32 people to join and create something carnival themed. You can catch the full 8-hour stream on Twitch here, or see below for our particular experience!

    Photo Gallery of Online Party

    Since the theme was “carnival”, fellow tater Joelle (that’s me!) decided to join the fun and created her own Balloon Shop! In Garden Paws you can either have your character hold balloons in their hands while running around, or place them anywhere for decoration. As seen in the screenshots below, you can build foundations, fences, paths and place furniture, and then you can paint them with solid colors or patterns. There are even letters of the alphabet to use! I gave anyone who walked up to my booth a balloon because I was so proud of my contribution to this event.

    Next up we took a look at Kristina’s (the dev) half-built Ferris-wheel using wood pieces and cabana benches. We all took the available seating for a wonderful photo-op overlooking the sea and islands.

    Here we have a wonderfully creative way to build a merry-go-round using in-game farm animals and pets! The details here must have taken quite a long time! Everyone hopped on for a ride! I chose the glittering rare unicorn because I could; I got there first.

    There were 3 major attractions that actually turned into little mini-games for all to try out. Someone took garden hedges and created quite the challenging maze, another created a huge 3-story glass house maze, and finally at the tallest point on the island you could glide through some hoops and bounce off of trampolines at the bottom. It took me a while to complete the glass house maze but I had some excellent cheerleaders by my side!

    During Creative Mode, you still go through the day/night cycle so that all of your hard work saves at the end of the day. Every time we start the day, we end up together in a specific location which lead to shenanigans. This area of the gallery contains immature screenshots because, well, there exists a fart mechanic. “Look Ma! I’m farting on Twitch TV!”

    We redeemed ourselves afterward by celebrating with many fireworks and confetti! This is what happens when you can place as many fireworks as you want before lighting them and being able to equip a confetti canon that you can fire off to your hearts content!

    Here are a few other buildings created by the community, including a floating deck perfect for relaxing and enjoying the view. No worries about falling, we’re all wearing jetpacks. We’d also really like to know who built that boat from scratch and how!

    After a long day of partying, we all relaxed inside a forest sanctuary built by placing quite a few trees to form walls. I have my pet deer with me and I’m roasting some marshmallows by the fire.

    I had a really fun experience with the online multiplayer of Garden Paws and would like to thank everyone that joined this party! Hopefully this brings even more players to the game and to this amazing community full of really great people. If you have any extra screenshots of this event, please feel free to share them with us on social media or comment/tag if you see your character. If you’re just starting out, you can check out some of our Garden Paws tips for beginners here.

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  • svgSep 5, 2019News

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    Potions Paws is created by the developers of Garden Paws; Bitten Toast Games. It’s a shorter standalone game with a spooky theme that includes potion-crafting and dungeon-crawling. If you own both Garden Paws and Potion Paws on Steam you’ll unlock a spooky furniture set, a cat ghost companion, and more! The Kickstarter is live right now (September 5th, 2019) and you can make a pledge for a Steam key and many exclusive rewards right here. We backed this project right away and wanted to point at that the higher tiers will include a pet black cat with a cape! See below for a summary of the Kickstarter page.

    About Potion Paws

    You’ve decided to take the risk and purchase a run down house in the middle of a spooky forest near a dungeon overrun with monsters. Lucky for you you’ve been trained in the art of Potion making! Explore the land and dungeon for ingredients to create powerful potions and tasty delicacies. Sell your extra potions and prepared foods to the merchant for a bit of coin. You can use this coin to purchase recipe books, and even expand the land around you. When you unlock new areas you’ll find new ingredients, crafting recipes, crops, animals, secrets and more.

    The Pet Ghost Cat

    Unfortunately for you, you’re not a fighter. Many potions have powerful effects which can aid you in battle, whether it’s to make you smaller, faster, blow up areas and monsters or a potion to summon a cute ghost to just hang out.

    Exploring and Unlocking the Map

    Your adventure starts at the spooky old house you just bought, which is right by the entrance of an old mysterious dungeon. Heavy fog covers this lands but don’t worry! You can use your resources to clear the fog and uncover more land to explore and find more items to collect! With each area you unlock there are new materials, secrets, and even creatures you can find and carry home. You will want to explore as much of the map as you can and unlock all its treasures. Any item that is larger than you will have to be carried so grab those sheep and toss them into your pen!

