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  • svgJul 20, 2023News

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    Humble Bundle is a great resource for the thrifty gamer with their bundle offers. Pick a bundle, then choose what you wish to pay. It’s a great way to grab a bunch of games for cheap. Right now, Humble Bundle has a Cozy Games bundle perfect for trying out a bunch of games you may have had your eye on! And these are all worthy of playing. They’re cute, cozy, and wholesome. Some feature powerful stories, while some are just perfect for kicking back and relaxing with.

    This offer ends in 20 days, so take your time to decide, but don’t let it pass by!

    Cat Cafe Manager

    Cat Cafe Manager has you taking over your grandmother’s derelict cafe in the sleepy town of Caterwaul Way. Restore the cafe, renovate it, and decorate it as you wish, turning it into an inviting home for the plethora of cats that call Caterwaul Way home. Hire employees to help manage the cafe, and explore the village to befriend the inhabitants and learn new recipes.

    Witchy Life Story

    In Witchy Life Story you’re the youngest member of the magical von Teasel family, but you’re not exactly their pride and joy. In fact, you have one more chance to prove yourself or your witch training is over. So, you arrive in the village of Flora to try and save their harvest festival. You have two weeks to make it a success. So, gather herbs, brew potions, get to know the townspeople, and even cast some spells. Maybe cause a little chaos, even.

    Here Comes Niko

    Play as the adorable Niko, who’s just become a professional friend for Tadpole Inc. in Here Comes Niko! You’ll explore different scenic islands while making friends with people you come across. Complete requests for them by catching fish and bugs, solving puzzles, and even just listening to them. If you’re lucky, they’ll pay you and you can then invest in a train system to get to new islands!

    Garden Story

    Welcome to the Grove! You’re its new guardian, and it’s your duty to rebuild the village and uncover the story of its past. Garden Story is a chill wholesome game where you’ll complete quests to defend against encroaching Rot, gather resources, restore, and improve the town. There’s even a way to turn off combat to make it even cozier to play!

    Lemon Cake

    Lemon Cake is an adorable little game about restoring a run-down, haunted bakery. Grow fruit and care for animals, who provide ingredients for your bakery. Repair, furnish, and decorate every room to create an inviting little business. Mix and bake up some fantastic recipes, and maybe even convince the ghost to help you out!

    Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

    Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a once-beautiful Mediterranean island in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. She’s ready to explore the island with her friend Ines, but when she sees an animal in trouble, she realizes she needs to help it. As Alba, you’ll start a whole campaign to clean up the island! Convince the townspeople to help out and gather volunteers to restore the island and help the wildlife.

    A Short Hike

    A Short Hike is about exactly that, hiking! Spend time in the peaceful mountainside of Hawk Peak Park simply exploring. Hike the marked trails or explore the wild back country. Climb some rocky cliffs. Glide over lush landscapes. Take your time to absorb the beautiful surroundings and meet other hikers. Perhaps you can help each other out. Even discover some treasures!

    Assemble With Care

    Assemble with Care features a meaningful, evocative story line about Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer as she arrives in Bellariva.  She wants to help the inhabitants fix their personal items, but discovers it’s their personal lives that are starting to fracture. It’s harder to fix those, but she’s determined to help. You’ll solve puzzles by fixing items brought to her, meet the townsfolk, and tune into a lovely soundtrack inspired by the 80s.

    65% off Coupon for Haven Park

    Unfortunately, Haven Park isn’t included in this bundle, just a lovely 65% off coupon! It’s a great discount for such a cute game where you play as Flint, who has just taken over his grandmother’s beloved park. He wants to make it a park campers will love, so it’s up to you to help him out. Fulfill each camper’s wishes and build whatever their hearts desire. Happy campers will attract more business, which means more quirky characters for you to talk to and enjoy!

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  • svgJul 13, 2023Snack Size News

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    I know many people don’t think fighting in games makes for a cozy experience, and I generally agree. However, Cuisineer is an exception! I got a chance to play the demo during Steam’s Next Fest, and I didn’t know I needed a roguelike restaurant management game in my life until then. 

    In Cuisineer, you play as Pom, a young adventurer turned restaurateur. You’ve just returned to your hometown of Paell to manage your parents’ restaurant only to find it closed and in deep debt. To pay off the debt, you need to re-open and make money. And to do that, you have to go delve into dungeons to collect ingredients. 

    Explore dungeons in a variety of different biomes. Fight giant chickens, artillery shrimp, fire-breathing peppers, and other creatures. Then collect the ingredients, take them home, and cook up over 100 different recipes to revive the restaurant. Even buy upgrades to expand the restaurant, as well as new furniture and decor to liven up the place, too! 

