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Hive Quest Creator Working on New Adventure Game Beyond the Grove

Build a Tiny Home, Grow Crops, and Help the Locals

I’ve been a fan of Rod Tyson and his PC game Hive Quest for some time now. Although it’s gone through many changes, at its core this adventure exploration game is set in a mythical woodland full of magic and fantasy creatures. In the same vein, the developer is now working on another project, Beyond the Grove (formerly known as Oortle’s Haven).

Play as May as she journeys through the land of Fey with her trusty snail steed. Discover tiny villages with tiny inhabitants that have many mysteries for you to uncover! Learn about May’s past and the secrets behind this hidden forest kingdom.

In Development for Consoles and PC

Beyond the Grove is still in early development for Xbox, PS, and PC, with the possibility of a Switch version. You can help contribute on Rod’s Patreon Page here and his new studio Cotton Drift Studio.



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