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Oxenfree – Now Free on Epic Games Store

svgMar 22, 2019NewsJoelle

The Epic Games store has been releasing one free game every couple of weeks since they first launched in December 2018. From now until April 4th, 2019 you can go here and download Oxenfree for free! You can then keep the game even after the offer has expired.

Oxenfree, developed by Night School Studio, is a story-driven, supernatural adventure where choices you make affect the outcome of the game and your relationship with other characters. You play as Alex, a young teenager, who brings her new stepbrother to an overnight party on an island. That island used to house a military base but it was decommissioned. When Alex tried to tune an old radio, she inadvertently opened a dimensional rift. While being haunted by ghosts, it is up to you to discover the secrets of the island and to close the rift.

Night School Studio is currently working on another game of the same genre, Afterparty, which will also be available on the Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2019. In Afterparty, out-drinking Satan is a must. Find out more while the co-founder and art director discuss the game in their blog here.

For another similar game in tone and in gameplay, check out our review of What Remains of Edith Finch here.



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  • Kristen

    March 22, 2019 / at 11:45 amsvg

    I’ll be sure to download this, it sounds like a great game 🙂

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