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  • svgSep 6, 2019News

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    A Short Hike is a little peaceful exploration game about hiking up a mountain. As of July 30th, 2019, sole indie developer adamgryu (adam robinson-yu) released his adorable relaxing adventure game for PC, Mac, and Linux on Steam here and Itch.io here. The game is only $7.99 US and is already receiving a large amount of very positive reviews.

    About A Short Hike

    Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Follow the marked trails or explore the back-country as you make your way to the summit. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you. (Description from Steam bio)

    Key Features

    • Explore the island any way you like. Choose your own path to follow and see where it leads you. You never know what you might stumble into!
    • Hike at your own pace — there’s no need to rush to the summit! Take your time fishing along the river banks or swimming by the lakeshore.
    • Collect hidden treasures to reach new heights. Try taking a dive off the mountain peaks to soar above the forests.
    • Chat with the other hikers you meet along your route. You might be able to help each other out!
    • Listen to a lush original soundtrack by Mark Sparling that progresses dynamically as you explore the wilderness.

    For more information about A Short Hike, you can go to the official website here. Furthermore, if you enjoy playing short and calming games, check out our review here: Solo Islands of the Heart Review – An Introspective Journey About Love.

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    The developers of Critter Cove stressed with us last update the importance of the visual design for their underwater environments. You will be spending a large amount of the game exploring to depths of the sea as your main role is that of a salvage ship captain collecting fun and interesting resources below. The adorable critters that live on Critter Cove hire you to explore these beautiful underwater areas so that you can get what they need to upgrade their shops and homes, but also to make gifts for their friends.

    Since our last update and interview with Gentleman Rat, the creators of Critter Cove, we have indeed been treated to beautiful animations of the sea and some diving on their Twitter page. We here at myPotatoGames were in such awe that we wanted to know exactly what they’ve been up to lately. The developers have been kind enough to send us the following information along with some quality screenshots!

    New Toxic Biome

    As you might already know, there will be a wide range of dive sites to explore including shipwrecks and ruins of sunken cities. Now we get to take a look at one of those dives sites currently in progress; a toxic biome! If you brave these hazardous environments you’ll gain access to special resources. Many dive sites will often have their own challenges to overcome by using the right equipment and special tools. For example, in order to dismantle an engine, the player must first acquire a wrench. You may have to go looking in several different locations like this in order to complete certain projects for the town.

    How to Find and Prepare for Dive Sites

    When you’re steering your ship around the open seas, you might notice clues on the surface indicating that there’s something directly below to discover. For example, an oil slick on the surface might indicate a sunken vessel below. When this happens, jump off your ship and start searching! After upgrading your ship later on, you’ll eventually be able to use a sonar device to help you with finding these treasures. You should also speak with the NPCs often as their will let you know of any rumors or tales which can lead to new locations. Finally, there are all sorts of charts and maps available for purchase from both legitimate and not-so-legitimate sources.

    Find out what special outfits or equipment upgrades you will need for particular dive sites before you go exploring as some sites will be too deep, too cold, or too toxic. Rebreathers will help increase the time you can spend underwater and toxin sealed wetsuits can protect against poisonous and cold waters. Selecting the right equipment for a dive is essential to ensuring the dive’s success.

    Don’t forget you can take some adorable companions as crew mates with you on these expeditions! Stay tuned with us as we learn more about Critter Cove which is currently in early development.

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    Any game that says it will allow us to ‘shape the world under our feet like clay’ has our attention. Astroneer first released, digitally-only, on Steam and Xbox One in February of this year. During that time, this space-exploration game has maintained a ‘very positive’ rating across over 34,000 reviews on Steam. And now we have the great news that the game will release onto PS4 as well! You can buy a physical copy of Astroneer for Xbox One or PS4 on November 15th, 2019.

    You can watch the PS4 announcement video right here. It doesn’t have a lot of gameplay content! But watching one little pioneer-astronaut play with his buddy (literally!) via PS4 controller was really cute.

    Game Features

    • Reshape the ground under your feet as though it were made of clay.
    • Survive on and explore carefully crafted planets that can be entirely deformed and traversed.
    • Snap together components and objects to build bases and vehicles.
    • Play with friends in 4 player online drop-in/drop-out co-op.
    • Discover and uncover the mysteries of the solar system

    It should be noted that the one consistent note of dissatisfaction with this game was in its multiplayer aspect. Glitches plague the multiplayer feature, even according to many of those who love the game on Steam. We don’t yet know if that will change as the game releases for PS4.

