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  • svgJun 18, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons couldn’t have released at a better time. I know for me personally, its delayed release was a blessing in disguise. The game has facilitated online friendships with like-minded people (and therefore lessened loneliness) and been a wholesome distraction during these difficult times.

    But these are just ways in which the game has helped me. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has helped people cope with so many other disappointments. For example, with many weddings having been cancelled, gamers have been creating virtual wedding ceremonies instead, something which is now considerably easier with Reese and Cyrus’s new wedding season furniture this month.

    Students with postponed graduation ceremonies have been holding their very own, in-game birthday parties are now a common occurrence, and Black Lives Matter Designs are being made and shared so that players can still show support and solidarity. We are now in June (this year has flown!), which means that it’s finally Pride month!

    Celebrate Pride in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

    With Pride events being cancelled/disrupted, or being a very different experience from what most are used to, you may have sadly decided to give Pride a miss this year. But this doesn’t have to be the case! You can celebrate Pride in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in style with these fantastic fan-made LGBTQ+ designs. 😎




    Frog Pride Tees



    Balloon-Hem Dresses

    Short-Sleeve Dresses

    ‘Overalls’ (Short-Sleeve Dresses)

    Coats & Sweaters


    Pastel Hoodies

    Doormats, Facepaint, & More

    Heart Designs

    Happy Pride from all of us at MPG! 🥰🏳️‍🌈

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  • svgJun 11, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons mailed players yet another gift from their in-game Mom at the beginning of June. Players in the Northern Hemisphere received one (from eight different variations) of Mom’s Handmade Apron.

    Whilst players in the Southern Hemisphere received one of the eight different variations of Mom’s Handmade Sweater. This is not the only thing that Nintendo has done differently for players living in the Southern Hemisphere this month.

    Apron Variations

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Animals Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Denim Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – ‘M’ Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Forest Print Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Family Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Flowers Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Fruits Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Apron – Quilted Version:

    Sweater Variations

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Animal Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Accent Peach Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – ‘M’ Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Chicks Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Quilted Pattern Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Star Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Teddy Bear Version:

    Mom’s Handmade Sweater – Flowers Version:

    It is thought that the style of gifts received from Mom will be the same throughout the year. This seems like it could be likely, as I have received three pink items in a row. It is thought the ‘style’ of items you receive changes each year. This is useful, as the clothing items cannot be customized like the furniture. Which apron or sweater did you receive?

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  • svgJun 7, 2020Animal Crossing

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    I recently posted about the three new seasonal items that players could purchase throughout June. Well whilst browsing through the Nook shopping catalogue (like the shopaholic I am), I noticed that there were two more seasonal items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    The two items cater for players in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. This is yet another example of inclusivity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it’s great to see. You can read more about this here. 🥰

    The items are both available under the seasonal tab of the Nook Shopping section of the NookStop terminal. Alternatively, if you’ve purchased enough items from the Nook Shopping catalogue, you may have unlocked the Nook shopping app on your NookPhone where they can also be bought.

    Summer-Solstice Crown

    To mark the Summer Solstice, which occurs on the 20th June in the Northern hemisphere, there is now a crown consisting of sunflowers for players to buy. The Summer-Solstice crown costs 1,560 bells to buy, and is available until the 6th July

    Winter-Solstice Sweater

    The Winter Solstice, also occurs on the 20th June, but in the Southern hemisphere instead. To mark the Winter Solstice, players can now buy a Winter-Solstice Sweater. The Winter-Solstice Sweater costs 1,200 bells to buy, and is also available until the 6th July.

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  • svgJun 6, 2020Animal Crossing

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    What could be better than your favourite TV series/franchise or Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Both at the same time of course! The internet is full of amazing clothing ID codes guaranteed to excite potterheads and ghibli fans just to name a few! So for all you pop culture fans, here are some awesome pop culture designs to wear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Harry Potter

    Female Uniforms:
    Male Uniforms:

    The Umbrella Academy

    Female Uniform:
    Male Uniform:
    Outfit Ideas:

    Stranger Things

    Marvel & DC


    Studio Ghibli

    Sailor Moon


    And finally, a horrifyingly creepy Furby Sweater. You’re welcome.

    For loads more awesome clothing ID codes to use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can click here, here, and here.

    Nook’s Island is also a great site to discover other players’ designs. It even has a search bar so you can find whatever niche or style you’re looking for.

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  • svgMay 15, 2020News

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    In a recent unexpected (but welcomed) announcement from Nintendo, it has been confirmed that an all new Paper Mario game will release for Nintendo Switch this summer. This new Paper Mario series game is entitled Paper Mario: The Origami King, with it’s title and premise fitting to the series’ paper theme.

    About Paper Mario: The Origami King

    The History of Paper Mario:

    Paper Mario: The Origami King is the sixth installment in the Paper Mario series’ and the first from the series to make it to the Nintendo Switch console.

