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A New Leaf: Memories – An Adorable Farming/Life Sim Game

A New Leaf: Memories is a super cute upcoming indie game inspired by Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons!

Being that it is my favorite genre, I am always on the lookout for new adorable farming and life sim games. I can just never get enough of all the wonderful features and unique stories that each new game brings to the table. I can already tell by just how adorable A New Leaf: Memories is that this will be one to keep a close eye on.

From the information that the developer has shared so far, we already know that we can expect many of the classic features of farming and life sim games; like farm tending, pet care/breeding, mining/resourcing, home customization and much more.

Not only that, it is all wrapped in a wonderfully colored and textured package. And yes, the developer has already mentioned considering bringing the game to Switch.

So far, this is as much as the developer has had time share, as the life of a game dev tends to be extremely busy (and they just joined Twitter like two months ago). But with the information given, we can clearly see that this is one indie we won’t be seeing the last of.

More info

For more information on A New Leaf: Memories, you can follow the developer on Twitter.

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