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Relax in the Wilds of Wilderless

Walking, Hiking, and Photography

There are no enemies. There are no quests. Wilderless is just about relaxing exploration in a beautiful, procedurally generated open-world environment. Sit in fields of flowers and enjoy the rolling hills. Hike to the mountains to revel in fantastic sunsets and glorious views. Journey to the tundra to find beautiful frozen lakes. Or go somewhere completely different. It’s all up to you, and you’ll have control over different aspects in generating your world, including choosing the world seed. 

Wilderless also offers a customizable character. Choose your hairstyle, clothing, hats, and more. Then, go out and explore the forests or go swimming. You could even shapeshift into a hawk, horse, bear, fox, and more to explore the wilds around you. Place shelters around the world, like the natural rock tent or the small house to set up a home for yourself. Or, ride a pirate ship and shoot off fireworks to light up the night sky. And while you’re exploring, spend time taking photos of your adventures. Wilderless features a dedicated Photomode with different effects, filters, and customizable options. 

Coming Soon!

You can Wishlist Wilderless on Steam, ahead of its January 10th, 2023 release! You can also check out the other games from solo developer Protopop on their website.

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