    You can find Cuisineer on Steam, though it has no release date listed.

    For more cooking fun, check out my review of Yum Yum Cookstar.

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  • svgJul 5, 2023Snack Size News

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    A Little to the Left is a charming little. At its heart, it’s about tidying up common household items, but features puzzles hidden among those items. Solve over 75 unique logical puzzles, each with multiple possible solutions and intuitive designs. It’s the perfect game for those of us who gain satisfaction from a well organized space. Organize the infamously messy junk drawer, remove the abundance of stickers on the fruit, tidy up the canned food in the pantry, and so much more! 

    Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch now!

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  • svgJul 5, 2023Snack Size News

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    Himig is a tranquil tale about two elementary school kids as they create lasting memories. Stroll through the streets of the small, quiet town while you admire the beautiful scenery. Interact with your neighbors, animals you encounter, or even items to learn more about the world and cherish every moment. Nurture your personality and discover yourself while you live life. Even collect toys and play some fun minigames. Each activity, every chore, and all choices you make will shape who you become as a person. Your choices might even affect those around you!

    Coming to Steam next year.

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  • svgJan 12, 2023Indie Highlight

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    Garden, Cast Spells, and Help the Village

    In this cute and cozy little visual novel game, Witchy Life Story, play as a customizable, fully emotive witch of your own design. You are the youngest member of the esteemed and magical von Teasel family. You aren’t exactly the star of the family, though. Grandma has set you a test, and should you fail, you’ll receive no more magical training. The task? Save the harvest festival in the small village of Flora. And you only have two weeks!

    You and your crow familiar, Ramsey, will spend your time gardening, using your plants in spells and rituals, getting to know the villagers, and helping them make their upcoming harvest festival a success. Fulfill orders for the villagers, including relax incense or chitchat potions. You’ll craft spells, perform tarot readings, and lead guided meditations. Witchy Life story even has three romanceable villagers! Two weeks is enough time to make the festival a success and for you to make some big life choices, right? 

    Play Witchy Life Story today

    Witchy Life Story is now available on Steam. There is even a free demo if you’d like to give it a test spin!

    for other witchy, fun games check out A Garden Witch’s Life, Little Witch in the Woods, and Mika and the Witch’s Mountain.

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  • svgDec 29, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Farm, Tame, and Ride

    Paleo Pines is an upcoming game that definitely has an Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley-like feel to it, but with dinosaurs! 

    Customize your character, and embark on a journey to a peaceful little island where pioneers live peacefully with affectionate dinosaurs. On the island, evolution went a different direction – “survival of the kindest” – and resulted in a world where humans and dinosaurs live together in harmony. Much to the delight of the residents of the island, you’re the last known descendant of the Flute Whisperer. Together with your Parasaurolophus, Lucky, you’ll build a ranch, make friends with residents, and discover the history of your lost ancestors. 

    Explore the various biomes of Paleo Pines. From the flowery fields of Veridian Valley, to the canyons of the desert, there’s no lack of space to roam around. There are a number of cute wild dinosaurs that roam the biomes, too. Gain their trust through building pens for them to frolic in, feeding them their favorite foods, and giving them nose pats! If you build enough trust with them, they may even help you with your farm chores, like digging rows and harvesting crops.

    You’ll also be able to change your clothing via your wardrobe. Plus, your ranch is fully customizable. Create the perfect paradise for you and your dinosaur friends. Decorate your yard, or fill it full of planting rows. Your ranch is yours to make how you wish!

    No Release Date

    Unfortunately, there is no planned release date available at the moment. However, you can Wishlist it on Steam. You can also follow Paleo Pines on Twitter, where they frequently post little development updates. The Dev Blog for the game is a great place to look at updates too.

    For more dinosaur fun, check out this list.

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  • svgDec 22, 2022News

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    Calico Receives a New Free Content Update Today!

    In case you’ve missed it, Calico is an adorable community sim game where you’re tasked with restoring the town’s cat cafe. Fill the cafe with cute kitties, fun decorations, and delicious pastries. Don’t worry though, this isn’t your typical fast-paced cafe. Calico is a laid-back, low stress game.

    Today, Calico received a new, free content update. It not only adds new animals and mini games, but addresses some bugs too. Plus, there’s some updates to the graphics.

    Calico is currently available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Epic Games, Humble Store, Itch.io, and Game Jolt.

