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Don’t Starve Together – New Character And Video

Don’t Starve Together has a new character, and a little video showcasing said hero.

Don’t Starve Together is one of those games that you can always pick back up and get right back into. I mean, with procedurally generated maps, it is a new experience every time. Not only that, but the game is still receiving updates that add all sorts of new things to the adventure. The latest update brings us a new hero to embody. The hero is named Walter, and he even has a companion doggo named Woby.

About Walter and Woby.

As with all the characters in Don’t Starve Together, Walter has his own unique attributes to bring a unique experience to playing the game. While he is not afraid of anything (won’t lose sanity in the dark), he doe constantly lose sanity throughout the day. He will also lose sanity from being hit. So this will be the one point that you will need to focus on during your adventures with Walter.

Walter and Woby

He will also come with his very own slingshot. This cool little weapon will even come with its own special types of ammo, including poo to scare away baddies, and cursed ammo to summon tentacles to fight in your stead.

A not-so-brave doggo.

Possibly the coolest thing about Walter is his little buddy Woby. Woby is a hairy pup that starts out small, and will grow to a bigger form through feeding it enough monster meat (Woby only eats monster meat). Woby will be able to carry things, much like Chester. And once she reaches her bigger form, you will even be able to ride Woby like a domesticated Beefalo. However, if you let her starve, she will go back to her small form.

Walter and Woby

Walters appearance.

The new character, Walter, will also come with a few different skins to choose from. This way, you will be able to pick which one best matches your own personality and play style. The skins will be available through the Walter Deluxe Wardrobe DLC, which will cost $7.99. The skins are as follows…

Walter’s Guest of Honor Skin Set and Pine Leader Hat.
Walter’s Boy Detective Skin Set and Deerstalker.
Walter’s Survivor Skin Set and Cap o’ Flage.

Walter and Woby

Constant Companion Animated Short

For more information about Walter and Woby, you can check out the dev update for the characters.

For more news about what’s been happening in Don’t Starve Together, check out my coverage of the Salty Dog Update.



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