    We’re quite excited to play this space exploration sandbox game. Let’s build bases on every planet and shape each world to suit its own unique style! We can’t wait to join PC and Xbox One players and see what is possible in Astroneer on November 15.

    If you like games of space exploration, where you can build bases on the planets you visit, you might want to get a good look at Kerbal Space Program 2.

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    On August 30th, we will finally get our hands on the game we’ve been pining for. Re: Legend, by Magnus Games! With early access opening so soon, Magnus Games has used their regular 25th-of-the-month update on Kickstarter to talk about what we can expect to see in the world of Ethia. Quite literally, too. We got a good look at the world map.

    Magnus Games also made a second map to highlight the smaller islands, which will be of much interest to explorers. Is that island basically just one HUGE STATUE? “Sunken Valphyr”? And the other island looks like one enormous, jewelled turtle shell! And over there is a massive shipwreck! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to explore these islands for ourselves! What will we find? Treasure? Special materials? Rare magnus? OH MY.


    With the Re: Legend just about to enter early access, everything we see now is still very much subject to change. Magnus Games is looking forward to player feedback during this period, to refine and add to their game to make it the best it can be. Those of us who will be waiting for the full release are grateful to the pioneers who will play the game in its rougher, not-entirely-finished state. Re: Legend already looks great. Imagine how much fun it will be when it’s polished to its final lustre! Magnus Games hopes to complete the early access phase in 9 to 12 months.

    Farm and go questing

    Even in early access, there’s going to be lots to do. Not just finding and taming the game’s many magnus, but also farming and questing. In the screenshots Magnus Games posted, we saw evidence of several quests, such as to find the ‘forest island’ and to search for someone in trouble. We also need to get answers from a guardian? Answers to what? Who is the guardian! Our intrepid (and lucky!) early access players will get to learn these things for themselves in just a few days. We can’t wait for that sweet, sweet farming, whether on land or water.


    Also newly revealed in this update was the existence of shadow magnus. They are special (and difficult-to-see) versions of regular magnus, but with special stats that make them well worth carrying around lots of taming goods for. They really are tricky to see, though. We think one is supposed to be in this screenshot. Do you think it’s that blue bit by the spot of light?

    If a regular Draconewt has stats like this, what kind of stats would a Shadow Draconewt have? And what will it look like?

    re legend draconewt magnus

    We have so many questions, and look forward to all the feedback that will be coming from early access players very soon. If you want to get in on this great action, go wishlist Re: Legend on Steam and get set to sail the seas on the back of one of your aquatic magnus buddies!

    In the meanwhile you can also check out some of our previous coverage of Re: Legend and its upcoming early access period.

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    The presentation of Kerbal 2 at Gamescom 2019 Opening Night Live surprised us! We were watching this very realistic-looking video of a rocket ship travelling through the stars, with some very serious music playing…and then all of a sudden these adorable bug-eyed little green dudes started piling out!

    Described as a ‘space flight simulation game’, Kerbal Space Program 2 seems like quite the deceptive game. At first glance it appears to be very serious, but no game with a Kerbal in it could be all THAT solemn. They reminded us a little of the minions in Despicable Me. But they’re not minions…they’re Kerbonauts. And you can watch their trailer here:

    Build on the old

    The game will feature “Improved Onboarding”. We think that rocket science is not something you accidentally learn, but apparently that is how Kerbals do it. Accidentally! The game will have animated tutorials, a better user interface, and revamped assembly and flight instructions to make Kerbal 2 fun for experienced players and beginners alike.

    And add some new, too!

    You will also be able to build and use “next-gen” engines, fuel, parts…everything you need to be the best Kerbonaut and explore not only the entire Kerbolar System, but even beyond it! And NEW to the series are colonies. They are a challenge to build, and will also require you to gather resources to build stations, housing and other structures. But your colonies will grow and become advanced enough to support vehicle construction, furthering space exploration even more.

    The better your spacecrafts, the more you will be able to explore. You can discover unique celestial bodies, such as “Ovin”, a massive ringed planet with intense gravity. Or perhaps “Rask and Rusk”, a pair of planets “locked in a dance of death” will be more to your interest!

    Kerbal 2 will have modding that builds on what was available with the first game. And for the first time, multiplayer is also an option! Not much is known yet about multiplayer in Kerbal 2, but the official site assures us that we will learn more soon. The game will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2020!

    If you like seeing cute things in space, then have a look at our Astro Bears Review.

