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  • svgNov 9, 2023Reviews

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    Witchy Life Story is a vibrant visual novel where you play as a sassy witch sent to save a town’s harvest festival. You have exactly two weeks to work your magic (literally) and help the residents of Flora with their problems so they can make the festival a success. Reside in a small house outfitted with witchy items, and tend to the small garden attached to the house. Collect plants and flowers from that garden to use in your spells and rituals. Your choices matter, too. Take time to get to know the villagers and carefully help them, or perhaps cause some chaos instead! And who knows, you might find a little love in your short stay. 

    The Story and Characters

    I am absolutely enamored by Witchy Life Story. It’s a short little game, but it is abundantly clear the developers put a lot of love into it. The story is sweet and simple, but so engaging. The characters are  wonderfully crafted, too. Your own character is sassy and witty, with an outgoing personality. You’ve been sent to Flora because their “I’m a genius” attitude has gotten them in plenty of trouble. You need to prove to your teacher, aka grandmother, that you are worthy of finishing witch training. 

    Your dialogue throughout the game proves just how salty you are about this predicament. Additionally, the different characters with their own, varied personalities and it makes for a really fun visual novel experience. Some are lovable, some are reserved, and others have anxieties and troubles that make them super relatable. Witchy Life Story blends the fantasy witch life with real-life problems like a lack of confidence in your leadership abilities, or worrying over all the work that you need to get done by a deadline. It brings a sense of familiarity while still making things magical and fantasy. 

    I enjoy the choices that can be made throughout the game, too. During your conversations with the villagers, you can pick responses. These responses and choices shape the path you take in Witchy Life Story. Run through the story playing the contrite little student witch and put all your effort into appeasing the villagers. Conversely, cause a little chaos like the mad genius you really are! Better yet, do both. Run through the story a few times to discover some fun differences as you sow chaos in the village, and even romance different characters. 

    Final Thoughts

    Aside from the wonderful story and great characters, Witchy Life Story really nails the art, too. It’s beautifully enchanting. The village is equally charming and inviting. The character designs are cute and everyone has their own personal style. There isn’t much to do outside of tending the garden, crafting spells, and talking to the villagers. It’s a visual novel, after all. The story is the focus, and it really shines in this game. Overall, it’s a gorgeous, heartwarming experience that I’d recommend everyone play! I can’t recommend it enough. 

    Overall, I give it a:

    You can find Witchy Life Story on Steam!

    Coffee Talk 2 is another great visual novel you should take a look at!
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  • svgAug 17, 2023News

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    Welcome to the fabled Grimoire Groves! The witches just couldn’t wait to move to the beautiful magical forest. According to old myths, the forest is full of magical creatures and plants. But when the witches arrived, they realized something was off about their new home. The forest spirits are absent and there are only a few plant creatures around. They should be abundant! Not all hope is lost, though. With some dedication, a little investigation, and useful magic, the witches ought to be able to restore the groves!

    Play as one of those witches and embark on a journey in a fantasy world to restore the forest of Grimoire Groves. Spend time unlocking magical spells to complete your very own grimoire. Mix and match the spells to find the perfect combination of magic for you. Even work on mastering the balance between all four elements. 

    Then, use your magic to grow a variety of plant creatures. They look cute, but they’re certainly demanding! You’ll need to master control of your magic, learn critical timing, and even use careful positioning. It’s your job to learn and understand the needs of the creatures of Grimoire Groves in order to harvest the fruit they produce. That fruit will be used in crafting new spells and items. 

    It’s also up to you to find the hidden mystical spirits of Grimoire Groves. They need a new home, and your cottage is awfully cozy! Decorate your home to help boost their powers, and yours, so they can bring balance back to the forest. Perhaps even unravel the mystery of the fabled rainbow sock!

    Coming Soon

    Grimoire Groves is coming soon to Steam and Switch!

    Craving more witchy games? Wylde Flowers, Witchy Life Story, and Witchbrook are all great options!

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  • svgAug 3, 2023News

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    With Palia’s open Beta release on the horizon, and its lofty promises of a free-to-play cozy experience, I’ve gotten more and more excited at the idea of having cozy MMOs. We have a hoard of relaxing, cozy games to play these days, but sometimes you just want to have a whole community you can play together with. And now, Palia isn’t the only cozy MMO coming to the market! Loftia is another adorable MMO for the cozy gamer crowd.

