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  • svgSep 20, 2023News

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    If you haven’t taken a moment to check out Dredge, let alone play it, you really should. I have a review here that you can read, but it’s a spooky, cozy fishing adventure that really nails  just about everything. You play as the captain of your very own fishing trawler as you explore a set of mysterious and remote islands, as well as the deep sea that surrounds them. Sell what you catch to the local markets, and spend your hard-earned money on boat upgrades that will allow you to carry more cargo, go faster, and fish deeper. While you’re at it, unravel the mystery surrounding the islands by talking to the inhabitants and completing missions. Just, be careful about being out at night. You might not enjoy what lurks in the darkness. 

    The Latest Update

    Dredge has already released one paid DLC, called Blackstone Key, which gives players access to the locked workshop on Blackstone island, as well as a new engine option and talisman. However, the devs have recently released a new free update! This is actually their third free update, and this update includes some fun stuff, plus bug fixes. 

    This new update for Dredge now lets players customize their boat! After you acquire the dredge crane as part of the main quest line, you can head on over to Little Marrow where a new character has set up shop. The Painter will be able to make adjustments to the appearance of your boat. He starts with some basic options, but you’ll be able to unlock more as you discover paint ingredients. Dig through the different shipwrecks, including the new ones added with this update, to find different flags. You can then take those flags to The Painter to have them recolored and displayed on your boat. The Painter will also allow you to change the bunting that’s displayed (the little garland of triangle flags), including the color of it, too. 

    Previous Updates

    The Painter being added is the biggest, and best part of this update. However, Dredge does now have crab aberrations, or crabberations as per the Steam update page. As well as a new filter to the Encyclopedia to display crabs, which brings me to the other two free updates. The first free update added map zoom and map pins, so you can set one of 50 markers in 6 different types on the map to have reminders for yourself. They can also be viewed through the Spyglass. The second free update added Photo Mode, so you can take pictures of the different creatures you come across. These include 10 new aberrations and 8 new types of wildlife, and now the crab aberrations! There’s also a Passive Mode, so you don’t have to worry about the things that lurk in the night for a more relaxing experience! 

    These are some great additions to an already great game. Plus, Dredge announced their next paid DLC, Ironhaven. This DLC will feature the mysterious Ironhaven Corporation who’s looking to establish a drilling operation in the area to revitalize the towns. Their ultimate goal, however, is unknown, and you may yet uncover it through meeting new characters and helping the company build its operation!

    Available Now

    You can find Dredge on Steam, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox!

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  • svgSep 13, 2023News

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    I’ve previously played the cute Everdream Valley, and written a review. At the time, the game was far from a finished product. It was pretty empty and had some other issues. Even as I wrote the review, the devs, Mooneaters, added some features that improved the quality of life of the game. And now, they’ve released a roadmap of new features they intend to work on implementing!

    October Update

    October brings a great update that includes fast travel! One of my chief complaints was how big the Everdream Valley map is, making adventuring a little tiresome because running everywhere was the only option. The developers have been listening, though, and fast travel is certainly an exciting new addition that will improve the game. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. You’ll get access to a new lawnmower tool that allows you to tidy up lawns and hedges. Which sounds like a great way to further decorate and personalize your farm. You’ll be getting new plants to decorate with too! Add some charm and vibrancy to your little farm with a riot of natural colors. 

    Then there’s my favorite part. A Halloween event! Get spooky with fun new items and decorations. Even get dressed up in costumes. I can’t wait for that. There’s nothing like making your home cozy with pumpkins and ghosts. Perhaps the best update, however, if the addition of multiplayer! That’s right, you and your friends will be able to team up to play Everdream Valley together. There’s no word now on how many people can play in multiplayer as the feature is currently in beta, but even just making it two players would be great.


    As for the rest of the intended updates, here’s the list straight from Everdream Valley’s Steam page:

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  • svgAug 24, 2023Indie Highlight

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    The spirit of the forest has transferred you to the parallel dimension of Firefly Cove. You’re warmly welcomed by the citizens of this magical town where whispers of a legend come true. Some legends say there is one powerful enough to restore the balance of nature spirits, become a dragon kin, and uncover the secrets of the dragon ruins. Will that be you? Can you learn magic, become a great magician, and make this mysterious place your home?