    Potion Crafting

    With your alchemist skills at hand you can use your cauldron to create a wide variety of potions. Potions can be sold or used for its effects. You can use a potion by drinking it or throwing it to alter the world around you or defeat monsters. For example, if you make a Cactus Potion and drink it, you’ll grow spikes and enemies that touch you will take damage. But if you throw the cactus potion at a group of enemies, spikes will grow out of the ground hurting them.

    Cooking Recipes

    This world is full of monster parts, plants and more that you can use to craft into unique goods to sell! You can cook delicious monster treats and craft powerful potions that have plenty of different effects! You can fight monsters in the old mysterious dungeon for treasures and rare ingredients.


    Go here for Potion Paws and Garden Paws merchandise on sale for a limited time and customize your design of choice on t-shirts, tapestries, phone cases, tote bags, mugs, pillows, stickers, and more!

    Release Date Timeline

    Potion Paws is coming up on being fully complete! Garden Paws will continue to receive updates and don’t forget that Garden Paws is also coming to the Nintendo Switch in December 2019 so stay tuned with myPotatoGames!

    • September 5th, 2019 – Kickstarter Starts
    • October 1st, 2019 – Kickstarter Ends
    •  Early October 2019 – Beta Test Copies are sent.
    •  Mid October 2019 – Release on Steam
    •  Q4 2019 – Crossover items implemented to Garden Paws
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  • svgAug 29, 2019Interviews

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    The creators of Garden Paws gave us the scoop on their upcoming new game, Potion Paws.

    We here at myPotatoGames have been huge fans of Garden Paws, as you can probably tell from our Steam review here, and many post updates here. We’ve poured hours into this simulation game, so when the developers of Bitten Toast Games announced during their Twitch live-stream a few days ago that they’ve been working on another game, we were very intrigued. Dan and Kristina showed us a surprisingly spooky yet adorable game they’ve been working on alongside Garden Paws and we couldn’t be happier.

    Their new game is going to be a lot simpler and shorter with a Kickstarter coming in early September and a release date on Steam before Halloween this year. Don’t worry though, they’ll still be working on the Nintendo Switch release for Garden Paws for this December! We wanted to share with the rest of you all the details of the new potion-making, dungeon-crawling, and magical game via an interview with some of the greatest game developers we know!

    Q&A with Dan and Kristina of Bitten Toast Games

    What inspired you to make this particular game with a spooky theme?

    Kristina: It’s something I wanted to do for a long time. I like the idea of creepy monsters dropping creepy stuff like eyeballs or tentacles. Halloween is around the corner and I love Halloween.  We plan on releasing this game before then. We also wanted to push ourselves to play with particles and more special effects. We’re always trying to push ourselves to be better.

    Inside Your House

    Have you decided on a title for your new game? I know you were thinking Potion Paws?

    Kristina: Potions Paws is the title, I love the alliteration. Also, Spooky Paws was taken.

    Do you have a date in mind for your Kickstarter campaign?

    Kristina: We are aiming to start the Kickstarter September 5th, where we’ll also be releasing a free demo.

    Is Potion Paws related to Garden Paws? Do they share the same universe?

    Kristina: It does share the same universe as Garden Paws. Based on the art style, you can tell they share the same ‘verse. You might see a familiar character from Florens too as caravan merchant.

    Dan: Some items will cross over from both games.

    Kristina: We’re introducing new features to Potion Paws like expanding the world around you by purchasing land, carrying heavy items that can’t fit in your inventory and combat via potions.

    You mentioned we will see a familiar character from Garden Paws, will there be new villagers to meet in Potion Paws?

    Kristina: No new characters, no. The idea behind this game is that you are a hermit away from civilization, slowly purchasing more land. Being solo lets the player immerse themselves in their work.

    What kind of potions will we be able to craft?

    Kristina: For potions we have some basics ones but also some really silly creative ones.

    Dan: Some potions make you smaller/bigger, some turn you into animals, some confuse. We’re currently taking ideas from the Twitch community because we like including people. We started a spreadsheet with all of the ideas.

    Kristina: We are going to hide some puzzles into the game for new potions. Potions are going to be very useful against monsters as well. You are an apothecary but you’ll be doing some fighting.

    Craftable Potions

    So there will be fighting in this game?

    Kristina: You can battle if you like but you can play the whole game without fighting at all, you can just sneak around them. But using potions to attack monsters will get you some extra loot. If you see items in the dungeon that you want, you have to physically carry the items out and not get spotted.

    What kind of items can we get from Potion Paws for Garden Paws?

