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Jenny LeClue: Detectivú – A Narrative Mystery About Detectiving and Choosiness

svgAug 2, 2019NewsJoelle

Jenny LeClue is a thrilling crime-solving game created by indie developer Mografi (Joe Russ), based in Florida. You can download a free playable demo on iOS here and PC here ( The game is set to release this Fall 2019 on Steam, Humble, iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. Become a detective and make hard choices along the way while trying to find the real killer behind this murder mystery.

About Jenny LeClue

Jenny LeClue is a handcrafted adventure with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and a unique aesthetic. It’s also a coming-of-age story about the blurred lines between right and wrong. This is a game about your choices and how they affect Jenny and the author’s story. It’s a rich metanarrative with delightful surprises and interactions. Jenny LeClue also explores mature themes, complex characters, and an epic tangled mystery.

You play as Jenny, a brilliant young detective, living in the idyllic college town of Arthurton. Jenny is a sharp-eyed, relentless pursuer of the truth. But nothing exciting happens in Arthurton, and Jenny longs for real adventure.

Jenny gets more than she bargains for when her mother is accused of murder, and begins an unexpected journey to find the truth. She soon discovers every cloud has a dark lining, and nothing in Arthurton is what it seems. Unseen forces will stop at nothing to keep Jenny from the truth. And she will have to use all her skills of deduction to find the real killer.


Key Features

  • Beautiful Handmade Art Style – Sleek and gorgeous hand drawn style with vintage midcentury aesthetics.
  • A Living World – The goal is for everything to be interactive, to reward players who poke and prod at every last item and object with insight, secrets, and humor.
  • Choosiness On A Massive Scale – Players will make choices in their individual game, and some of those choices will be tallied to permanently influence subsequent chapters, essentially “writing” the story collaboratively. The choice players make about the cliffhanger ending of episode one determines the beginning of episode two.
  • Female Protagonist – Jenny is a brilliant young detective, sharp eyed, intuitive and a ruthless pursuer of the truth.
  • Dialogue With A Twist – Jenny is able to move the camera around during dialogue scenes and observe the subject for visible clues that might reveal their guilt or innocence that would otherwise go undetected.
  • Story Within A Story – Jenny LeClue weaves a rich metanarrative. The “author” of Jenny’s adventures, Arthur K Finklestein, acts as narrator and guide, but his presence also allows you to change the way Jenny’s story is written. Players choices will also affect Finklestein’s own story.
  • Not Just For Kids – Complex relationships will be explored with themes of family, loss, and identity influenced by horror, sci-fi, and mystery genres.
  • A Diverse Cast Of Characters & Locations – Explore Arthurton’s expansive world including the abandoned mines, the forgotten graveyard, the misty mountains, the old observatory, the police station, the shops and eateries on Main Street, and Gumboldt University’s Library. You will meet many intriguing and suspicious characters, in a town whose population is representative of the US Census demographics.

More Information

To learn more about the game or to pre-order your copy, go to Jenny LeClue’s official website here. Furthermore, for more mystery games you can check out our articles here: The Good Life – Snap Photos, Solve a Murder, Turn Into a Cat/Dog and Top Ten Crime-Solving & Mystery Games.


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  • Kikki

    August 2, 2019 / at 9:58 amsvg

    I love solve-the-mystery games. Ace Attorney is my fave, though it’s not particularly on the cute side. 🙂

    • Joelle Lavoie

      August 2, 2019 / at 2:59 pmsvg

      I was thinking of getting the Ace Attorney trilogy on Switch! Is it good? I love crime-solving mysteries as well.

      • Kikki

        August 3, 2019 / at 4:28 amsvg

        Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of my favourite game series ever. I’ve loved every game in it 🙂 It’s probably what made me a fan of mysteries. I mean, you KNOW who is guilty, usually…but you have to figure out how to PROVE it, and sometimes that’s really tricky! I really love the characters, too 😀 I’m a big, big fan, lol.

      • Kikki

        August 3, 2019 / at 4:30 amsvg

        Though in Ace Attorney, the idea is, your client is always the one charged with wrongdoing, and you have to prove it wasn’t them. In the process you’ve gotta figure out who it was and how to prove that in court, so it’s a little different from the standard fare in detective games…but it boils down to the same thing, just from a slightly different angle.

      • Jesse Lu

        August 4, 2019 / at 10:45 amsvg

        I’m playing through it on Steam right now, I played it a loooong time ago and everything still hold up. With 3 games being in it you definitely get your moneys worth. It has twists and turns and a good amount of humour.

  • Joelle Lavoie

    August 4, 2019 / at 11:51 amsvg

    Thank you both for your replies! I’m definitely convinced ????‍⚖!

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