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PINE will Release on PC and Switch in October

svgAug 18, 2019NewsKikki

A long-awaited game

We’ve been keeping an eye on PINE for a long time now.  We first reported on it when the game was approaching the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign in early 2017.  The campaign was successful enough to secure a Switch version of the game.  It has since then been featured in this spring’s “Nindies” Showcase, bringing it to the attention of a much broader audience. You can watch that trailer here.

No specific release date was given at the time. PINE has, however, been listed on the Nintendo e-shop as coming to the Switch in ‘August 2019’.  But August is half over and no specific date has been revealed. So we’ve decided to provide a little update for fans who have been watching the e-shop hopefully.

Coming soon!

In a recent update on PINE’s Steam page, the developers have revealed that the game will, in fact, be releasing in October.  Not only that: the specific date will be given out at the start of September!  The developers, Twirlbound, will also be at Gamescom this year with a new demo for visitors to play. It will give them “a full inventory of fun stuff” and let those lucky convention-goers experience all of the game’s systems, exploration and combat.  They’ll even be able to take on up to five quests!

PINE inventory screen

Looking great

We spuds are homebound. We will not be able to hop a plane to Cologne, Germany to attend the conference. (We’re afraid they’d stick us in cargo anyway!)  But we will definitely be eagerly following the news from home! PINE is looking great, with all the seasons and environments to enjoy.


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    PINE will Release on PC and Switch in October