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Launch Your Fishing Adventure in Dredge

Explore an Eerie Locale and Fish For Some Interesting Critters

Dredge is a fishing RPG set in a beautiful ocean where you can explore several different remote island chains. Each set of islands has its own biome, characteristics, and mysteries to uncover. However, Dredge isn’t simply a fishing game. It has a sinister undercurrent to it that really sets this apart from your typical fishing game, and the art style really enhances that sinister feel. 

You play as the captain of a fishing trawler starting out in the remote archipelago called The Marrows. Take to the water to catch the 125 different fish Dredge has available in the game, and sell them to the locals. Not all of them are normal, either. Use your hard-earned money to upgrade your little boat. Buy more powerful engines, trawling nets, better fishing poles that allow you to fish in more areas, and lights that make the night time fog a little less creepy.

Along with fishing, Dredge (as its name suggests) has dredging! You can pull up any number of lost trinkets from shipwrecks, then sell those to the local trader. Someone even tasks you with digging up the past, but can you really trust them? You’ll encounter a set of interesting characters during your adventures, too. Each has their own special story, and many have quests for you to complete before you get their story. They might even be able to tell you a bit about the mysteries you face. 

Available Now!

Ready to experience the spooky and eerie atmosphere of Dredge? Well, it’s now available! You can find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, and Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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    Launch Your Fishing Adventure in Dredge