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Developers of Moving Out are Teaming with Team17

Moving Out is developed by SMG Studio in collaboration with Devm Games but now they have announced today that they are partnering with Team17 as their publisher! Team17 has published amazing games such as Overcooked, Automachef, Yooka-Laylee, and more, so we’re very excited that they’ll be helping out this hilarious cooperative action and simulation game! Moving Out is now coming out sometime in 2020 on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), Xbox One. If you’re going to PAX West this weekend, you can even try the game for yourself at Team17’s booth on the show floor! The luckiest among you can receive these wild free plushies.

Below we have a new trailer in the form of a training video to becoming a F.A.R.T. and we are so here for it. Looks like we can customize the heads of our characters (i.e. a lizard’s and flower-pot head). Also new in the trailer is the rounding up of farm animals, because farmers can move out too. Expertly move furniture with friends, get creative, and enjoy the beautiful frustration of this physics-based game! Moving in this game also seems to be quite the dangerous affair with the running through traffic and being chased by ghosts so we’re in for a good time.



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