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Chef RPG: Build Your Culinary Empire

Welcome to White Ash harbor! This beautiful little seaside town is your new home, and once was a thriving tourist destination. Now, it’s up to you to help revive the town using your experience as a traveling chef. In Chef RPG, you’ll run your very own restaurant to serve up delicious dishes in order to attract tourists back to town. Hunt, harvest, and shop for the ingredients you’ll use in your cooking. Build a thriving restaurant and become a successful chef!

Chef RPG is an open-ended RPG so you get to choose how your story plays out. You’ll get to decide how to expand your restaurants as well as befriend the local townspeople. Will you become a master chef and create the most fabulous tasting dishes? Or will you be a renowned adventurer who impresses customers with rare ingredients, instead? Perhaps you’ll be the chef who networks with friends and customers to build a thriving business through charisma and influence! Whichever route, it’s all yours to choose.

Release Date

Unfortunately, Chef RPG does not currently have a release date. It’s simply listed as “coming soon”. However, you can find it on Steam now to add to your Wishlist!

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    Chef RPG: Build Your Culinary Empire