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Don’t Starve Together: Return of Them – Turn Of Tides Out Now on PC

Don’t Starve is an adventure and simulation game about gathering resources and surviving in a strange land with many dangers. It’s developed by Klei Entertainment, an indie studio that continues to add content and regular updates to their standalone multiplayer expansion Don’t Starve Together. Return of Them is a free Don’t Starve Together expansion with the most recent update being Turn of Tides.

Now you can play the expansion with the newest update since August 15th, 2019 on Steam here. Unfortunately the update will be delayed for another 3-4 weeks for console players. Furthermore, if you log into your PC game within the next 2 weeks, you’ll receive the “Roseate Sail” so you can deck out your new boat. Oh yes, there are boats now in Don’t Starve Together! Don’t worry, the item will also be offered to console gamers upon release. See below for information on Turn of Tides and the newest accompanying trailer.

Roseate Sail

About Turn of Tides Update

Something ancient stirs in the night sky, and the world below will never be the same. A strange new island teeming with life has appeared, and with it, a whole new slew of challenges for our Survivors to face. Keep a wary eye out. They’re almost here.

Key Features

  • New Boat Mechanics: Don’t sink together! Build and deck out a boat large enough to carry you and your fellow Survivors across the sea.
  • New Seafaring Crafting Menu: Craft everything you’ll need to hit the high seas.
  • The Lunar Island: Explore a strange lunar landscape filled with bizarre creatures.
  • New Lunar Island Biomes: Discover 3 new biomes loaded with valuable new resources, craftables, and fearsome enemies.
  • Enlightenment: See the world from a new perspective as your Sanity is replaced by an all-new Enlightenment meter.

For more on the Turn of Tides patches, you can check out their Steam update here. If you like Klei Entertaiment’s style, check out our article on their newly released game here: Oxygen Not Included Now Available For Digging.



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