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Trash Sailors Is A Hilariously Fun Co-Op Survival Game

As you may know I always love a cute video game and combining this with some survival elements and multiplayer fun, makes for a great experience. Trash Sailors created by two talented indie developers Weronika and Patrick, offers a fun combination of survival, local co-op and cute gameplay, that I just can’t help but get excited for!

In Trash Sailors you will play as a castaway on a tiny raft exploring a flooded world. This concept might seem a little scary, but luckily you can invite a friend to go on this journey with you. The game reminds me a lot of the charm that Don’t Starve has where you also fight for survival while exploring a randomly generated world.

Explore With A Friend

Together with your co-op partner you can go on an adventure to collect trash from the flooded areas. All the garbage you find floating in the water can then be conveniently recycled into usable materials to repair and extend your raft. Not only does it clean the ocean, but it also helps you make a better raft.

Trash Sailors

Of course the adventure will not always be easy and you will have to work closely with your friend to take on the many challenges you may face on your journey. In times of a flooded world everyone is fighting for survival so you may have to face some “big octopuses, deadly sharks, cunning penguins, mud alligators, wild tribes, and many more” in order to keep your little boat going.

Randomly Generated Worlds And Enemy Rafts

In the recent newsletter developer Weronika and Petter mentioned that there are currently 8 stages completed and they are aiming to add a whooping 20 stages to the final game. Trash Sailors also makes the use of randomly generated environments, this means that every time you start a new game, you will have a different world to look at and explore.

The developers also shared some first details about how enemy vessels will work in the game. In Trash Sailors natural forces can be unpredictable and brutal, but never forget about the enemies that may approach out of nowhere. Make sure you and your companion are ready at all times to take on any danger.

You can wishlist Trash Sailors right now on Steam, it is slated for a 2020 release. Before you do so, you should take a looksie at the cute Trash Sailors gameplay trailer below!



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