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Pekoe – A Cozy Tea-Making Simulator

Run Your Very Own Teahouse

Welcome to charming Pekoe, where you are the newest resident in town. You’re also the new owner of the local teahouse. Being the owner of a teahouse come with its own challenges, but don’t worry too much. As you play, you’ll learn all about teas and how to successfully run the teahouse.

Not only do you brew the teas to serve, but you’ll learn how to harvest tea leaves too. Learning what leaves on which plants to pick, and when it’s the best time to harvest them will help you create the best teas for your customers. There are also numerous ceremonies and rituals to perform, never mind the many different types of tea you can brew and recipes you can combine! Plus, it’s full of adorable cats.

There are over 10 unique cat characters in Pekoe for you to meet too. Serve them up the teas you brew, even the experimental ones! Just remember each character does have their own likes and dislikes. Visit seven different teahouses to learn from each one, and different beautiful tea cups to serve your drinks in. And don’t forget about your teahouse. You can upgrade it and customize it to suit your tastes! Unlock new items as you help the townsfolk while you play, and make your teahouse comfy-cozy. 

Coming 2023

Sadly, the adorably relaxing Pekoe won’t be released until sometime in 2023. There’s no specific date listed. When it does come available, you’ll find it on Steam, where you can currently wishlist it. 


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    Pekoe – A Cozy Tea-Making Simulator