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Cat Cafe Manager Run Your Own Cafe In A Sleepy Village

Adopt Stray Cats, Furnish, Manage, Decorate Your Restaurant

You might have noticed that I’m completely in love with cats and keep an eye on any cat-related games such as Cats & Soup – Cook Up A Storm With The Help Of Cats, Cattails Become A Cat And Join A Cat Colony, and Calico – Magical Girls Running Cat Cafes Update. Therefore, with utter excitement, I share with you a cat cafe managing, restaurant decorating, simulation game.

In Cat Cafe Manager, you’ll adopt stray cats to bring them into your restaurant. It’s a restaurant that you get to renovate, furnish, expand, and decorate! Train your staff and decide what goes on the menu to keep those customers coming in! Furthermore, you can forge relationships with the locals, help them with their personal problems, and even get them to divulge secrets of the town!

Available Now on Switch and Steam

Cat Cafe Manager is developed by Roost Games and published by Freedom Games, whom have published the likes of To The Rescue!, a dog shelter managing game. You can get Cat Cafe Manager on Steam here or for the Switch here.



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