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    A long-awaited game

    We’ve been keeping an eye on PINE for a long time now.  We first reported on it when the game was approaching the beginning of its Kickstarter campaign in early 2017.  The campaign was successful enough to secure a Switch version of the game.  It has since then been featured in this spring’s “Nindies” Showcase, bringing it to the attention of a much broader audience. You can watch that trailer here.

    No specific release date was given at the time. PINE has, however, been listed on the Nintendo e-shop as coming to the Switch in ‘August 2019’.  But August is half over and no specific date has been revealed. So we’ve decided to provide a little update for fans who have been watching the e-shop hopefully.

    Coming soon!

    In a recent update on PINE’s Steam page, the developers have revealed that the game will, in fact, be releasing in October.  Not only that: the specific date will be given out at the start of September!  The developers, Twirlbound, will also be at Gamescom this year with a new demo for visitors to play. It will give them “a full inventory of fun stuff” and let those lucky convention-goers experience all of the game’s systems, exploration and combat.  They’ll even be able to take on up to five quests!

    PINE inventory screen

    Looking great

    We spuds are homebound. We will not be able to hop a plane to Cologne, Germany to attend the conference. (We’re afraid they’d stick us in cargo anyway!)  But we will definitely be eagerly following the news from home! PINE is looking great, with all the seasons and environments to enjoy.

    If you’re looking for games you can play sooner, check out our article on family-friendly games. Among them is AER, another beautiful game of exploration that takes some cues from Legend of Zelda.

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    Games that defy genre are increasing. Eastshade belongs to the wave of games that make you question their classification. Published earlier this year, Eastshade is amazingly beautiful. And if it must be placed in a genre, then it’s probably a walking simulator.

    You play as a wandering artist. Explore the world extensively, and even stop to paint pictures of anything that catches your eye. You can paint for yourself, and you can even take commissions and paint what is requested of you. (Though the painting mechanic is more like taking pictures.) Eastshade feels like it’s much more than just a walking simulator.

    Eastshade is full of NPCs who are full of their own interests. They can give you quests. They even have branching dialogue chains, so what they say is dependent on how you speak to them. What’s more is that the game remembers your previous actions. Characters you meet will respond to you based on the actions you have been taking all along. Quests will be available depending on what you have unlocked, so the potential for more than one play through the game is high.

    Key Features

    • A peaceful open-world exploration-adventure full of character.
    • Compose paintings anywhere in the world and offer them to the locals to unlock secrets and gain items.
    • Acquire crafting materials and schematics to surmount obstacles and solve quests.
    • Make friends along the way through fully-voiced dynamic conversations and unlockable topics.

    Your actions will impact the world around you in Eastshade. You gather materials and help people in need. You can even create solutions that will allow you to explore the world more fully. Some areas of the world are unexplored because of natural impasses, but you will be able to find ways to surmount them. (And boldly go where no one has gone before!)

    Eastshade is currently available on Steam, and while no firm plans have been announced, the developers are still considering other platforms. We hope Eastshade will spread to as many platforms as possible so that it can reach the biggest audience! You can also visit the developer’s official site.

    If you can’t play Eastshade on Steam, why not try a game like Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles or My Time at Portia? They’re all quite different from each other, but all allow you to explore a beautiful world at your own pace. Yonder and Portia are also available on Steam as well as almost all current-gen consoles.

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    Sayri Adventure is developed by Vidloonnya Reborn, a game development company located mainly in Ukraine. This game is about meeting new friends on another planet and using their unique abilities to help you find a new home. The creators, a team of 6 people, say they were specifically “inspired by masterpieces such as Journey, ABZU, Ico, and Fe”. Thus, they created this beautiful world to explore. Sayri Adventure will be releasing in 2019 for consoles and PC.

    Due to disastrous events, Sayri and the other inhabitants of its planet must escape and leave their home-world using ships built by their ancestors. Sayri’s capsule has now landed on an unknown planet, left alone and lost without any family. Nevertheless, Sayri survived and not without hope!

    Sayri landing on an unknown planet

    Sayri is a cute alien with telepathic abilities which allows you to physically affect the environment. Interact with friendly NPC characters, all with different behaviors and personalities. As a result, you get to embark on an emotional experience by forming relationships with these creatures. Bring up to four companions with you at a time and use their combined skills to solve puzzles.

    Sayri and companions

    Key Features

    • Friendship and cooperation
    • Adventure and exploration in a magical vibrant immersive world
    • Relaxing gameplay without violence
    • Puzzle-solving with unique obstacles
    • A heart-warming and emotional story

    Learn more about this visually-stunning game on the official website here. For another heartfelt game about friendship and love, check out our article about Ghost Giant here.

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