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  • svgMar 17, 2023Feature

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    With Nintendo announcing a portable only Nintendo Switch that is now commonly seen as the successor to the much beloved but aged 3DS, we thought it would be a great idea to take a look at the Nintendo 3DS. This handheld console was first released in February of 2011. The console has since sold nearly 75 million units and features a library of more than 1297 games. We took 15 of the most popular and overall best received games and listed them right here for you! Join us on a journey through The 15 Best 3DS Games.

    Nintendo recently announced that you will no longer be able to to purchase games from the Nintendo 3DS eShop beginning end of March, 2023.

    As a tribute, I have collaborated a list of what I think were some of the 15 best games for Nintendo 3DS. 

    If you love your Nintendo Switch, or planning on getting one check out our Top 5 Game Ports and Wii U ports we would love to see on Nintendo Switch.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Of course this game was going to make the list. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is by far one of the most entertaining, family friendly, pick-up-able games of all time. Rated 88/100 by Metacritic, the game is even better than previous entries due to it’s improved characters, dialogue and game features. Oh, and also due to the fact that you can fire Resetti. That too.

    Ever Oasis

    As you attempt to discover what happened to your missing brother, you venture into the desert, make allies, and work together to create a perfect oasis. Rated 8.9/10 by IGN and described by them as “fun instead of tedious”, this action-adventure RPG was well-received despite it’s tardiness in joining the 3DS in 2017.

    Fire Emblem Awakening

    Fire Emblem awakening received widespread critical acclaim, and still holds a score of 92/100 on Metacritic. Shortly after it’s release, this tactical RPG earned a place on both GameSpot and IGN’s list of best 3DS games.

    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    The English localisation of Kid Icarus: Uprising was highly anticipated after it’s announcement. Scoring 83/100 on Metacritic, Nintendo Power described the mythology themed third-person shooter game as “well worth the wait.”

    Shovel Knight

    Released in June 2014, Shovel Knight is an 8-bit 2D side-scrolling platform game. Winning numerous awards, the game is held in very high regard and is described as “a brilliant homage to a bygone era.” The game currently holds a rating of 90/100 on Metacritic and 9/10 on IGN.

    Mario Kart 7

    Released in December 2011, Mario Kart 7 holds a rating of 85/100 and 9/10 by Metacritic and IGN respectively. The game honours traditional Mario Kart games, whilst also introducing new features such as characters, tracks and power-ups. I’m sorry to say that Rainbow Road is unfortunately still a thing. D̶i̶e̶ ̶a̶l̶r̶e̶a̶d̶y̶.


    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

    Being the remake of a highly regarded game, upon its release in 2011 the game unsurprisingly received critical acclaim. The game was given a score of 94/100 on Metacritic, a 10/10 by Eurogamer and 98% by the Official Nintendo Magazine, who called it “a life-changing game”.

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

    Majora’s Mask was also a remake of an original Zelda game. Like Ocarina of time 3D, the game features graphical improvements and new features to make gameplay smoother and richer. Released in 2015, the game was rated 89/100 by Metacritic and 9/10 by GameSpot. Not too shabby.

    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Released in 2013, A Link Between Worlds is in some people’s opinion, the best Zelda game for 3DS. Scoring 91/100 on Metacritic and a 10/10 by Nintendo Life, a Polygon reviewer went as far as claiming it to be the “best Zelda game in past twenty years”.

    Monser Hunter Generations

    Monster Hunter Generations is an action RPG released worldwide in 2016. Receiving a rating of 85/100 by Metacritic and 8/10 by IGN, many liked the continuity from previous entries, as well as new features, such as the ability to play as a felyne. A rise in the purchase of 3DS consoles occurred as a result.

    Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

    This puzzle game is the last game in the Professor Layton prequel trilogy. It is also the last to feature Professor Layton as the Protagonist (sad reactz only). With over 500 new puzzles and a variety of environments to explore, the game was well received. It is currently rated 81/100 by Metacritic and 9/10 by Eurogamer.

    Super Mario 3D Land

    Super Mario 3D Land is a Mario platform game released in 2011. The game was well received, with gaming critics praising the game’s creativity and technical design. Game Informer liked the game so much they cited it as “easily the best reason to own a 3DS.” The game is currently rated 90/100 on Metacritic and 9.5/10 by IGN.

    Bravely Default

    Bravely Default is an RPG published in 2012. Set in the fantasy world of Luxendarc, the game utilises a turn-based battle system and job system. Rated 85/100 by Metacritic and 8.5/10 by Gamespot, the game often features on lists of top 3DS games.

