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Eastshade Coming to PS4 & Xbox One Vey Soon

This gorgeous open-world adventure and simulation game developed by Eastshade Studios is available now on Steam here. You can catch up with the details of Eastshade in our last article here. Now, the developers have announced a specific date for the PS4 and Xbox One versions, and it’s just around the corner! Look forward to exploring this island full of beauty, mystery and unique inhabitants as a wandering painter this October 21st, 2019!

Take photographs of these stunningly beautiful environments of forests, lakes, hills and long forgotten places. Then, watch how they become paintings on your canvases! The sights are so peaceful and the graphics so realistic that I absolutely can’t wait t play this game on consoles! Instead of being the hero of games like Skyrim, Divinity Original Sin, etc, I can see what it would be like to be one of those merchants you see selling their wares. See below for a new extended trailer of Eastshade celebrating this great news!



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