Ooblets at E3 2018

Ooblets have announced that they will be taking part in E3 this year. PC Gamer will therefore be revealing some exclusive secrets about Ooblets on their PC Gaming Show on Twitch. The stream will take place tomorrow (Monday 11th June) at 3pm PT, at Twitch.tv/pcgamer.

Brand new pins at The Yetee

To celebrate their participation in E3, the developers have added 3 more Ooblets pins to their merchandise collection. The pins can be purchased alongside pre-existing Ooblets merchandise at The Yetee.

Ooblets Discord emojis

Those who follow Ooblets on Twitter and Discord may already be aware of this, but some awesome Ooblets emojis are now available to use on Discord. You can follow Ooblets on Discord (if you haven’t already) here.

May Devlog

In their May Devlog (which can be read here), the developers talk about their engagement with E3, and how more information about the game’s progress will be revealed there. In the meantime however, they talk about updates such as:

  • New animations
  • Added dialogue
  • The ability for characters to visually hold items
  • More male hairstyles
  • Region design testing

They have stated that next on their to-do list is:

  1. To finish Badgetown
  2. To complete the friendship system
  3. To try and get the game ready for early testing