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Witchery Academy Launches Steam Page

Cubenary, the developers of Witchery Academy, recently announced that the official Steam page for their game is now live!

For those that follow closely to myPotatoGames, I’m sure you’ve seen by now my coverage of Witchery Academy. In case you missed it, Witchery Academy is a very cute upcoming magical indie game that has been growing all the time. They even recently announced that there will be spirit companions in the game that you can care for and will help you on your journey.

Growing some veggies n’ stuff for potions!

Now, the developers have announced that their Steam page is live. There, you will find plenty of information about the game, as well as videos and screenshots. But most importantly, you can add the game yo your wishlist, this way you don’t miss the exact moment when the game becomes available for purchase.

Click here to check out the Steam page for Witchery Academy.

Witchery Academy Teaser Trailer

More info

For more information about Witchery Academy, you can use the Steam Link above, or check out my coverage here.

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