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Hive Quest’s on Kickstarter for Another 2 Weeks – Don’t Miss Out on this Fantastical Game

Hive Quest is a whimsical journey through lush, enchanted woodland filled with ancient magic, intriguing puzzles, and more! We thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo, which you can read about here, by sole developer Rod Tyson from Golden Heart Games. You can even try it out for yourself on Indie DB or Gamejolt, and Wishlist the game on Steam here. Below are the details of the current Kickstarter Campaign if you’d like to support Hive Quest, as well as a few more details about the game.

Kickstarter Campaign

You can help support this indie game through Kickstarter here from now until August 16th, 2019 with some awesome stretch goals to reach for and tons of goodies as rewards. Moreover, extra funding will also help the creator personally so he can continue developing this game as well as giving him the ability to obtain new 3D models for new levels and content, create more artwork, and add more voice acting and music! The Alpha is slated for December 2019, the Beta is April 2019, and Steam Early Access around the Summer of 2020.

Stretch Goals

  • The four different tribes currently in the game will get a cool make over.
  • A wider variety of plants, trees, mushrooms, insects, birds and animals.
  • Puzzles, more mystery and more lore! 
  • Crazy encounters along with more spiffy voice acting. 
  • More creature pet choices, to keep the Shrublet company. 
  • A bigger world! More themed locations to explore.


  • Digital Wallpaper Pack
  • Digital Art Book
  • Special Edition Magic Portal Poster
  • Beta Tester Access
  • Alpha Tester Access
  • Ancient Secret – Your name and a short message in a secret location
  • Easter Egg – create something cool with the developer himself
  • Special Kickstarter Hive Drone Skin

Hive Quest – Strange Adventures in the Wild Wood Updates

You play as drones that are part of a Hive Mind and establish yourself in your new home. Manage your resources, create new buildings, have creature pets find ingredients and guardians to protect your hive. There’s so much more to explore, magical characters and spells to discover, and puzzles to solve in this rich and enchanting world! We’re talking witches, fairies, woodland sprites and more!


The four insect tribes mentioned above even have their own pantheon of gods! Each of which will play a role in the game. There’s definitely ancient magic at work here.

  • Mara : the goddess of peace and harmony. Her servant is Yuna the guide, who you will meet very early on in the demo.
  • Angrith: the god of destruction, too be invoked in times of war. 
  • Nexir: the dark god of betrayal also exists, but his motives are shrouded in mystery.

Subterfuge and Warfare

You can create beacons from pebbles and other stuff lying around with the aid of a Beacon Spell. This will beguile the drones from an enemy hive. Furthermore, you can also use a Zealot as a spy to infiltrate an enemy hive and change its allegiance. When there are enemy hives that need squashing, you can grab a bunch of your drones and point them in their direction. You can also bring to life piles of old sticks to make a Stick Knight that will further defend your hive.

Finally, the developer has fixed many bad bugs since the last demo so you might want to return to the Old Orchard and have another go! You can grow your Hive into a powerful kingdom in Hive Quest although just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view flying around is also a treat! Follow Rod Tyson on Twitter here to stay updated on Hive Quest’s progress.



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