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The Beasts of Maravilla – A Beautiful Photography Adventure

Take on the Role of a Young Wildlife Photographer

In The Beasts of Maravilla, you play as a young, aspiring wildlife photographer Marina Montez, who is on a mission to explore the island of Maravilla and discover the extraordinary creatures living there. Her goal is to restore the waning magic of the island. To do that, she needs to prove magical creatures are real and restore humanity’s belief in the magical! Therefore, armed with her grandfather’s camera, and his journal of Maravilla, Marina must run, climb, explore, and solve puzzles to find the wondrous beasts of the island and photograph them.

Discover the 50 different creatures of the Beasts of Maravilla, located in three distinctive ecological zones. Traverse the Singing Jungle, the Glimmering River, and the Painted Plateau in search of the perfect shots. You’ll have to coax out the unusual behaviors of creatures to fill your photo book, but that shouldn’t be an issue! Simply play hide and seek with the otter-crocodile, or be the wing man for a love struck bird-monkey, and so many more. Use your photography skills to get the best shots possible, and don’t be afraid to be creative. Adjust the angle, height, and zoom of your camera to get the perfect shot.

Available Now!

You can find Beast of Maravilla on almost all of the major platforms. Find it on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Epic Games. It’s also coming soon to PS4!

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    The Beasts of Maravilla – A Beautiful Photography Adventure