The amount of insults and passive-aggressive comments that can be found within Animal Crossing games is pretty surprising, considering that the franchise is marketed mostly at children (although we here at MPG don’t care 😀).

The older Animal Crossing games are especially notorious for rude and insulting characters. While recent Animal Crossing games have seen ‘levels of savagery toned down’, the games still contain plenty of banter, emotions, and insults to keep game play interesting.

Here are ten examples that addequately demonstrate just how savage a seemingly cute and innocent game can be. 

1. That’s rich coming from an animal. 🚿

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2. Why ya gotta be so rude? ☔️      

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3. I only whacked her with a bug net. What’s the problem? 🙄

4. I mean she’s not wrong… 🧠

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5. I think you mean 99-bell store. 🔔

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6. Sad Reacts Only. 😔

“R u D E

7. Subtly spiteful villagers. 🏠

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8. Not so subtly spiteful villagers. 🤮 

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9.When you get socks for Christmas. 🧦

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10. The Passive-Aggressiveness. 🚂

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