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Down in Bermuda – Solve Puzzles and Search for a Way Home

Uncover the Mysteries of Bermuda

Down in Bermuda is a pleasant and colorful little puzzle game featuring Milton, the adventurous airplane pilot. A bizarre and abnormal storm has swept through Milton’s path and has left him stranded on the infamous islands of Bermuda for decades. Milton will have to work to overcome a number of different obstacles in his search for a way home.

Milton has discovered he’s trapped inside a baffling time bubble, and needs your help to escape and get home. He’ll have to overcome creatures of the deep, as well as crack various codes. Collect mysterious orbs, and also solve a number of puzzles on 6 of the islands of the notorious archipelago. Can you help Milton find his way home and escape the beautiful, but mystifying island?

Available Now!

Down in Bermuda is available now on numerous platforms. You can find it on Steam, Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Epic Games, Humble Bundle, and GOG.

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