Mario Kart Tour is Nintendos next mobile game following the footsteps of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem, Mario Run and others. The big N has been extremely quiet about the game with no screenshots or videos released yet, however this is about to change with the start of the Beta this week.

Mario Kart Tour is the first time any Mario Kart game will be available on a non dedicated Nintendo system. The upcoming mobile game will feature the charm and fun fans are used to from any Mario Kart game in history, However it is to expect that the title will also come with micro transaction. Nintendo has been receiving praise from fans for making their games fully enjoyable without needing to spend extra money on the game.

Mario Kart Tour Beta signups were open via the official website and people who have registered to participate have been receiving e-mail notification to let them know they have won their entry to the beta. Nintendo also confirmed that the first Mario Kart Tour Beta will begin Wednesday, May 22nd, it is currently only available to android users.

Mario Kart Tour is set to release on Android and iOS this summer. The big N is also working on a new Pokemon Mobile game.

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