    A Cute Solarpunk MMO Packed With So Much To Do

    Loftia is still in its early stages, but it shows great promise. Drawing inspiration from fan favorites like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, the game seeks to carve its own path into the genre with some familiar elements. 

    Set in a new, solarpunk world you’ll be able to play solo or even build your very own community of people. Loftia encourages socializing by utilizing group quests and server events. You’ll be able to celebrate events like Halloween together by playing special mini-games that will give you the chance to win prizes like wallpapers, skins, outfits, and more! Group quests will take you on adventures across breathtaking biomes with friends so you can uncover the secrets of Loftia

    Loftia allows for total customization, too. Design your character and dress them up in a number of different styles. Then, you can decorate your home to fit your aesthetic. Want to live out your cottagecore dreams? Or perhaps you want to set up the gothic home you’ve always hoped for. Maybe you even want to create a gamer’s paradise. Whatever you choose, you’re free to make your home however you wish! 

    While you build up the perfect set of decorations for your home, you can go out and explore the world or even settle in for some farming! Loftia has over 50 different crops you can plant and harvest. The game even focuses on sustainable efforts, so you’ll get to use a community garden or hydroponics to grow your crops. Plus, you can level up your farming by becoming a beekeeper or wine maker. And when you get tired of farming, gather resources to upcycle items! Turn an old tire into a pretty little garden planter for your home. 

    Plus, so much more. Loftia is absolutely packed full of things to do. Just chill with friends. Hang out with the local NPCs. Explore the world solo or with friends. Join an existing club or create your own. Even adopt a pet! You get to choose how your adventure goes.

    Release Date

    There’s currently no release date. Loftia is on Kickstarter now, where you can check out the stretch goals, but it has been funded! Expect to see this lovely game on PC and Switch when it does come out!

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  • svgMar 2, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Explore the World, Gather Ingredients, and Make Potions

    I stumbled across Alchemist: The Potion Monger from developer Art Games Studio S.A. back in February during Steam’s Next Fest. I honestly downloaded the demo based on the title and picture alone, and was not disappointed.

    This beautiful first-person RPG allows you to create your character, but you’re no ordinary human. In fact, you play as an anthropomorphized animal! Choose from several different animals like cats, snakes, or goats. Pick a name that suits your new character, and don’t forget to choose a name for your trusty dog

    Alchemist: The Potion Monger starts with you moving to a new town, and has you actually unpack your cart to begin setting up your house. Then it moves into teaching you the basics of potion-making.

    You’ll have to explore the world to gather ingredients, then use your cauldron to make potions. You can sell those potions, use them to complete quests, or use them for yourself. Need to jump super high for some reason? There’s a potion for that!

    Each ingredient you find in the wonderfully crafted world of Alchemist: The Potion Monger will have alchemical aspects. You’ll learn them as you play, and can access your found knowledge in your alchemy book. Plus, your cute little dog isn’t just there for looks. They’ll help you discover those alchemical aspects of ingredients.

    Not to mention, you get to pet the dog. You’ll level up your alchemy through discovery. You’ll also learn new skills through challenges, get a chance to help NPCs, fight some slime monsters, and much more.

    Coming Soon!

    Unfortunately, Alchemist: The Potion Monger doesn’t have a specific date listed for release. The developer’s website lists the release as 2023, though! You can find the game on Steam, where you can add it to your Wishlist. 

    Want more potion fun? Give Alchemy Garden, Alchemy Story, Alchemic Cutie, Potionomics, or Potion Permit a try!

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  • svgJan 21, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Farm, Clean the Environment, and Embark on Adventure

    In the relaxing farm sim game No Place Like Home, play as Ellen Newland, a young woman who’s come to visit her grandpa on his farm one last time before moving to Mars with the rest of Earth’s population. However, she discovers Grandpa is missing and the farm and town are trashed. 

    Embark on a journey to clean up the environment by destroying piles of trash and vacuuming up the remnants. Hidden within the piles of garbage are trapped farm animals looking for a friend to rescue them, and seeds to grow crops on your farm. You’ll also discover the few townsfolk left on Earth as you uncover the town in your adventures. Befriend them and they may prove to be helpful in your search for Grandpa and in your quest to restore the farm to a thriving homestead.

    The fun doesn’t end there, though. You can use the garbage you collect to craft items. Create things to help you make the farm a better and more functional place. You can also decorate the inside of your home. Take it from the dusty, unkempt place to sleep, and turn it into a place all your own!

