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MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe Brings Inner Peace

Run a Forge, Farm, Trade with and Befriend Villagers, Discover the Spirit Realm

In MeetLight, a 3D open-world simulation RPG, you play as Anna who has just suffered a personal tragedy. You go to Alaya’s Valley to heal both physically and spiritually, and become the town’s blacksmith in your uncle’s stead. When you’re not building or crafting, you can also farm, cook, and trade.

There are many animals and villagers to befriend during the day, and even more locals to meet at night! At night, meet the inhabitants in the spirit world and discover the secrets of the universe. Moreover, undertake a spiritual journey that will have you reflecting on present-day out-of-body experiences.

Coming to PC in 2023

MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe is created by two people, Kevin and Coralie. The game has a planned release date for the year 2023 with an upcoming Kickstarter Campaign. If you want to know when you can help support MeetLight, go here for notifications. To Wishlist the game on Steam, go here.

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