    The first Paper Mario series game, simply entitled Paper Mario, was first released for the Nintendo 64 in Japan back on August 11th 2000. It was then released in the west the year after, in 2001.

    Four years later, the second entry to the Paper Mario series was named Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and was released worldwide for the GameCube back in 2004.

    In 2007, the third game in the Paper Mario series, entitled Super Paper Mario, was released on the Nintendo Wii

    The fourth entry to the Paper Mario was released for Nintendo 3DS in 2012 and called Paper Mario: Sticker Star. (Ooh we’re getting colons in the titles now…fancy…) 🧐

    The fifth game of the Paper Mario series (and the predecessor for the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King), was named Paper Mario: Color Splash. The game was released for the Nintendo Wii U four years ago in 2016.

    Plot Synopsis:

    In Paper Mario: The Origami King, the game begins with Mario and Luigi being invited to attend an Origami Festival by Princess Peach. Upon arriving however, the two brothers discover that the Evil King Olly has seized Peach’s castle and turned her into origami (alongside Bowser’s minions). King Olly intends to take over the world and turn it into origami. Mario, alongside King Olly’s more compassionate sister Olivia, team up with some unexpected allies in order to stop King Olly.

    Release Date, Price, & Game Format(s):

    The game is set to hit Nintendo Switch consoles relatively soon with a worldwide release date of July 17th.

    The game will be avilable to purchase both digitally and physically.

    You can pre-order a physical copy of the game from BestBuy in the US here for USD$59.99

    You can pre-order a physical copy of the game from BestBuy in Canada here for CAD$79.99

    You can pre-order either a physical copy or a digital copy from Nintendo UK here for £49.99


    • Playing as Mario, you will have the advantage of being equipped with a variety of new tools to utilize to secure victory.
    • One of Mario’s new abilities, called 1000-Fold Arms, allows you to do many things by interacting with the landscape by stretching out, pulling, and peeling away at things
    • The 1000-Fold Arms prove helpful in revealing a bunch of new locations
    • Additionally, you’ll face puzzles which Mario’s new arms will help you solve
    • And as if that wasn’t enough, these nifty arms will also help you uncover unexpected surprises.
    • Throughout your journey you’ll find allies in characters both old, such as the Toads, and new, for example King Olly’s kind-hearted sister, Olivia.
    • However, you may find some unexpected characters willing to be allies, such as Bob-ombs, who have been long-standing enemies of Mario. Fun fact: In Paper Mario: The Origami King, despite looking like their otherwise ordinary selves, the Bob-omb allies don’t have a visible fuse like in previous Paper Mario games.
    • You know that the situation must be especially dire. As along the way Mario ends up enlisting the help of mortal enemies as allies, including the big bad Bowser, who is usually doggedly devising and doing dastardly deeds of his own.
    • However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Therefore if characters have not yet been turned to origami by King Olly, Mario will accept all the help he can get with open arms, (literally!).

    Is Peach Doomed To Be A Damsel In Distress?

    But after defeating King Olly, will the unlikely alliances continue? It seems highly unlikely, as I doubt Princess Peach has taken too kindly to all the times (estimated to be between 15-20 times) Bowser or his minions have kidnapped her. Initially he would kidnap her and often lock her up so he could take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

    There have been other random reasons, such as simply out of spite, or to lure Mario into traps when he naturally comes to rescue her. Bowser has also been known to try and marry Peach to get her to sign over to him the legal rights to the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Eventually, he falls in love with her despite her not feeeling the same way (who would after being constantly kidnapped by a fire-breathing, spike-shelled, large turtle-like, Koopa creature). Peach likes Mario, and this is arguably the main reason Mario and Bowser are mortal enemies.

    His jealousy of Peach’s love for Mario drives him crazy. He becomes that infatuated with her, that he kidnaps her in the 2019 Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey with the intention of forcing her to marry him. Even picking out her wedding dress and the bridesmaids, Bowser clearly has no boundaries. Alongside the release of the Super Mario Odyssey game, was some slightly creepy wedding amiibo figurines of Peach and Bowser as bride and groom (and a Mario wedding amiibo too?! Too much drama smh). Love triangle much?!

    Yeah, I’m happy with my non-wedding-themed Mario figurine with his Cappy cap, thanks..

    Additionally, it is true that Bowser and Mario have teamed up before, such as in Bowser’s Inside Story (questionable morals on Mario and Luigi’s behalf…), Super Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, and Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga (briefly during the tutorials). Bowser will only lower himself to team up with them for his own self-preservation, his (often warped and evil) desires, and his wish to have all of the power available everywhere, all to himself. Woe betide anyone who dares be more powerful than Bowser…

    Well for a short while at least, Bowser gets taken down a peg or two by King Olly. Possibly King Olly’s only good deed. Bowser finds himself partially origamied. He finds himself folded in half and all of his minions turned into origami soldiers, no longer answering to him, but only to the diabolical King Olly. Undoubtedly, the do-gooders of the Mushroom Kingdom will find a way to restore Bowser to his full form and reverse the origami affects on his minions (whilst they do the same for Princess Peach). 🙄 Why not let the weakened Bowser suffer for his crimes, instead of letting him return to his unrelenting kidnappings and scheming.

