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Tiny Kitchen: Voxel Style Cooking

We love cooking games here at MyPotatoGames. There is something about making virtual meals and feeding virtual bellies that never stops being wholesome. We are always looking for new iterations on this classic, cute gaming staple. Our latest find is Tiny Kitchen, currently in development by GhostGoats. It’s a cooking simulation in the voxel style.

About Tiny Kitchen:

Tiny Kitchen gives you the ability to create your dream kitchen. You will play through 9 levels. Each level unlocks a new type of food. You can turn around and replay levels with the new food to attempt beating your previous time.

Your customers orders vary depending on what appliances you have in your kitchen, and what food items you choose to stock. The more variety you have, the more customers you can bring in, and the more money you can make. If you aren’t careful, though, you’ll spread yourself too thin by trying to accommodate everyone!

Game Features:

  • 9 Unique Levels
  • Couch Co-Op
  • Xbox One Controller Support
  • Endless Mode
  • 30 Recipes

Features in Development:

Currently in development are more:

  • Recipes
  • Levels
  • Events
  • Appliances
  • New Customer Types
  • And More!

The game is currently being developed for PC. The demo is currently available to play on itch.io. You can follow the developer on Twitter or watch their Game Dev Streams on Twitch.

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