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Skjoldur Story: A Dreamy Pastel RPG

svgJul 11, 2019NewsMackenzie

Role-playing games are a classic video game staple, but many don’t fit the MyPotatoGames vibe. Every once in a while, though, we are lucky enough to stumble across one that puts a unique, and more wholesome, spin on the genre. We think Skjoldur Story will do just that.

Skjoldur Story is an RPG currently in development by Snoozing Pixel, LLC. Set in a bright pastel fantasy world, the game puts the spirit of adventure right at its heart. We can’t wait to try it out.

About Skjoldur Story:

In Skjoldur Story, your only weapon is your shield. You can use the shield to block attacks, of course, but it also absorbs the abilities of your enemies. To defeat enemies, you combine these abilities with puzzle-solving.

The game is non-linear, so you are free to advance in any direction at any pace. The only caveat being that the final tower can’t be beaten until you’ve taken care of everything else. Even dungeons can be opened in any order you want. The power stones needed to open them are found scattered throughout the entire world.


There are a number of hidden areas. Some of these areas are similar to minigames and help advance your progress. There are also various shops where you can buy items to increase your success!

Game Features:

  • Full Gamepad Support
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Hidden Areas
  • Multiple Varying Puzzles
  • 5-10 hours of gameplay
  • Simple and accessible controls
  • Non-linear world
  • Planned collector’s items

Watch the Reveal Trailer:

The game will be available on Steam in early 2020. Make sure to go ahead and add it to your wishlist! For updates, you can check out the website, or follow the dev on Twitter.

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