    Available Now

    No Place Like Home is developed by Chicken Launcher, and published by Realms Distribution. You can find it on Steam, along with information about the new patch update that was released August 9th.

    I also recommend checking out My Time at Portia, and the upcoming sequel, My Time at Sandrock for some similar feeling games.

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  • svgJan 12, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Garden, Cast Spells, and Help the Village

    In this cute and cozy little visual novel game, Witchy Life Story, play as a customizable, fully emotive witch of your own design. You are the youngest member of the esteemed and magical von Teasel family. You aren’t exactly the star of the family, though. Grandma has set you a test, and should you fail, you’ll receive no more magical training. The task? Save the harvest festival in the small village of Flora. And you only have two weeks!

    You and your crow familiar, Ramsey, will spend your time gardening, using your plants in spells and rituals, getting to know the villagers, and helping them make their upcoming harvest festival a success. Fulfill orders for the villagers, including relax incense or chitchat potions. You’ll craft spells, perform tarot readings, and lead guided meditations. Witchy Life story even has three romanceable villagers! Two weeks is enough time to make the festival a success and for you to make some big life choices, right? 

    Play Witchy Life Story today

    Witchy Life Story is now available on Steam. There is even a free demo if you’d like to give it a test spin!

    for other witchy, fun games check out A Garden Witch’s Life, Little Witch in the Woods, and Mika and the Witch’s Mountain.

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  • svgDec 14, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Run Your Very Own Teahouse

    Welcome to charming Pekoe, where you are the newest resident in town. You’re also the new owner of the local teahouse. Being the owner of a teahouse come with its own challenges, but don’t worry too much. As you play, you’ll learn all about teas and how to successfully run the teahouse.

    Not only do you brew the teas to serve, but you’ll learn how to harvest tea leaves too. Learning what leaves on which plants to pick, and when it’s the best time to harvest them will help you create the best teas for your customers. There are also numerous ceremonies and rituals to perform, never mind the many different types of tea you can brew and recipes you can combine! Plus, it’s full of adorable cats.

    There are over 10 unique cat characters in Pekoe for you to meet too. Serve them up the teas you brew, even the experimental ones! Just remember each character does have their own likes and dislikes. Visit seven different teahouses to learn from each one, and different beautiful tea cups to serve your drinks in. And don’t forget about your teahouse. You can upgrade it and customize it to suit your tastes! Unlock new items as you help the townsfolk while you play, and make your teahouse comfy-cozy. 

    Coming 2023

    Sadly, the adorably relaxing Pekoe won’t be released until sometime in 2023. There’s no specific date listed. When it does come available, you’ll find it on Steam, where you can currently wishlist it. 

    For more cat game fun, there’s Mineko’s Night Market, Cat Cafe Manager, and Cats and Soup.

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  • svgDec 8, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Endless Seasons and Romance

    In case you’ve missed seeing anything about Wylde Flowers, here’s my review on it, but Wylde Flowers is a relaxing, and enchanting simulation game where you play as city girl Tara. Having spent her childhood in Fairhaven, Tara isn’t unfamiliar with the small island town, but is brand new to the concept of farming and caring for animals. She’s willing to learn, though, in order to restore Grandma Hazel’s farm to what it once was. That’s why she’s back in Fairhaven, after all.

    That’s not all though. Tara’s also a new witch! As it turns out, it runs in the family, and Grandma Hazel is a witch too. Now, Tara must learn how to live life in a small town, restore the family farm, and learn how to brew potions and cast spells. And do all of this while building friendships with the people of Fairhaven, solving the mysteries of the island, and potentially dating a new love interest. 

    One of the downsides in Wylde Flowers, which I mentioned in my review, is that once you’ve reached Spring 2, that’s it. You’re no longer able to change the seasons. So, if you haven’t gathered enough of the seasonal items throughout your play through, then you’re out of luck. There’s also a distinct lack of romantic interactions with your partner, especially after marriage. 

    However, the developers over at Studio Dry Dock listened to fans and will be releasing the Endless Seasons and Romance update, free, across all platforms. With this update, players will be able to change the seasons at will, as many times as they wish after completing the story! So no more worrying about content you missed. Plus, you’ll be able to take your partner on dates around town, and deepen your connection with repeatable affection animations.

    Update Coming Early 2023

    The free Wylde Flowers update is planned for early 2023, with no specific date given. You can find the game on Apple Arcade, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

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