The new Pokemon mobile game, Pokemon Rumble Rush, has been released in Australia!

Time to lace up those digital shoes and start a new Pokemon journey, if you live in Australia. Visit distant islands, catch rare Pokemon and battle to be the best in whole new mobile adventure. Pokemon enthusiasts are always overly eager anytime a new installment hits the series (speaking from experience), and here’s hoping that this debut, Pokemon Rumble Rush, lives up to the rest. When it arrives, this game is free to download, and we will certainly be doing so asap!

Pokemon Rumble Rush

A little history of Pokemon Rumble.

Although Pokemon Rumble Rush is currently only available in Australia, the rest of us will get to ahold of it soon enough. From what it sounds like, Rumble Rush is basically another sequel (or spinoff, cuz mobile) to the Pokemon Rumble series. The original, Pokemon Rumble, is a title that was released in 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. They made three sequels for the next generations of Nintendo consoles, and each title followed the classic “beat ’em up” themed play style.

Pokemon Rumble Rush

About Pokemon Rumble Rush

This new mobile title will continue to follow the same path as the previous games, but now we get to enjoy it on our cell phones. In Rumble Rush, you must battle Pokemon in order to have them follow you. The more Pokemon you collect of the same species, the stronger your Pokemon will become! There are special items to find, and also to purchase with in-game and real-world currency. One of these special items is Gears, which are used to power up your Pokemon, as well as summon more Pokemon into battle for you.

Pokemon Rumble World

For more information about Rumble Rush, don’t forget to check out the official Pokemon Website! To find out more about another upcoming Pokemon title, check out our coverage of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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  • James
    Posted May 15, 2019 at 10:32 am 0Likes

    Got the Wii U title. Still play it occasionally with my kids but never really got into. It did always feel like it could be ported easily to a mobile game format so this new game makes sense.

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