    But to end on a more positive note, why not get artsy and celebrate this exciting announcement, and the action packed accompanying trailer. Whilst waiting for the game to release, you could make some of these super cool mario origami characters using tutorials and printables from YouTuber Jo Nakashima.

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  • svgMay 10, 2020Animal Crossing

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    An announcement from Nintendo of America has revealed new My Nintendo printable rewards “inspired by the fun of Animal Crossing: New Horizons“. These include eight fun printable gift tags (some of which are Mother’s Day-themed). You can also get printable Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mother’s Day coupons to show your mom some love. After all, she sends you enough gifts and mail in the game!

    The printable Animal Crossing: New Horizons gift tags can be redeemed here for 10 platinum points.

    The printable Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mother’s Day coupons can be redeemed here for 30 platinum points.

    For more examples of some super cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed My Nintendo rewards, click here.

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  • svgApr 12, 2020Animal Crossing

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    Let’s face it, we’re in uncharted territory. Not unlike the deserted island many of us traveled to on the 20th March. And whilst we can’t simply just pretend that things aren’t happening in the real world around us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons released at the perfect time.

    Why? You may ask. Well there are many reasons why the game’s delay from 2019 to 2020 was a blessing in disguise.


    The Animal Crossing franchise is notorious for allowing players to immerse themselves in a wholesome environment. Starting with not a bell to your name, as your house grows, so do your flowers and your friendships. If you don’t have many friends in real life, or are self-isolating like most of us are right now, you can seek comfort in the animals inhabiting your island. With the introduction of terraforming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can get really creative and make your island your very own. Hours really do fly by when playing the game. The multiplayer feature, alongside the Animal Crossing forums and social media groups, can also help lessen loneliness. You can play with a bunch of other people who love playing the same game as you. Therefore it’s not surprising that friendships and even relationships have been formed through the magic of the franchise.

    No Rules

    You have no bills to pay (or at least until you feel like it), and who cares if you have no money? You don’t have to distance yourself from your in-game neighbours, nor do you have to wash your hands until your skin starts to crack. You won’t get fined for leaving your house, and you can buy as many toilet rolls as you like.

    No Danger

    There is no danger in the game (apart from wasps, tarantulas and scorpions) but death is non-existent and medicine is abundant. You can even be self-sufficient with the new DIY crafting feature in the game. Fruit is plentiful, although your character doesn’t need to eat.

    Just A Wholesome Distraction Where The Fun Doesn’t End

    This is especially pertinent when taking into consideration the game’s slow-pace. There’s something to do everyday, and Animal Crossing games have never been games you can ‘beat’.

    If you look out towards the sea from the secret beach on your island on a clear day, you can see New Horizons.

    In the words of Katrina, let us remember that bad times, are just times that are bad.

    And that there is hope, for me, and for you.

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  • svgApr 6, 2020Animal Crossing

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    There have been a lot of rumours floating around the internet regarding removing unwanted residents from your island. For example, shoving them and hitting them with nets, and complaining to Isabelle about them. However, as of right now, these are the only two proven methods on how to evict residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Neglecting Them

    Not speaking or interacting whatsoever with the resident you want to leave will eventually make them consider leaving. You’ll know if they’re thinking about leaving as they will have a pondering expression as they walk around and a thought bubble above their head.

    It’s important to note that you shouldn’t even hit them with a net, shove them, or send them hate mail as this still counts as interaction. Additionally, make sure to speak with all of the other residents on your island and do any favours they ask of you.

    Inviting Other Animals To The Campsite Via Amiibo

    The next method will require you to have the maximum amount of residents living on yout island (10). This will be a bit further on in the game when you are able to start selling plots of land, have built a campsite and visited Harv’s island to unlock the game’s amiiibo feature.

    Once you have 10 residents, head to the Nook Stop terminal in Residents Services, and scan the amiibo card of the character you’d like to move in. You can also just keep checking the campsite, but you may be waiting a while and there’s no guarantee the camper will be someone you want living on your island

    If you’ve opted for the amiibo method, head to the campsite after scanning your desired amiibo card. They may ask you to craft DIY recipes for them over the 3 days that they will stay.

    If you craft these recipes, and keep them happy, on the third day of giving them their desired item, make sure to talk to them lots. Eventually, you will have convinced them to move to your island.

    However, they’ll sadly note that there is no room for them on the island, but that they have heard that a resident was thinking of leaving. You will then be able to choose which resident you want to boot off of your island sadly say farewell to, so that your amiibo camper can move in.

    The camper will then negotitate with the rogue resident, who rather conveniently, was thinking about leaving anyway (sure you were bud). The resident will then start packing up to leave, and your camper will be making preparations to move in.

    Happy evicting!

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