    Hotaru Village is where you find your new home in Firefly Cove. There, you can befriend the villagers and learn the stories. You can even go on adventures with them. Take part in seasonal village celebrations throughout the year like Dance of the fireflies, too. Develop different skills like farming, foraging, mining, magic and more. Even hone your magical abilities like water-bending, and show those skills off to the Dragon Temple. 

    Firefly Cove is even co-op! Team up in multiplayer mode to restore balance to nature spirits with your friends. Cross-play and split-screen are both available.

    Coming Soon

    Firefly Cove is coming soon. You can find it on Steam, where you can add it to your Wishlist!

    Want more unique farming games? Check out Wish Upon a Llama, Moondrop, and Farm Folks.

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  • svgJul 24, 2019News

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    Dinkum, an RPG and simulation game is currently being developed by James Bendon and published by The Irregular Corporation. The release is marked as “coming soon” on Steam where you can wishlist right here. Essentially, Dinkum is a life simulator with town building elements. In Dinkum you will arrive with a group of explorers to a previously unexplored island. You will be tasked with building a home for yourself as well as helping the other explorers build their homes and businesses as well. The developer also mentions that you can attract more people to come live in your town.

    Dinkum has a very unique premise as the environment is entirely Australian with Australian wildlife. This mean you’ll be dealing with a lot of crocodiles and kangaroos in the wild, and raising farm animals such as giant wombats and turkeys! There will also be several different biomes to explore such as a desert biome, a tropical biome with palm trees, banana trees and ferns, bush-land biome with swamps, etc. The term “dinkum” is even slang in Australia and New Zealand for meaning “genuine, honest, or true”.

    About Dinkum

    G’Day there! Get ready to start a new fair Dinkum life and build a home on an Island inspired by the wild Australian outback. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, survive scorching deserts, relax at cool billabongs and discover scrubland filled with adorable Aussie inspired wildlife. Collect valuable resources by hunting, mining, fishing and foraging to expand and customize your town and attract new townsfolk and businesses. Share your new home with friends and protect each other as you explore beautiful landscapes filled with dangerous predators.

    Key Features

    • Build your town, your way.
    • Craft items to help organize and decorate your town.
    • Play co-op with friends.
    • Go fishing, bug catching, and treasure hunting.
    • Start a farm with crops and animals.
    • Hunt animals for food and defend yourself from deadly predators.
    • Customize your house and character.

    If you want to know more about the game you can go to the official website here. For more unique farming simulation aspects, check out our article here: Boundless Gets a Large Update: The Harvest Era.

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  • svgJun 20, 2019News

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    Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is developed by Lemonbomb Entertainment and published by rokapublish. Make camp on an island and explore through many story-driven quests as we have just discovered we may not be alone here after-all.

    You start off setting sail on an adventure to find new land. However, a storm hits and it leaves you shipwrecked on the Cursed Islands. As the child of the injured Captain you take charge of the crew! Your goal is to explore the Cursed Islands, unravel the mystery that lurks in the depths of the archipelago, and find tools to build a new ship and leave the Islands with your crew. There are several islands to explore and it is important to keep your energy up by cooking good meals. Therefore, you must do some farming and fishing, and discover new plants and seeds.

    Delve into dark caves, cut through the thickets of tropical islands, or enter ancient temples. Below we get a new look at the story of Stranded Sails which seems to have our protagonist trying to grab treasure or an artifact but is interrupted by several ghost-pirates! There is indeed a curse on the island that we must uncover and fast!

    The game has officially been postponed to Q4 2019 due to the creators wanting to implement all of the great feedback they received from beta testers. It should be well worth the wait with all of the hard work they are doing! You can still wishlist the game on Steam right here. We’ll keep you updated on any new information about this game. For now, while we wait, let’s appreciate their most adorable mascot below.

    Want more pirate goodness and treasure abound? Check out Critter Cove here with quite the cute and charming crew.

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