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Cozy Grove Now Available On Switch

Cozy Grove officially launched today on the Nintendo Switch with an all new cure trailer.

If you have ever played Don’t Starve you will most likely be very familiar with the concept of Cozy Grove. For the ones who haven’t – much like in Don’t Starve – a survival game as the title already gives away, In Cozy Grove you will find yourself on a haunted island and you will be tasked to bring color back to it.

The haunted island may appear empty and overtaken by florals but as you continue to explore and gather resources you will quickly begin to build up a new camp on the deserted and remote place and breath some life back into it.

cozy grove

The game features a huge hand-drawn world that becomes more colorful as you help the haunted spirits around. As you embark on your adventure you will meet dozens of different and interesting characters and spirits. 

Well, the game officially released on multiple platforms today, including my favorite, the Nintendo Switch. The game currently costs just $13.49 through the Nintendo eShop.

Cozy Grove Launch Trailer

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