    Pawesome Edition Patch Notes

    Feature Updates

    • Added over 25 new cooking minigames!
    • Added sales bonuses based on minigame speed and score
    • Added new animals! (Owl, Cow, Goat, Opossum, Chicken, Alpaca, Sheep)
    • Added ability to customize wallpaper and floor of café
    • Added new “Outline Potion” rewarded by Prism Break Quest (if you previously finished this quest it will appear in your inventory)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed player getting stuck in swimming animation
    • Fixed falling through the ground while dismounting birds
    • Fixed inventory preview of some garden furniture
    • Fixed some animals appearing to sink into the ground
    • Fixed some cases where animal physics and petting were configured wrong
    • Fixed issues with teleporting or entering furniture mode while player was in a chair or bed


    • Improved graphics and new outlines
    • Added setting for automatic camera rotation
    • New improved UI for character creator
    • Improved furniture mover selection, and the ability to place furniture on top of other furniture
    • Improved player movement and jumping
    • New, improved sound effects, and rebalanced sound effect volume
    • Character creator now closes faster if you don’t change skin or face texture
    • Renaming animals no longer reloads entire animal journal
    • New redesigned café kitchen
    • Added new grass
    • Animals now run faster
    • Improved textures for some animals
    • Made all menus compatible with mouse clicking
    • Improved button prompt images when playing with an Xbox controller
    • Improved performance

    For more cat-based fun, checkout other adorable kitty games like Kitaria Fables, Little Kitty, Big City, and Cat Quest II.

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  • svgDec 4, 2022Indie Highlight

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    Farm, Craft, Explore

    We introduced Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe back in April, but now there’s so much more gameplay information to gush over. Currently located on Kickstarter, this gorgeous game has taken the word “wholesome” and run away with it. Inspired by Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Ori and the Blind Forest, Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, and My Neighbor Totoro, Meetlight looks to be a beautiful game with a comfy, cozy atmosphere.

    You will play as Anna. Anna has faced a terrible tragedy and lost her spouse. Now, Anna has taken over her great-uncle’s forge and become the new blacksmith. You’ll build your house from scratch (and decorate it too!), customize your character appearance, and befriend animals, nature, and your neighbors (some are even romanceable!). You’ll even be able to complete quests for the villagers or trade with them.

    That’s not all, however. With the loss of your spouse, you’ve gained the ability of clairvoyance, which you’ll slowly develop and perfect as you play. Enter the magical world of energy where you’ll meet new inhabitants, explore lost places, and discover the secrets of the universe. In this 3D open-world, with 19 places to visit on the map (so far), there’s just SO much to do and see.

    Featuring Customization, Farming, Blacksmithing, and More

    If you’re not feeling like exploring, don’t worry. Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe also has farming. Plant and care for your own set of crops, and perhaps even a fairy will drop by to help you out with them. You’ll be able to create your own farm layout and decorate your fields how you wish. Also available for your farm are animals! You will choose a companion (a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a goat, or something else!) when you start, but you’ll also be able to tame wild animals like foxes and crows. It will take time to get close to wild animals, but eventually they’ll learn to trust you. Breed your animals and collect things like wool from them to use in crafting. It appears there’s at least one horse, too, that you’ll be able to explore the map on.

    You’ve also taken over as the local blacksmith, so naturally you’ll be able to create things in the forge. Your uncle left his trade secrets behind. Of course, you’re new to blacksmithing, so you’ll have to practice the skill to get better and make greater quality items! You’ll also be able to discover new blueprints as you play the game.

    Cooking and alchemy will be in game, too. Cook over 50 different dishes, each one giving its own buff to help you. When cooking isn’t enough, though, there’s alchemy! You’ll learn how to make potions that can also help you. For example, you can learn to make a potion that increases the duration of your clairvoyance. 

    With all of the crafting and cooking that can be done in Meetlight, it is only natural resource harvesting is a feature. Much like everything else, you’ll have to work on your gathering skills too in order to gather a higher number of resources and higher quality resources. You’ll have to craft tools to help you harvest, too.

    Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe is currently only for Steam. However, should the Kickstarter meet certain stretch goals, the game will become available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. What’s perhaps even more exciting, are the other stretch goals. One goal is for MORE map areas, expanding the already big map. There’s also a goal for total character design control where you’ll be able to choose gender, the name, and the shape of the character’s face and body. And the one I’m most excited about is the goal for co-op. If that stretch goal is met, Meetlight will have co-op for up to 4 players AND cross-platform play. How cool is that? 

    Coming 2023

    The game is successfuly funded on Kickstarter with multiple stretch goals met, which also means it’s not yet available. Unfortunately, we’ll have a while to wait as Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe only lists 2023 as the release date. You can also wishlist it on Steam. Meetlight will come to Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation.

    Chek out Kitaria Fables for another beautiful farming sim, or even Aka, where you play as an adorable red panda.

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