    Kristina: If you buy Potion Paws, you will get the crossover items for Garden Paws. There’s a furniture set, a cauldron, a skull, a skull carpet, things that are generally not seen in Garden Paws. There are also stacks of books with bookcases, and a pretty decent pile of stuff like that. We will be adding one pet as a crossover item as well, a cute spooky ghost cat that you can ride. It will be a variation of something we will have in Potion Paws, just as a bonus for supporting our Kickstarter. We wanted to make this game separate from Garden Paws because there are probably a lot of aspects people will not like in terms of spooky stuff like cobwebs. We didn’t want to force scary stuff on people if they didn’t want that.

    Pet Ghost Cat

    In your stream there will be very adorable sheep in Potion Paws, will there be any other animals?

    Kristina: There will be sheep in the game. We just made a penguin that will be in Garden Paws and Potion Paws along with its snow habitat. So in Potion Paws there will be cows, sheep, and penguins.

    Early Look at Snow Habitat and Player Character Penguin

    What can we expect in these new parts of land that we can unlock?

    Kristina: Specific zones might have pumpkin patches, fireflies and even ponds that you can harvest items from like fish skeletons and frog legs. There’s another area with a spooky tree where you have to harvest from a crow’s nest. But there are also secret areas that you can only access with a shrink or jump potion. It gives you a drive to keep unlocking zones.

    What are the main focus points of Potion Paws? So far we have dungeons, crafting, potion-making.

    Kristina: There will also be a cooking station where you create recipes as well. You can unlock more recipes and more of the land around you for more ingredients.

    Cooking Recipes

    How long will the game actually be? Will there be a story or an end goal?

    Kristina: It’s a bit smaller of a game than Garden Paws but we think it will still be a lot of fun. The end goal would be to unlock all of the upgrades. For example: a desert station and transformation potions. As for gameplay, we’re going to be putting our demo on Discord for free before the Kickstarter and based on how long it will take everyone, we’ll be able to know roughly how long the game lasts. It will probably give a solid few hours. We’re hoping to add enough items so that you can make a spooky house in Garden Paws and unlock new content for that game.

    What kind of character do we get to play and will there be any customization?

    Kristina: Not much customization because it is very time-consuming to develop but we did create a slight variation of the fox from Garden Paws that has a smaller face and bigger ears. So it will look a little more like a cat. A cross between a fox and a cat. We added the fox tail to it too which is bushy. There won’t be any skin customization or clothing as we need to go back to Garden Paws because we plan to release it on the Switch in December. There’s a chance you can play this on the Switch too. It would be a good place for it, it’s a great console.

    It seems you love to play your own game. What kind of other games do you both enjoy and playing?

    Dan: I play a lot of Night of the Full Moon and Dungeon Defenders. It’s tower defense game I put a lot of hours into. I love dungeon games and rogue-like games

    Kristina: I play Animal Crossing and other chill farming games but also play shooters. I love the multiplayer aspect of games. Portal Knights is another good one, My Time at Portia is super fun. It’s funny because we are very different gamers Dan and I. I enjoy grinding and farming, and he likes dungeon games. Our goal was to make a game we can play together so we incorporated both things in Garden Paws.

    What sort of projects do you have in mind going forward? Once you’ve released Garden Paws on the Nintendo Switch that is.

    Kristina: We’re always going to be making games. I have ideas for more continuations of Garden Paws that we’ll be announcing in December.

    Dan: We’re also going to be using the Steam Workshop in Garden Paws so people can make their own quests for people. I’m really excited about the Workshop.

    What other things to you still have left to add in Garden Paws?

    Kristina: We’ll be wrapping up the story in Garden Paws, basically signaling to the players that they are done the main story.  Frank will be able to build you a Tardis-like house (bigger on the inside), we need to add fruit trees and berry bushes, as well as winter games and decorations. We need to add more levels to the dungeon where our goal is to have 100 procedural levels. You’ll see in the dungeon now that there are nine doors used to access those areas. We’re working on another island to add but we’re going to change that up from what you saw on our Twitch Stream. It’s going to be one of the treasure islands that you can explore. We’re adding more creatures too, like a dragon on that island.

    New Jewelry Workstation

    Save the Date!

    Make sure to mark September 5th, 2019 on your calendar for the Kickstarter of Potion Paws, giveaways, and to celebrate with the developers and friends via an online community event! We’ll have more screenshots and information for you going forward! You can also follow and help support Potions Paws and Garden Paws by going to the Bitten Toast Games official website or their social media pages such as: Facebook, Discord, and Twitter.

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