    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

    Super Smash Bros. 3DS is the latest entry to the popular crossover fighting series. Released in 2014, the game received critical praise and holds ratings of 85/100 on Metacritic and 8.8/10 by IGN. With Nintendo characters such as Kirby, Link and Mario, and new third party characters such as Pac-man and Bayonetta, the game caters for a wide audience.

    ·····•····· ᗤ ᗣᗣᗣᗣ

    Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Released in 2016, many strongly believe Pokémon Sun and Moon are the best 3DS Pokémon games. Rated 87/100 by Metacritic and 9/10 by IGN, critics praised the change from the formula used by previous Pokémon games. IGN praised the game for creating “an engaging adventure that improves on its predecessors.”

    If you love your Nintendo Switch, or planning on getting one check out our Top 5 Game Ports and Wii U ports we would love to see on Nintendo Switch. As well as Hokko Life a game truly worth comparing to Animal Crossing.

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  • svgOct 3, 2020Quick Bits

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    It is looking like Mario Kart Home Circuit will be everything we hoped it could be.

    For those of you that grew up with Mario Kart in your household, I am sure that you were just as excited as I was when Nintendo announced that they would be releasing a real life version of Mario Kart, using RC cars. An idea so amazing that it is a wonder that it took them this long to implement.

    But just how well can this idea work in practice. From what I imagine, it seems like it would be quite difficult to work out all the bugs of mixing the real world and video games. Outside of augmented reality, physical video games are still a touchy subject, as it requires gamers to have other equipment for a hobby that usually enjoys the freedom of only needing console and controller.

    mario kart live home circuit

    A hybrid we can look forward to.

    That being said, with the recently released overview trailer for Mario Kart Home, I can say that this might be one hybrid that we can really look forward to. It appears that the developers have pulled out all the stops, and covered their bases when it comes to making sure that the game isn’t ruined by oversight.

    The game appears to run quite smoothly, and has a pretty simple system for setting up tracks, and then racing them. Upon launch, we will only have access to two racers, Mario and Luigi. Assuming that the game does not flop, Nintendo will surely be releasing more racers in the future.

    Mario Kart Home Circuit Overview Trailer

    More info

    It looks like the only way we will be able to really see how the game works, is to purchase it when it releases on October 19th, 2020. You can choose between the Mario or the Luigi version for $99.99 each you get a kart, track tiles and, of course, the game itself.

    You can also find more information, as well as the launch trailer, by checking out my previous coverage here.

    For more awesome news from the Mario universe, check out my coverage of Super Mario Bros. 35.

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  • svgJul 20, 2020Quick Bits

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    In a long awaited update, Mario Kart Tour will be playable in landscape mode.

    Mario Kart Tour is Nintendos mobile kart game that was released for both iOS and Android devices. It has (nearly) everything you would want from a mobile version of what is basically the greatest kart racing franchise of all time, Mario Kart. Even online multiplayer was added to the game an update just this past March.

    Mario Kart Tour

    Until now, players have only been able to play the game in portrait mode, which seems like an odd choice considering that it is a racing game after all. Being able to see turns coming up, and what’s around them, really comes into play quite often. Well, all that will be much easier with the update that releases tomorrow, July 21st.

    Switching to landscape mode will also give you a new controller layout, which I can only image will be more spacious and make the game much more comfortable to play. Playing in landscape mode also gives the game more of a handheld console feel, rather than just another mobile game (which it is). However, you will still be able to play in portrait mode, if it makes you more comfortable.

    Mario Kart Tour Trailer

    For more information on Mario Kart Tour, you can check out the games official page on the Nintendo website. There you will also find links to download on your mobile device of choice.

    For more news about Mario Kart Tour, check out my coverage of the multiplayer update.

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  • svgDec 19, 2019Quick Bits

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    A beta test begins today for the real-time multiplayer version of Mario Kart Tour.

    For this that missed it, Mario Kart Tour is the most recent game in the Mario Kart series, and also happens to the first mobile game in the franchise. Until now, the biggest drawback to the game is that there is no real-time multiplayer. Instead, the game has you compete by beating the times of your friends while racing against A.I.

    Now, this beta tells us that the new mode is there, but still needs a bit of fine tuning. The beta test will be available to all who subscribe to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass, which is the subscription service that costs about $4.99 and allows access to extra in-game content. Recently, Mario Kart Tour began their Holiday event, and you can view the trailer for that below!

    Mario Kart Tour Holiday Event Trailer

    For more information about the game, you can check out the official Mario Kart Tour website!

