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Changes That Players Would Like To See In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a beautiful game that shows that Nintendo have really listened to the Animal Crossing fanbase. Additionally, they have been on the ball with patching any issues that have arisen. However, nothing can be 100% perfect. Therefore, these are some of the changes that players would like to see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Access To Your Storage From Outside Of Your House

Even with 40 inventory slots I find my pockets get pretty full. And like, I don’t want to carry that Monster statue or that pool around with me whilst I’m landscaping yanno? They weigh a tonne. So please Nintendo, let us access our items in storage whilst outdoors. Even if we need to build/buy a storage box(es), it would save us some time and effort.

Being Able To Access Your Materials In Storage When Crafting In Your House

I find it particularly annoying to up to the diy workbench in my house, try to craft an item, only to be told I don’t have the 6 iron nuggets or whatever necessary. And you know you have 30 of them in your storage so have to leave the workbench, get the items out of storage, and then try again. It’s not too much hassle, but a patch that allows you to craft using resources in storage would be nice.

Being Able To Craft Multiple Items At Once

This would be especially helpful when crafting items such as fish bait. Being able to batch craft items would be so much quicker and so much easier. It would be even cooler if you could craft a variety of different items at once, providing you have the materials to do so.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Crafting

Being Able To Travel From One Mystery Tour Island To Another

Obviously you would need enough Nook Miles Tickets on you to hop from one deserted island to another. However, it would save a lot of time, and the hassle of going through the same dialogue with Orville over and over.

The Ability To Add Multiple Variations Of Clothing To Your Cart In The Able Sisters Store

The changing room is a pretty cool way of seeing how items of that particular day look on your character, and to browse the different variations of clothing items. However, It’s quite frustrating to have to keep re-entering the changing room if you want to purchase multiple variations of a clothing item. Why not be able to just add them all to your cart?

Letting You Know What Items You Already Have When Shopping At Nook’s Cranny Or The Able Sisters

I must have ordered the same darn rose wallpaper three or four times by now, as there are so many floral printed ones, and I can never remember if I have that particular one in my storage or not. The same with clothing, I have like 3 pairs of white patterned stockings because I have the memory of a goldfish. Therefore it would be cool if you were able to see if you already have these items in your storage, or have ordered them previously.

A Meter To Show Your Friendship With Other Islanders

Whilst you can somewhat gauge your friendship with islanders (being able to give them presents when talking to them, etc), it would be nice to know exactly how pally you are with them. Especially if you don’t want them to feel neglected and leave your island. Therefore a friendship meter would be a cool addition to the game.

A Meter To Show Much Life Is Left In A Tool

Some tools last longer than others in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, not even the golden tools will last forever. Therefore it would be helpful to know how much life is left in each tool via a meter. Then you could go customize it and reset its durabilitity (works with regular tools)… ;D

Highlighted Areas When Terraforming

Terraforming drives me crazy as I’m forever creating cliffs where I don’t want them and and creating random tiny ponds when waterscaping. It would be very helpful if you could see exactly where you will be terraforming, like when placing bridges and inclines for example.

Being Able To Assemble Outfits And Add Them To Your Wand Without Taking The Clothing From Your Wardrobe

If I only have one pair of glasses in my wardrobe, they can only be assigned to one wand outfit and will be taken from my wardrobe. Meaning unless I buy a bunch more, my character is essentially blind when wearing other assigned outfits, like I’d be without my specs.

Knowing what ‘theme’ clothes belong to in order to help assemble an outfit for Label

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky knowing what Label is looking for. She will give you hints and an item of clothing to help, but take her ‘formal’ challenge for example. She suggest something you might wear to a friend’s graduation, but gave me a school blazer. I’ve dressed up as a queen and a schoolgirl and both seem to get her approval, interestingly.

Being Able To Order The Different Colour Variations Of An Item You Have Previously Bought

Take the frilly ankle socks for example, you only purchased the pink version, but got your hands on a yellow dreamy dress. You’d like some yellow frilly ankle socks to go with it. Only you have to wait until the Able Sisters next have the frilly ankle socks available. Unless you time-travel, but doggo does a disapproval.

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