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Nintendo Switch Lite Available Now!

I am so excited for todays release of the Nintendo Switch Lite!

The Nintendo Switch Lite is finally available for purchase starting today. The smaller, more handheld friendly version is out now and costs $100 less than the original console. For more details on all the differences between the two consoles, I’ve got you covered!

Nintendo Switch Lite

It will now be much easier to play all my favorite games on the go, without having to worry about the bulk of the home console. I know it’s not that much different in size, but taking a console like the Switch everywhere with you can sometimes feel risky.

Having a more portable version definitely feels like the safest way to game on the go. If you would like to get your hands on your very own Nintendo Switch Lite, you can do so on Amazon quite easily. In case you do plan on getting one, here are some ideas as to what accessories you might want to get to go with it.



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