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  • svgNov 1, 2019Mobile Game

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    Mario Kart Tour has seen huge success on mobile with more than 14 million downloads so far but players were sad to find a lack of real multiplayer competition in the first mobile installment of the kart racer. Today Nintendo announced that the promised multiplayer mode will finally start its engines this December.

    If you’d like to race and compete with your friends, or against other players from all around the world, you are in luck! The big N will be adding a live multiplayer feature this December, at least in Beta form.

    How to participate in the Beta Test

    To be able to participate in this beta test you will need to be a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Subscriper. This is Mario Kart Tours $4.99/month subscription model that unlocks new characters and other goodies every month.

    If you are looking for more kart racing fun, check out Meow Motors! The cat-tastic kart racing game – Mario Kart… but cats!

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  • svgSep 24, 2019Quick Bits

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    Kart Racing games have been immensely popular with Mario Kart being a huge success on the Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart Tour making its mobile debut soon. Garfield Kart Furious Racing aims to capture the hearts of Mario Kart fans and with the recent set of screenshots, I am really excited to purrrrrr my engines on November 5th, when the game will finally be available.

    The original Garfield Kart was released in November of 2013. This new racing title will boast some definite improvements from the 3DS version. You will now be able to play as 8 different characters from the Garfield universe – Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal, Arlene, Liz, Harry and Squeak will all be here. This title will also come with 16 different tracks for Garfield and his buddies to go head-to-head. Like Mario Kart, Furious Racing will feature the modes Grand Prix, Single Race and Time Trial.

    Garfield Kart Furious Racing will be coming out on November 5 2019 in the United States and November 7 2019 in Europe on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam!

    For more racing fun, check out Mario Kart Tour the latest game in the franchise coming to mobile devices for the first time on September 25th!

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  • svgAug 26, 2019Mobile Game

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    Mario Kart Tour is the first Mario Kart title to ever be released on a non dedicated Nintendo device, Following popular Nintendo franchises such as Mario, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, Mario Kart Tour will finally be releasing on iOS and Android devices on September 25th.

    The Mario Kart Tour Beta kicked off earlier this summer and was received with mixed feelings due to the simplicity of the games controls. The mechanics are very simple and adjusted to be played on the go. Players can swipe right and left to turn corners instead of maneuvering with drifts and skills like in mainline Mario Kart games. 

    Furthermore, players report that the game heavily relies on in-game purchases suggestion a “free to play” model, although the closed beta didn’t let players purchase anything, it will be interesting to see what the final version of the game will offer in terms of micro-transactions. Players have also reported that there would be characters to purchase that can offer special boosts, making fans of the game fear the possibility of pay to win purchases.

    However, Mario Kart Tour includes plenty of unique tracks with fun turns and twist that we all came to love and expect from the franchise. Familiar characters, boosts and items are also all part of the mobile version.

    Check out the release trailer for Mario Kart Tour. The game will be available on iOS and Android on September 25th and will be free to play. You can already pre-register for the gamer via Nintendos official Mario Kart Tour website.

    For more Nintendo Mobile related news, check out these official and most adorable Animal Crossing Pocket Camp wallpapers!

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  • svgAug 2, 2019News

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    Mario Kart has been an extremely popular franchise for a very long time now. With much competition from games like Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled and Garfield Kart: Furious Racing, Meow Motors scratches a different itch with a strong focus on our beloved furry cat friends.

    Meow Motors is everything you would come to expect from a Kart Racing game. You drift and turn in hopes to claim the victory and much like Mario Kart you can also equip weapons to make your opponents life just a little harder.

    In Meow Motors every cat has its own kart that you can use to speed through the many tracks. There are also a total of three different game modes which you can compete in. Drift, in which you have to drift as best as you can through tight corners, Strike where you will need to destroy as many frags as possible and Circle Race which is the traditional racing mode.

    The game also features 4 player split-screen multiplayer where you can compete against your enemies across various tracks and game modes.

    Meow Motors is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam! Check out the most adorable announcement trailer below!

    For more Kart Racing related news, check out Mario Tour, Nintendos first Mario Kart mobile game! If you are looking for the ultimate cat experience, check out Calico!

    Meow Motors Features

    • Dynamic gameplay that has three different modes: circle races, drifts and ‘strike’ mode
    • 20 different tracks where kitties will compete
    • 10 kitties with unique abilities that will help you gain an advantage
    • 10 power-ups with unique effects to defeat your competitors
    • Charge your power-ups and get a more powerful effect!
    • Overtake opponents, drift and get bonuses for it. 

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